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Sverre Helgesen who has produced information on The Jackal, Frederick Forsyth, the Great Train Robbery, David Ferrie, Princess Diana ...

Someone calling himself 'Sverre Helgesen' has written many comments on many internet sites.

Sverre Helgesen writes: "When I was 14-16 I used to do hardcore for Harrison Marks, the 50′s-60′s porn-king." (Cached)

At Bromley (London) Message Board: Knowhere Guide, Sverre Helgesen wrote:

I was privileged to have grown up in Bromley (actually Widmore Green) as a lad.

Dad was in the elite Norwegian Royal Guards and married a lovely Scottish lass during the war, to return to Oslo after the war a Major and good friend to CP Olav, later the King.

We returned to England in '51.

Not speaking any English I went to school at The Ol' Tin Hut in Nightingale Lane, then moved to another ex-military establishment in Bromley (forget the road) to then attend the newly-built St. George's Primary in Tylney Road, to then go to Quernmore Secondary in London Lane.

We emigrated again in January '63.

Anybody out there recall me? Me and my brothers were fairly well known in town. I was friends with 'Mad Jimmy' Duggan, the son of Ted Duggan, the headmaster of Quernmore.

Jimmy was a well-known nutter about town, a mercenary by trade and loud with it!

Chunky blond-haired guy, always getting into fights, ran everywhere, never walked. I'm not kidding, it was purgatory trying to keep up with him! He drank at The Swan and Mitre, the local gay haunt.

I also knew a lot of medical people, modelling for Harley Street professors up in London, also a bit of real modelling for top photographers (usually testing new film and lighting) and was involved with the Garrick Theatre.


At "Sverre Helgesen", Sverre Helgesen writes:

"I've lived in OZ, 35 years ago...

"I worked in the London theatres, the Mermaid and the Garrick, for a couple of years, '60-'62, and a lot of stage/film/TV

"I used to be Britain's top porno-star.

"Nobody knows of me though, back in the late 50's, early 60's porno was very much under the covers and only rich people had projectors anyway.

"The films were mostly made to order, not sold under the counter.

"David Sullivan, the newspaper-magnate sold a lot of piccies under the counter, though.

"I vaguelly recall him...

"I'm an' ol' git now, living on fading memories. I never earned a penny out of it. Lunch and free girls was it...

"It actually started out helping Harley Street professors research sexual development and what sex was...

"I now understand it wasn't all research, somebody was making money out of this!

"Namely Harrison Marks, Sullivan, and the doctor seconded to do the research (so the others weren't obviously involved, they could be jailed not to mention struck off) Dr. Stephen Ward. He was expendable...

"Miller, Asher (Jane's dad), Cilento (Diane's dad) Archie Macindoe (a silent partner, he agreed with the principle but daren't be associated, or struck-off, his burn-patients always came first)...

"We also were associated with forward-thinking people who formed a women and child-abuse support-group: Mary Whitehouse, Lady Astor, Mary Bell-Mills (actor John's wife) Claire Raynor (M.B-M's cousin) Honda roadracer Jim Redman's wife, Marlene, Lady Jacqueline Rufus Isaacs of Reading (lady-in-waiting to Anne) and, it later turned out, several of my teachers at school...

"A lot of the dancer/singer/actresses in the theatres had to moonlight in Soho, the pay was very bad...

"I even knew a mercenary (Black Jack Schramme from Katanga, the guy who bust the UN's ass and almost won the insurgance) who hired a chateau in France every summer for a training camp for his men (mostly ex-SS) and for his girls to kick back and sun themselves (he owned the redlight area behind Le Grand Place in Brussels)...

"'Rachman' was an act; the little bald, fat guy most people know about, the one who died, was his double.

"Rachman's real name was actually Ilan Ram'el...

(Rachman "saved the life of, Menachem Begin" - Cached)

"By the way, a friend of mine, Gary, overheard a conversation at Heathrow the other week.

"A bunch of guys from the USA were on their way to Uri Geller's house in Reading (west of London) for a conference and were deeply engaged in a chat about the black occult. "Gary, a serious fan of the occult (having personal experiences he's trying to come to grips with) was suprised to hear Stephen Ward's name come up.

"He and Tommy Cooper (the entertainer) were high members of a secret masonic sect and are still talked about in awe by people in 'the business'. I knew about that, Gary now knows about that, it's how we met on the www.

"What shocked him was that they also mentioned ME. And they got my name right.

"I was refered to as 'the Ward Clan's sexual plaything.'

"Gary also said there were inferences that indicated that I was used for more than the black occult rituals I now recall being used for.

"This equates with the porno. He didn't know about that, other than Mandy. He was distracted and thus not sure, but he thought that I was known 'in the biz' as Sven. Sounds logical, my real name used to confuse people!"

Sverre Helgesen also writes about the Jackal (Wonga Coup):

"I knew him (novelist Frederick Forsyth) way back in the late 50′s/early 60′s.

"I was mates with the guy who became famous as the Jackal, Jimmy Duggan from Bromley, and over the years met many of the mercs you’ve come to know so well via Freddie’s books.

"Freddie was their intel-officer and a good friend of Jimmy’s, I met him often. He knows the lot, kept copious files you would love to get a peek at!

"The ‘Dogs’ scenario came about in late ’61, an idea from Black Johnny (who is thought to be still alive) as getting a place the mercs could retire too, along with friends in the OAS (2 of Jimmy’s men, Jean Baptiste and Rolf Steiner, had been members of the OAS, and via them I met a few of the top OAS men, who all realised it was over and wanted out, the problem being where they could live with no extradition treaty).

"It was Rolf and Jimmy who planned and costed the coups. Finding the money was a problem; Forsyth was dealing with Lord Mountbatten who obviously wanted in big time (the geologist actually found offshore oil, billions of dollars worth). I suspect Jimmy and the guys didn’t trust Mounbatten, realising he was going to screw them and take over for himself.

"I have reason to believe he then thought to use the international power this would give him to take over The Crown of Britain in a coups.

"But, luckily, Jimmy was then approached by a gay bankclerk (Jimmy was bisexual) and together with Rolf and Black Jack Schramme, planned what we now know of as ‘The Great Train Robbery’, to finance the coups...

"I did meet Roy James a few times. But as I was out of the loop I don’t know what went wrong with the Train Robbery op.

"By the way, the mercs and OAS guys – who were to do the robbery – could drive any vehicle, including trains, and the money was to be flown out within the hour on a plane flown by David Ferrie (of JFK fame). I met him at Jimmy’s, he was well-known by the mercs.

"The Corsican mafia would be waiting at a lonely chateau in France and swap the money for arms and ceritificates the guys needed to persecute the ‘Dogs’ coups. This before the Brit police knew there had been a robbery…..

"Forsyth is an interesting man. Another contact (with a pedigree to back it up) suggested he was a secret agent for Opus Dei. Would that match up with Mounbatten?

"My contact also suggested there have been 4 attempts to take The Crown the last 100 years, one was foiled by WW11 and was perhaps being set up again after it (the time I’ve mentioned?) and Diana was another attempt (though she didn’t know anything about it, was being used). Interesting point: there is yet ANOTHER coups being set up as we speak!

"It seems Freddie was arrested by the SIS after the Jackal attempt on De Gaulle AND after the failed ‘Dogs’ coups, but put his finger up and told them to back off. Do those files of his contain something really juicy? It does seem suspiciously so.

"Freddie also knew Stephen Ward of the Profumo scandal; Ward was sometimes down the mews chatting and was also a very good friend of Roy James."



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aferrismoon said...

Some of this seems to link with the ideas put forward by Michael Piper in 'FINAL JUDGEMENT' about JFK's assassination.

he claims the OAS and the MOssad were interested in killing DEGaulle as Degaulle gave Algeria Independence. This was supported by Senator Kennedy.

He mused over the initials of the Jewish Anti-Communist League [ JACL].


Anon said...

Many of the shaddowy figures appear to be linked to Mossad and its friends.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

The same Mountbatten who wrote the 1966 Mountbatten Report into the escape of George Blake and some of the Train Robbers? Apparently its recommendations were quite draconian.

Anonymous said...

Mountbatten was also involved in the 1974 "Wilson Plot" – I guess that was another one.

I am interested in Stephen Ward's story & what it reveals about the nature of the British establishment so I have come across Sverre Helgesen's postings.
They paint a VERY strange picture of the ruling elite !
Oddly a bloke called Anthony Frewin - who worked for Stanley Kubrick & writes on the JFK assassination wrote a novel called London Blues that seems to be based on a character very similar to S.H. a young bloke who gets involved in the murky world of the porn business & then gets mixed up with Ward - & his famous cache of EXTREMELY compromising pictures taken at various orgies !

Anon said...

Tim, in Anthony Frewin's book 'London Blues', does seem similar to S.H. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

Obituary: Edward P. Duggan by R Atwell - 1993
Brian F. L. Gordon-States Dr E. P. Duggan In April of 1992 the BAA lost one ... He obtained an MA degree and in 1955 became the Headmaster of the Quernmore ... Bowie in 1957 Both Dudley Chapman and I went to Quernmore, the same class in fact, ... Disappointed, Ol' Ted gave in. Problem: having fun - and it was - could only go ... with Jimmy Duggan had wised me up to some of the vageries of life, and I would see sense. .... I'd asked Jimmy's dad, our headmaster, permission to buy them, ... - Cached

Anon said...

Dear Zoompad,

Many thanks for all the links.

- Aangirfan

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