Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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We have been reading an article called 'They work for us' in The Economist

I quote:

"In liberal democracies ... elections force politicians to take the public's wishes into account...

"Competitive markets force business leaders to heed their customers' demands all the time...

"In liberal democracies the powerful get on by pleasing others.

"In short, they work for us."


This would suggest that the USA is not a liberal democracy.

In the USA the electoral system is rigged in such a way that CIA assets tend to get elected.

Recent presidents have had no intention of heeding the public's wishes on Iraq, Afghanistan or Guantanamo.

And top Americans who commit war crimes usually get away with it.

Those many business leaders who have some sort of monopoly happily ignore those of their customers who dislike being sold junk.

Think of the contempt for customers of such businesses as YouTube and Enron.


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Franz said...

American teaparty morons always correct me when I even HINT that it's a democracy anyway, they quote B Franklin and say "No it's a Republic!"

Matters it? I ask. Have they not heard republics all end up being plundered into Oligarchies by the Rich? Have they not heard of the Republic of Venice? Have they not heard of the Caesars?!

Dumb or innocents being led like lambs to slaughter? Sometimes a bit more like one than the other, but I find it hard to assimilate.

But for sure you are correct! Democracy, no! They will be unhesitant to tell you themselves.

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