Monday, January 10, 2011


David Hart (1944-2011)

David Hart "was particularly close to CIA boss Bill Casey." (Scum behind Equatorial Guinea coup plotr)

"His enemies likened him to Rasputin and accused him of being an agent of the CIA, the KGB, Mossad, or of all three." (David Hart - Telegraph)

In 1990 "it emerged that Rupert Murdoch was bankrolling a Hart-backed newsletter, British Briefing, edited by Charles Elwell, the retired director of MI5's F-branch, which tracks domestic 'subversives'." (coup plot/r)

David Hart's Jewish father, Louis Hart, was chairman of Henry Ansbacher, the merchant bank.

"Hart kept two mistresses, each of whom had his child, in separate London flats, paying them each £250 a month as well as money for things like telephone bills and school fees." (David Hart - Telegraph)

David Hart worked alongside the UK's Margaret Thatcher.

During the 1984 miners' strike, Hart disguised himself as a feature writer and "toured mining areas in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes."

Reportedly, Hart financed groups of strikebreaking miners.

In 1993 Hart became an unpaid adviser to Defence Secretary Malcolm Rifkind.

"He stayed on when Rifkind was replaced in 1995 by Michael Portillo, a friend of Hart's of long standing, who widened Hart’s brief to include some of the £9 billion-a-year procurement contracts awarded by the MoD". (David Hart - Telegraph)

He had "high-level contacts both in America and the Middle East." (David Hart - Telegraph)

In 2004 a warrant for Hart's arrest was issued by Equatorial Guinea in connection with a coup attempt.

Hart wrote a novel called The Colonel ('rich Jewish hero struggles against prejudice and misunderstanding') and a play entitled Statues of Liberty ('the figure of Machiavelli comes to modern Britain, where ...he sees how quickly he can bring down the government.') (David Hart - Telegraph)

Hart mixed with politicians, senior military officers, academics and scientists.


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