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How long before Israel grabs the Sinai from Egypt?

According to The Economist, there could be a big Middle East war during 2011.

"Unless remedial action is taken, 2011 might see the most destructive (Middle East) war for many years." (The United States, Israel and the Arabs.)

Step 1 - topple Mubarak

Step 2 - create turmoil in the Sinai

Step 3 - invade

Remember what happened after the CIA toppled the Shah?

There was a long and bloody war between Iraq and Iran.

( please note)

On 21 January 2011, Executive Intelligence Review has an article entitled: 'Economist' Announces: A Big Mideast War Coming in 2011

EIR reckons that Lebanon and Gaza may soon be attacked by Israel.

"In a two-page analysis released on 13 January, by the Council on Foreign Relations ... Elliott Abrams, floated the idea of a two-front attack on Hezbollah by the Israeli Defense Forces (from the south) and the regular Lebanese Army (from the north)...

"The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), which was co-founded by... Dennis Ross, posted a disinformation report on Jan. 4 claiming that Hamas had intensified rocket attacks on southern Israel from within the Gaza Strip during December 2010, and the 'deterrent' effects of Israel's December 2008 Gaza invasion have now run their course, greatly increasing the need for, and likelihood of, an Israeli preemptive strike on Gaza."

Saudi Arabia will be next.

If Israel is to invade the Sinai it needs an excuse.

"A Coptic church in the Egyptian town of Rafah bordering the Gaza Strip was in flames on Saturday (5 January 2011), with witnesses reporting a blast...

"Witnesses said they saw flames coming out of the Mar Girgis church in Rafah after hearing an explosion. Armed men on motorbikes were spotted near the church, one of them said." (Church in flames in Egypt's Sinai: witnesses)

According to (sabotage adds new dimension):

Egyptian state TV reported 'dangerous explosions continuing from one spot to another' in the main source of gas supplying pipeline in El Arish.

The attackers used explosives to blow up the 240km- long pipeline in the town of Lihfen in northern Sinai near the Gaza Strip and the army shut down the gas supplies to Israel and Jordan, Egyptian officials said.

"It's big terrorist operation," the state-tv quoted an official as saying, who blamed the attack on "foreign elements."

The attack on the pipeline came after Israel, which receives 40 per cent of its gas demand from Egypt, expressed concern that the supplies could be threatened if a new regime takes over in Cairo...

The SITE intelligence group, which monitors Al-Qaeda and other Islamist websites, said some groups had been urging Islamic militants to attack the pipeline to Israel while the security situation in Egypt is in flux.

Egypt is a modest gas exporter, using pipelines to export gas to Israel and also to Jordan and other regional states.

SITE intelligence being, of course, Rita Katz, the notorious Zionist disinfo peddler of ZERO CREDIBILITY...

Problems in the Sinai, problems that raise concerns in Israel about Israel's security, and which can be blamed on Islamic terrorists, would be very helpful to JUSTIFY some sort of military intervention.

We assume that is one of Israel's goals - to occupy the Sinai.

Turns out, the Israeli section was not hit.

Subsequent reports said the attack struck a part of the pipeline carrying gas to Jordan.

The Israeli section was not hit, but gas flow was interrupted to prevent damage.

In his Cairo speech, Obama said: "I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world."

The new beginning would seem to involve the USA destroying the last remaining parts of the Moslem world that are prosperous and at peace.


A. Peasant said...

thanks for the link Aan.

the experts have been stoking israeli fears during this whole spectacle, to insure that the rally round the flag effect kicks in at the appointed hour -- an important component of the narrative.

Penny said...

I saw that article also.
What Israel fears and then dribble about being the "only" democracy in the middle east.

How long before israel is in egypt?
Not long at all.

Anonymous said...

The plan has been in the works for a long time to destabilize and destroy all the countries in the middle east that are potential threats to Israel. They (the US & Israel) decided to do it slowly, going after one country at a time because they can't fight everyone in the middle east at once. They know that if the countries of the middle east stand up together the evil plan will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

The US said to the egyptian army to give mubarik a shot of muscle parayzer in the neck and haul him off to the resort and keep him out of sight. The US said to do it because they given the army 2 billion dollars

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