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Omar Khayam, who, in 2002, was given an eight year jail sentence for drugs offences. He was released in 2005. In January 2006, Khayam was pictured outside Denmark's embassy in London wearing a simulated suicide bomb outfit. In 2010 he was jailed for being part of a drugs gang.

So called 'Islamist' terrorists often turn out to be people involved with drugs, drink, prostitution and prison.

A report in The Independent, in May, 2009, described how British Moslems are sometimes recruited by the UK security services.

A group described how they were given a choice of working for the Security Service or facing detention and harassment. (How MI5 blackmails British Muslims.)

There was said to be more than one Lee Harvey Oswald.

What makes things complicated is that the 'Moslem terrorists' sometimes have doubles.

There is the Mohamed Atta last seen in Hamburg; he had his passport stolen in Germany in 1999.

There is the 'imposter' Mohamed Atta who spoke Hebrew and who attended International Officer's School in Montgomery, Alabama.

In an article entitled Robert Gates, Lockerbie, October Surprise, Iran-Contra, we read about Mohamed Atta 'flying Lebanese heroin into Florida for Porter Goss's 911 operation'.

On 3 January 2011 we read about links between so called 'terrorists' in France and so called 'terrorists' in the UK.

The links were revealed during the trial of eight men in Paris.

The eight are accused of carrying out robberies in order to fund 'terrorist' attacks in Europe.

Among the eight is Farid Boukemiche, a French Algerian.

Boukemiche spent three years in a British prison, awaiting trial.

Was he recruited in prison by the security services?

The terrorist charges against him were eventually dropped.

He admitted having false financial documents, passports and identity cards.

In 2000, he was given a one year sentence but was immediately released.

He then moved back to France and, in 2003, opened a cafe in Roubaix, near Lille.

He reportedly built up numerous contacts among Al Qaeda (CIA) networks in Britain and offered these contacts a safe house near his cafe in France.

Also on trial in Paris is Ouassini Cherifi, a French-Algerian.

In 2002 he was sentenced to five years in prison for trafficking fake passports.

Allegedly he has spent a "great deal of time in Britain recruiting Jihad fighters to travel to Iraq and Afghanistan."

He ran a restaurant in Clichy-sous-Bois, a Paris suburb, where 'terrorists' from all over Europe were said to meet regularly.

At Clichy, police discovered weapons, including TNT explosives, Kalashnikov assault rifles, revolvers, and body armour.

The eight men admit being involved in robberies in the Paris area, but deny financing terrorism.

Also on trial is Feridhi Mourad, a Tunisian.

He has in the past been convicted three times for offences including armed robbery.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1343696/Trial-French-Al-Qaeda-financiers-reveals-links-British-terror-suspects.html#ixzz1A38xhHGF

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