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Gen. William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, is greeted by Tunisian military leaders at Tunis-Carthage International Airport.

Think of Blackwater/Xe, Triple Canopy, Dyncorps, Aegis...

Think of moving Tunisia out of the orbit of France and China and into the orbit of America-Israel?

Think of regime change in Tunisia being followed by regime change in OIL-RICH Algeria and Libya.

Think of the CIA's links to the Muslim Brotherhood. (THE CIA'S MOSLEM FRIENDS, FROM BIN LADEN TO THE MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD.)

According to a comment on the Guardian website (Cached):

"You can see who is directing the protests right here, on Ikhwanweb.

"Ikhwan is the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The MB is the Wahhabi jihad outfit run by Saudi Arabia.

"Saudi Arabia is the USA's jihad-exporting ally.

"Jihad is the excuse the USA needs to occupy more oil-rich Muslim states and expand its global-cop-on-the-make racket."

According to Aljazeera (Looters roam suburbs of Tunis)

People in Tunis have reported groups "prowling through neighbourhoods setting fire to buildings and attacking people and property."

Witnesses have spoken to Al Jazeera about "masked special forces" and "foreign militias."

In an interview with Al Jazeera, caretaker president Mohamed Ghannouchi said that "Gangs are indulging in looting, wreaking havoc and destruction and spreading fear among citizens."

In working-class suburbs of Tunis, hundreds of residents lined the streets with metal bars and knives trying to ward off looters.

'Ben Ali, former Tunisian president who predicted Muslim Brotherhood takeover'

What was happening in Tunisia under Ben Ali?

"Substandard houses were eradicated and decent houses, provided with drinking water, electricity, solar energy…

"Roads were built, too to facilitate access to the amenities.

"Schools were built near these scattered and small communities to allow especially girls to be educated." (Cached)

Tunisia, under Ben Ali, was prosperous. Tunisia boasts a GDP per capita of roughly $8,000, among the highest in Africa, and education levels that outrank much of the developing world.

Meanwhile, the CIA seems to be working with the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld (The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory: Part One (of Three ...)

Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Qaradawi, and Malaysian opposition leader and Muslim Brotherhood supporter Anwar Ibrahim, appear to have friends in the West.

Both share ties to Oxford University.

Qaradawi is a trustee of the university’s Center for Islamic Studies, while Anwar was a lecturer at Oxford’s St. Antony’s College.

"Another Western media darling, Tariq Ramadan, who is prominent advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, found a permanent house at Oxford’s St. Antony’s College.

"Ramadan, Hassan al Banna’s grandson, was banned from entering the U.S. until January 19, 2010, when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, issued an executive order allowing his entry to the country.

"Clinton who pressured the Malaysian government on behalf of Anwar, considers him a reformer and an exemplary moderate Muslim.

"One can only wonder why despite the readily available damning information and renewed attention on the MB and its affiliated groups the U.S. as its allies are laying the welcoming carpet to some of the most effective MB actors."


Meanwhile, has been taken in by the CIA? -Social conflict in Maghreb has international implications. / Tunisians drive president from power

And Prison Planet also? - Behind Tunisia Unrest, Rage Over Wealth of Ruling Family








Anonymous said...

your predictions concerning the ousting of Ben Ali were fully correct!!
The economy under his government might have prospered quite well, compared to the surrounding countries, but heard even from an ordinary tourist, that the human rights situation had been relatively bad, as all oppostion was violently crushed. I am assuming, that Ben Ali did basically cooperate closely with the US and Israel power structures, at least the MSM did never pick on him. I remember the Swiss National Radio reporting his last election with a "90%+? approval rate" like a real and true political fact, without making any reservation concerning the background..

Anonymous said...

The comments about poverty from a link marked 'cached' are very revealing. No need for the cache (which may not display properly) as the original is here:

The last sentence on Page 1 stands out:

Now poverty has been reduced from 77% in 1985 to 4.2% in 2000.

I was reading that 55% of the population is under 25. With such rapid population growth, unemployment and poverty are bound to be on the increase.

Probably it will be worse in the future after these latest events.

Anonymous said...

This is all part of a longer strategy of the West to takeover the Arab world. It began in 1948 with the founding of Israel and came into it's final phase with the false flag attacks of september 11th 2001 and I predict you will now see one arab country after the other falling and be brought into to democracy which is the rule of juda and rome.

suki said...

Aanggirfan, Thank you for the great research you do on this blog

Here is an excerpt from a Vanity Fair article on Tunisia dated a couple of years ago.
Vanity Fair is owned by Conde Nast(y).

"On the face of it, the country is one of Africa's most outstanding success stories. In the 2006–7 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report, it was ranked No. 1 in Africa for economic competitiveness, even, incidentally, outpacing three European states (Italy, Greece, and Portugal). Home ownership is 80 percent. Life expectancy, the highest on the continent, is 72. Less than 4 percent of the population is below the poverty line, and the alleviation of misery by a "solidarity fund" has been adopted by the United Nations as a model program. Nine out of 10 households are connected to electricity and clean water. Tunisia is the first African state to have been accepted as an associate member of the European Union. Its Code of Personal Status was the first in the Arab world to abolish polygamy, and the veil and the burka are never seen."

suki said...

Sorry. had to post this in two parts because it's too big. Here is the rest:

"More than 40 percent of the judges and lawyers are female. The country makes delicious wine and even exports it to France. The Tunisian Jews make a potent grappa out of figs, which is available as a digestif in most restaurants. There were several moments, as I was loafing around the beautiful blue-and-white seaside towns or the exquisite classical museums and ruins, when the combination of stylish females, excellent food, clean streets, smart-looking traffic cops, and cheap and efficient taxis made me feel I was in a place more upscale than many European recreational resorts and spas. I remembered what my old friend the late Edward Said had told me: "You should go to Tunisia, Christopher. It's the gentlest country in Africa. Even the Islamists are highly civilized!"

You can read the full article here:

Notice that it is written by Christopher Hitchens. He is not exactly Islam's best friend, and is known to be very "establishment"

Anon said...

THANK YOU for all these excellent comments.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

What a shame!
A beautiful country with an amazing geography and cultural legacy. A (fascinating) must-see for anyone who's into archaeology, who's read the Illiad or otherwise. Above all, its incredible value for money as one of the cheapest holiday destinations, from Europe.
Though somewhat annoyingly money-oriented when it comes to dealing with tourists, generally speaking, tunisians are not only very welcoming and friendly but also surprisingly well-educated, cultured, relaxed, and... proud to be moderate.

Anonymous said...

Glad you also made the connection with Libya, Aan. An excellent springboard for regime change either side. Brilliant analysis. You could see this happening like a slow motion train crash. No point listening to a word from the MSM - eyes and ears wide shut.


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