Thursday, January 20, 2011



Unemployment has fallen and economic growth has increased in Scotland according to the latest figures.

(Economy recovering under SNP Government)

There is strong growth in construction.

The fall in unemployment in Scotland is in contrast to a rise in unemployment across the rest of the UK.

Amazon is to create new jobs jobs in Dunfermline and Gourock.

A deal between INEOS and Petrochina will see investment in the Grangemouth oil refinery and secure more than 2,000 jobs.

Other recent negotiations with China have paved the way for major expansion potential into China and elsewhere.


With oil at nearly $100 a barrel, Scotland should be fabulously rich.

But, many Scots are planning to vote for the parties of war and poverty, the parties that want to prevent Scotland from becoming independent.

Britain’s Labour Party is on course to regain power in the Scottish Parliament as supporters of the Liberal Democrats defect, according to the latest opinion poll. (Bloomberg)

Labour will increase taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Same Shah who had connected Oil pipelines to Israel & was providing FREE oil since he came into power, however after 1979 revolution it was immediately stopped. Now as you website has admitted that western powers are more or less controlled by Zionists, the only country who has taken stand against them is Iran, ask your self, why would they overthrough a friendly shah to install unfriendly government? savour grapes springs to mind, just low level mis info you manage to believe & passing on without fully researching it.

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