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CIA boss Panetta and friends.

Iran has welcomed the revolution in Tunisia.

What about the Islamists in Tunisia?

The Islamist movement has been at the forefront of Tunisia's protests

Will the Islamists be used by Iran, or Saudi Arabia or the CIA or the Heroin traders?

Iran, Saudi Arabia and the CIA all appear to have a philosophy that could be described as 'fascist'.

The mad Moslems and the CIA have another thing in common: heroin.

"It has been said that the ubiquitous Rafsanjani family and also Ayatollah Vaez-Tabasi ... are deeply involved in the drug trade..." (Opium, Brown Sugar & Mullahs in Iran « Plateau of Iran )

"The gossip on the street, going well beyond the observable facts, has the Rafsanjanis stashing billions of dollars in bank accounts in Switzerland and Luxembourg; controlling huge swaths of waterfront in Iran's free economic zones on the Persian Gulf; and owning whole vacation resorts on the idyllic beaches of Dubai, Goa and Thailand." (Millionaire Mullahs - (Author of "Millionaire Mullahs" Shot Dead )

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1. In 1996, Tunisian Minister of Justice Sadok Chaabane said that Tunisian Islamists get their funding and political support from (1) Iran (2) Saudi Arabia.

(Justice Minister Describes Tunisia's Battle Against Islamist Takeover)

According to Chaabane, the 'Islamist' plan is to use Tunisia as "the gateway to its larger neighbors, Algeria and Morocco."

Tunisians belong to Sunni Islam, but Chaabane states that Tunisia's Islamist leaders will accept help from wherever they can find it.

Of course, some believe that the CIA sees Tunisia as its gateway into oil-rich Algeria and Libya.

And the CIA has been happy to use militant Moslems in Kosovo, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

2. Tunisia may now have a bigger problem with 'Islamist extremists' coming in from neighbouring Algeria.

In Algeria, war between the government and 'Islamists' has killed 200,000 people in the last twenty years.

(21 January 2011, Lin Noueihed of Reuters, "What role for the Islamists in the new Tunisia?")

3. In 1980, 30 armed men crossed from Algeria into Tunisia and made their way to the phosphate mining town of Gafsa in central Tunisia. (TUNISIA Plot - TIME)

There they were joined there by 20 other militants.

They tried to seize Gafsa's civil and military installations.

The local people refused to join the revolt.

Tunisian troops defeated the militants. 41 men died.


4. In 2007, Tunisia uncovered an alleged 'terrorist' plot.

"Police dismantled a 'terrorist' group after separate gun battles with suspects ... and recovered explosives, embassy maps and lists of foreign diplomats...

"The gun-battles ... were with members of a 'Salafist terrorist group' (CIA) comprised mainly of Tunisians...

"'Economic facilities' in resort towns had been targeted for attack by a jihadist group from neighbouring Algeria.

"They said the group was linked to the Al-Qaeda (CIA) affiliate Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, a radical group which aims to create an Islamist state in Algeria.

"The group claimed responsibility for the April 2002 truck-bomb attack on a synagogue in Djerba, which killed 21 people including 14 German tourists." (aangirfan: The CIA, Mossad and the Djerba Bombing.)

Monastir. In the 1980s, a bomb exploded in a tourist hotel in the resort city of Monastir. A British tourist was maimed.

5. Habib Bourguiba, the first president of Tunisia, considered militant Islam a threat to the state.

In 1987, when Ben Ali became president, Islamists were released from jail and allowed to run in the 1989 elections.

Ennahda, or Renaissance, Tunisia's largest Islamist movement, came second to the ruling party.

They won 17% or 35% according to different sources.

Ben Ali reversed his policy.

Ghannouchi, who has been living in London.

Ennahda's leader Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi was given protection by Britain..

Tunisia accused Ghannouchi of being behind a planned terrorist bombing campaign aimed at crippling Tunisia’s tourist industry. (Justice Minister Describes Tunisia's Battle Against Islamist Takeover)

A bomb that exploded in a tourist hotel in the resort city of Monastir severely maimed a British woman guest.

5. "Many fear that ... extremist ideas will (now) circulate..." as openly and as widely as democratic or secular ideas..." ("What role for the Islamists in the new Tunisia?")

6. Bernard Lewis helped to invent the West's new enemy, known as 'Islam'.

For the British, it was once the Jewish terrorists who were seen as being the enemy.

For the USA, it was once tiny Vietnam.

Professor Bernard Lewis is Jewish and has worked for British intelligence. (Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

Lewis, born in London in 1916, is a historian and 'expert' on Islam.

In 1974, Lewis accepted a position at Princeton University.

In 1990, Lewis wrote an essay entitled The Roots of Muslim Rage.

In this essay, Lewis argued that the struggle between the West and Islam was gathering strength.

In this essay Lewis invented the phrase "clash of civilizations", which got mentioned in the book by Samuel Huntington.[13]

The phrase "clash of civilizations", was first used by Lewis at a meeting in Washington in 1957. [14]

There has been speculation that Lewis, the intelligence services and people like Brzezinski want to make the Moslem world look bad, so that it can be more easily controlled and exploited.

Much of the world's oil lies in Moslem lands.

How do you make Moslems look bad?

You can finance the extremists and help them into power.

You can carry out false flag operations.

Bernard Lewis argues (Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia) that the Middle East is backward due to its culture and religion.

The alternative view is that a country like Iraq is backward partly because of constant interference by countries such as Britain and the USA.

In his 1982 book Muslim Discovery of Europe, Lewis argues that Moslems behaved badly in the Algerian civil war (1992–98).

Lewis fails to point out that certain security services created the violence that began in Algeria in 1991. (aangirfan: Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil ...)

Lewis fails to point out that many people believe that both Saddam and the Ayatollahs were put into power by the CIA. (aangirfan: Saddam worked for the CIA / aangirfan: The Ayatollahs and the CIA)




Anonymous said...

More coverage of Tunisia - by a group of mostly Arab-Americans living in the US. They are much less charitable towards Ben Ali:

Anon said...

Suharto was toppled by the CIA because he was not giving enough contracts to the USA. Instead he was favouring Chinese-Indonesians and his family. The Shah was toppled by the CIA because he would not obey all the instructions from the CIA on oil prices and heroin. Ben Ali was toppled because be was not doing enough trade with the USA and he refused to get involved in the wars against Iraq and he criticised Israel.

Anon said...

And, Suharto, the Shah and Ben Ali were leaders of 'MOSLEM' countries that were proving to be too successful. The CIA and its friends prefer backward, Islamist countries (Afghanistan and Iraq today)

Anonymous said...

Switzerland seems to be the predilect place for money laundering for all the scum of the Earth. Judeo freemasonry has a very stronghold of that country. All the corrupt politians from all over the world have secret accounts in their banks. That was some talk about disclosure a few years ago. I guess nothing happened as usual.

aferrismoon said...

backward Moslem countries - yes it much easier to bring them into democracy and freedom by focussing on those living medieval existences - esp. when , ironically, the Moslems brought so much learning into Europe.

Also the defeat of Moslems in Spain led to the expulsion of the Jews. Under Islam , it seems that all 3 communities lived together relatively peacefully.

'The Roots of Muslim Rage' ????! Intellectual phoneyism.


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