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On 16 January 2011, Webster Tarpley, author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, reveals more of the truth about the CIA's Tunisia coup.

He refers to this as a Wikileaks coup.

He explains that the CIA is targeting Libya, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Jordan and Italy.

He reports that the CIA wants new leaders in these countries to help target Iran, China and Russia.

He refers to the roles played by Cass Sunstein, Samantha Power, Robert Malley and the International Crisis Group.

Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA touts Mediterranean Tsunami of coups.

Among the points made by Webster Tarpley:

1. The CIA hopes to overthrow or weaken the governments of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, and perhaps others.

The CIA is trying to remove Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi - because of his friendship with Putin and support for the Southstream pipeline.

2. Some History: The CIA's Roses revolution in Georgia became discredited by the warmongering of Saakashvili. The CIA failed with its Cedars revolution in Lebanon and its Twitter revolution in Iran. The CIA's Orange revolution in Ukraine was eventually rolled back.

3. Tunisia's Jasmine revolution was not primarily a matter of the middle class 'desire to speak out, vote, and blog.'

It started from 'the Wall Street depredations which are ravaging the entire planet.'

4. In Iceland in the autumn of 2009, Assange was deployed by his financier backers to hijack and disrupt a movement for national economic survival.

Wikileaks then published 'a series of carefully pre-selected US government and other documents, all of which somehow targeted governments and political figures which London and Washington had some interest in embarrassing and weakening'.

5. Wikileaks leaked State Department cables which focused on the lifestyle of the Ben Ali clan.

The CIA tactic is to use assets like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Wikileaks, etc., to turn key members of 'the youth bulge' against the regimes in Egypt, Syria and Libya.

6. The CIA is not interested in people's welfare in these countries.

Remember the 'horrendous economic and political record of the puppets installed in the wake of recent colour revolutions' - people like Yushchenko and Timoshenko in Ukraine and Saakashvili in Georgia.

In Tunisia, the CIA can install a candidate of its own choosing.

Tunisian Girl II
Tunisian Girl by ericktseng

7. Why are these governments to be toppled?

The answer 'has everything to do with Iran, China, and Russia.'

8. The US has been unable to install its preferred puppet Allawi in Iraq, where the pro-Iranian Maliki seems likely to hold onto power for the foreseeable future.

The US "desperately wants a new generation of unstable 'democratic' demagogues more willing to lead their countries against Iran than the current immobile regimes have proved to be".

9. Any new leaders installed by the US will end economic relations with China.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi, who failed to take over Iran, favoured the idea of 'Death to Russia, death to China'.

10. If the CIA puts a new leader into Syria, the Russian naval presence at the port Tartus would end.

11. Who are the destabilization operatives inside the US regime?

Hillary Clinton, in Qatar last week, warned assembled Arab leaders to reform their economies (according to IMF rules) and stamp out corruption, or else be toppled.

In 2007, White House regulations czar Cass Sunstein contributed an article entitled A Brave New Wikiworld to the Washington Post.

May we not assume that 'Sunstein represents the White House contact man and controller for the Wikileaks operation?'

12. Robert Malley heads the Middle East and North Africa program at the International Crisis Group (ICG, 'an organization reputed to run on money coughed up by George Soros and tactics dreamed up from Zbigniew Brzezinski'.

On 16 January 2011, Malley told the Washington Post that every Arab leader could now be about to fall.

13. Czar Cass Sunstein is married to Samantha Power, who works in the White House National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights – 'the precise bureaucratic home of destabilization operations like the one in Tunisia'.

Power, like Malley, is a veteran of the US intelligence community’s 'human rights' division, which is "a past master of using legitimate beefs about repression to to replace old US clients with new puppets."

14. The Arab world "needs to learn a few fundamental lessons about the mechanics of CIA colour revolutions."

Arab governments "must immediately expel" all officials of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Basic food staples and fuels "should be subjected to price controls."

Food production needs to be promoted.

Capital controls and exchange controls are likely to be needed to prevent speculative attacks on national currencies.

Central banks must be nationalized.

MORE HERE: Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA touts Mediterranean Tsunami of coups.


A party of Swedish 'tourists' has been attacked after being caught up in the ongoing violence in Tunisia.

They were in the country 'on a hunting holiday' - with weapons in the back of their vehicle. (Swedish tourists attacked in Tunisia unrest)

Remember the Gunmen held in Tunis had Swedish passports: police

"Two gunmen who fired shots outside the headquarters of Tunisia's PDP opposition party in the center of the capital on Sunday had Swedish passports, Tunisian police said..."




su said...

well may the climate level the playing field.
may the usa freeze itself into hell.

Peter said...

Tarpley is a vey sharp dude.
I tend to see this is broad geo strateigic terms.
The globalists always think in these broad geo strateigic ways.
Hezbollah praised this Tunisian peoples revolution. That means China and Russia also back it. Many leaders of this Tunisian peoples revolution have a Communist pedigree NOT Islamist! THAT is important.
I am thinking along the lines of Mao's successful Peoples revolt against the Globalist backed Chiang Kai Shek. The globalists preferred Chiang but lost so they had to settle for sloppy seconds and finally had to infiltrate Mao's huge organization, which was kinda easy.
The globalists have people on both sides (Communists and fascists) They prefer the fascists but oftimes have to settle for their second choice, the Communists.

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