Monday, January 03, 2011


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When we mentioned DAVID a blog entry, we fairly quickly got 9,000 page views.

When we recently wrote about Hosni Mubarak, we struggled to get 100 page views.

Klout studies famous people.

It adds up a person's tweets, Google mentions, and other such internet stuff.

It measures a person's influence online.

Justin bieber *very rare*
Justin Bieber, who scores 100.

With Klout, Justin Bieber gets a top score of 100.

Barack Obama's score is 88.

Disney is one of the companies that has used Klout to identify people that can be used to promote products.

High scoring people include:

Joe Jonas, pop star
Kanye West, US rapper
Nick Jonas, US pop star
Lady GaGa, US pop star
P Diddy, US rapper
Hayley Williams, US pop star

This might explain why the CIA reportedly takes a keen interest in music stars.

Justin Bieber.

Other high scoring people are:

Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist
The Dalai Lama

Presumably the CIA takes a keen interest in those two.

According to "Illuminati Whistleblower - Leo Zagami", Coelho is a spooky character.


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The Seeker said...

'nuf said....

Not going to say 'told you so', for that would be sarcastic, wouldn't it.


Mandy Rice Davies Applies: "He would say that, wouldn't he!"

Today's kids don't read... the serious stuff, too boring. But they do ogle the pop-magazines, hang on every word their latest 'God' says. Without understanding anything.

Very dangerous.....

Anonymous said...

'Princess Boy,' 5, Loves Wearing Dresses, Inspires Mom to Publish Anti-Bullying Book

Now we have a 'Princess Obongo'. These people are really pushing the transsexual agenda. Sick, sick world.

Anonymous said...

Coelho also wrote a novel titled the Valkyries, very weird and alluding to luciferian concepts,(ENlightENment and guardian angel stuff) i read it years ago, and found it strange at the time.
Cheers A13

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