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Both the Bush and Zine Ben Ali families have been linked to the heroin trade. (Website for this image) In 1992, in Paris, Moncef Ben Ali was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment in connection with drug trafficking. But, while the level of drug taking in the USA is rated very high, the level in Tunisia is rated LOW.

It is our belief that most world leaders have things to hide.

It's a matter of relativity. Who was worse: the Shah or the Ayatollahs?

It is our belief that the CIA and its friends toppled the Shah, Suharto, Marcos, Saddam, Ben Ali and many others.

None of these leaders were saints; some were gangsters and war criminals; all were close friends of the CIA at one time or another.

The toppling of these leaders generally made things worse rather than better.

Tunisia under French rule.

The toppling of the Shah led to a long and bloody war with Iraq, an increase in the heroin trade and women being stoned to death.

The toppling of Suharto has simply led to another Suharto general taking over, and the rich taking more of the land of the poor.

In the Philippines, the oligarchs are still in charge, after the fall of Marcos.

Tunisia 24 January 2011

Remember that Saddam was put into power by the CIA.

And Saddam offered to leave Iraq to prevent a war.

And the invasion of Iraq has made things very much worse for the average Iraqi.

Many governments, including those of the USA and UK, have been accused of being involved in the drugs trade. (Corrupt war on drugs. /CIA drug trafficking - Wikipedia)

Seemingly, Tunisia is no different.

But remember that very many governments and top people are involved.

Moncef Ben Ali, also known as Habib Ben Ali, was murdered in 1996.

He was the elder brother of former President Zine Ben Ali.

Both Moncef and Zine have been linked to criminal activity.

On 30 November 1992, in Paris, "Moncef" was sentenced in absentia to ten years imprisonment in connection with drug trafficking.

Moncef's lawyer stated that there had been political manipulation and that there was "no physical evidence" that Moncef Ben Ali was involved in "laundering" money derived from trafficking.

("After the sentencing of his client, the lawyer Habib Ben Ali denounces" political manipulation "," Le Monde, December 3, 1992)

In 1996 Moncef was murdered, by certain Turks. (LA TUNISIE DE DINA: REVELATIONS SUR L'ASSASSINAT DE MONCEF BEN ALI -)

On 24 December 2011, we read that a Maltese and a Latvian were arrested in Tunisia after allegedly being caught with a kilogramme of heroin. ( - Maltese man arrested in Tunis 'known to Drug Squad')

Demand and trafficking of drugs globally. Tunisia is rated LOW

The Tunisian authorities have reportedly taken a hard line against drugs.

But, things are changing in Tunisia, as result of the 'CIA-NATO coup' of January 2011.

According to the UN, "In only five years, Sub-Saharan Africa has become the new hub for drug cartels from Latin America trying to gain entry into Europe.

"North Africa has not been spared from the drug trade as terrorist groups seek to take advantage of the growing phenomenon."

(Africa: Drug trade fund terrorist activities.)

North Africa's Al-Qaeda-CIA "is not above offering protection to drug traffickers moving into the region, say experts" (Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

In February 2010, the Mauritanian army intercepted a drug convoy escorted by Islamist militants.

"It is the proof of a connection between them and the traffickers," a source in the Mauritanian military said. (Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

"You have terrorist networks, smuggling networks, human trafficking networks, and there are points of contact, coordination between all these nice people," said one diplomatic source in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott.

"We know that AQIM (Al-Qaeda-CIA in North Africa) people have been involved in the drug trade, but as freelancers," he added.

"Some are members of AQIM and of criminal gangs at the same time."

Michael Braun, the US Drug Enforcement Administration's former head of operations, said the "Colombian cartels have established business relations with AQIM."

"They are using long-established AQIM smuggling routes to North Africa and Southern Europe, moving tons of arms or tons of cocaine: it's the same route."

Nor was it the first time the Colombians had set up this kind of route, he said.

"The Colombians are very good at this. It's the exactly the kind of relations they developed with Mexican traffickers..." (Analysts: north African Qaeda helps drug trade)

Ben Ali was no saint, but Tunisians may be about to meet more Colombians?

Under Ben Ali, things were not so bad.

On 16 January 2011, top French scholar Bernard Lugan wrote about Tunisia.(L'africaniste Bernard Lugan ne se réjouit pas de la chute du régime tunisien de Ben Ali ... Translate this page / Bernard Lugan news on Tunisia)

According to his article:

President Ben Ali changed Tunisia for the better.

Under Ben Ali, Tunisia attracted capital and modern industries.

Tunisia was a pole of stability and tolerance in the Muslim world.

Thousands of patients came to Tunisia for its European-standard medical care.

Youth was well educated.

Women were free.

And girls did not wear the veil.


Twelfth Bough and Winterpatriot explain Tunisia:

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Paul Lir Alexander was a Mossad agent that sent billions of dollars worth of cocaine to the USA through Miami, FL. He used Siemens generators to hide the drug.

The Mossad finances these people to go around the world and start fictious business and under these businesses do the drug traffic.

And usually they do this through the media by creating "stars" and feeding the people sex and fashion.

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