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US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen is greeted by Egyptian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Sami Enan in Cairo on 14 February 2010. Mullen was on a weeklong tour of the region.

1. It would appear that the Egyptian military is taking its orders from Washington.

The military's "displays of support for the protesters were conspicuous throughout the capital.

"In the most striking example, four armored military vehicles moved at the front of a crowd of thousands of protesters in a pitched battle against the Egyptian security police defending the Interior Ministry." (Egyptian Military Does Little to Quash Protests)

The Egyptian army chief of staff General Sami Enan has been meeting U.S. defense officials in Washington. (US BACKS EGYPTIAN COUP)

Cairo by daniel.gene

When the CIA toppled Indonesia's Suharto it had the support of the key American-trained generals. (aangirfan: STAGED BY SPOOKS: FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL, ORANGE ... )

These Indonesian generals got their soldiers to dress up as students in order to carry out the rioting; the military transported criminal gangs into Jakarta; youths were paid to act as rioters.

When the May 1998 Jakarta riots took place, the uniformed military were invisible.

The tanks only appeared after the president had been fatally weakened.

Egyptians by agoork

2. Parts of Egypt are peaceful.

The organisers of the riots have concentrated on a relatively few key spots.

"The situation in the Red Sea resorts remain(s) calm."

Similarly, in Jakarta in May 1998, the military only had the resources to organise rioting in a few key areas of the city. (aangirfan: STAGED BY SPOOKS: FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL, ORANGE ... )

3. On 30 January 2011 we learn that Israel is denying reports of Israeli commandoes in Cairo to help topple Mubarak

Israel sees Egypt as its main Arab enemy. (WHAT THE USA AND ISRAEL REALLY THINK ABOUT EGYPT)

The Iranian media has reported that Israeli secret agents and Commandos are among the protestors and that they are deliberately creating riots and preventing the city from returning to order.

According to the Iranians, Egypt's Vice-President Suleiman is working for Israel.

Nubian Kid on Donkey
Egypt by upyernoz

On 29 January 2011, Hamad Subani wrote: "Tunisia & Egypt: Manufactured Crisis? "

Hamad Subani looks at some history:

1. During World War I, it was the British who organised the Arab revolts.

The British did this in order to break up the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which controlled most of the Middle East.

(This Turkish empire included Palestine and oil rich Iraq, both of which certain British leaders wanted to control.)

2. The Western powers decided which families were to be the nominal rulers of the Arab countries.

"The rulers of Jordan now exclusively marry into Western ruling elite. Libya has ... close secret ties with the British ruling elite."

(There is a suggestion of a link to Lockerbie -Are Tunisia and Egypt facing real unrest or a manufactured crisis? )

3. The present unrest "is very region-specific.

"It does not seem to be spreading to places ... which are already under the thumb of the Powers That Be."

4. "There is the case of German/Swedish snipers/hunters being caught in Tunisia."

5. "The Western media appears to be magnifying the crisis."

Midan Salah ad-Din Kids
Egyptians by upyernoz

6. "Mohamed ElBaradei is already being touted as a new leader for Egypt.

"ElBaradei is a trustee of the International Crisis Group.

"Another board member of this group is Zbigniew Brzezinski.

"George Soros sits on the executive committee."

Beautiful Alexandria.
Alexandria by ayman6681

7. The Iranian Revolution of 1970 was "on the lines of an Islamicized French Revolution (mob rule, executions, secret courts, destruction and displacement of the former ruling class etc.)

"The revolutionaries managed to create a powerful police state that now spearheads the clash of civilizations rhetoric prescribed by the Powers That Be.

"The secret ties of the Western ruling elite with some of the revolutionaries has been documented."

Little did Mossadegh and the Shah know that "the Powers That Be saw them only as temporary placeholders until Iran was consolidated under a new regime that was to play a critical role in advancing the 'Clash of Civilizations' agenda."

Reza Shah "turned over the police, intelligence and economic affairs of his country to his Western 'friends' who promptly set out to use them to create the conditions necessary for the revolution..." (See also: aangirfan: The Shah of Iran was toppled by the CIA and MI6?)

Cairo boy
Cairo by nadeem_london

8. In 1970, 'an opportunist', Anwar Sadat, became President of Egypt.

In 1977, Sadat 'naively' opened up Egypt’s economy to the West.

"The World Bank moved in, insisting that he remove subsidies on food...

"What followed were the Bread Riots in which 800 Egyptians were killed and Sadat was almost overthrown..."

Sadat was assassinated in 1981.

"There were certain secretive and shadowy elements who coordinated the assassination..."


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Anonymous said...

The Egypt's army is the most dysfunctional and disorganized army that I have ever seen. The crowds are rioting on the streets and you see only three tanks trying to control the situation or the soldiers trying to fit their oversized helmets? Do they not have some type of elite troops? It reminds me of Iraq.

Franz said...

No to dysfunctional army!

The troops suddenly realise they are Egyptians too. As the rich VAMOOSE for Dubai, the troops, Elite or no, will have to deal with their fellow Egyptians in the morning...

Can you see? This is a Bastille Situation we have here! Remember the French troops in 1789 who stood still with their guns and puzzlement as the French protesters marched right on by, laughing on to victory!

Vive la revolucion!

Anon said...

Revolutions replace one lot of oligarchs with another lot of oligarchs. Many people end up dead. After the French Revolution, France got an Emperor and then another King. Changes were coming to France peacefully; a revolution was not needed. Russians know that when you topple a monarch, you can end up with a Stalin. Chinese know that when you topple an Emperor you can end up with the biggest holocaust of all time, the one under Mao. Iraqis know what chaos and death came when when Saddam departed.

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