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Elina Ivanova

If you use Google, you may have noticed the increasing number of 'made for AdSense' sites.

These sites usually contain masses of adverts and zero original content.

Sometimes the content has been 'stolen' from YouTube.

If you use Google, you may have found that, for a variety of reasons, it takes longer and longer to find what you are looking for.

There is too much junk, produced by people manipulating Google's page-ranking systems.

On 1 January 2011, Vivek Wadhwa explained why we desperately need a new (and better) Google

Vivek asked his students at UC-Berkeley to research the work history of the founders of certain companies.

"But it turns out that you can't easily do such searches in Google any more.

"Google has become a jungle: a tropical paradise for spammers and marketers.

"Almost every search takes you to websites that want you to click on links that make them money, or to sponsored sites that make Google money.

"There's no way to do a meaningful chronological search.

"We ended up using instead a web-search tool called Blekko."

With Blekko, if you are looking for information about swine flu, you can add /health to your query and search only the top 70 or so relevant health sites rather than tens of thousands spam sites.

If you are doing searches by date, add /date to the end of your query.






/image etc etc.

Google is like the manufacturer of a brand of spam.

At first the spam contains the very best pork.

Eventually it contains an awful lot of offal.

Marilyn Monroe.

We used Blekko to search 'Lockerbie Bomb' and got, in the top ten positions:

1. Pan Am Flight 103 - Wikipedia
2. Lockerbie plane bombing - UK news -
3. BBC NEWS - Lockerbie bombing - UK - Scotland - Timeline
4. Police relaunch Lockerbie bombing investigation - Telegraph
5. The CIA and the Lockerbie Bomb
New forensic evidence could free Libyan convicted of Lockerbie bombing - Mail Online
7. David Cameron to meet with US senators over Lockerbie bombing -
8. Pan Am Flight 103 - Information from
Senators, Lockerbie bombing families to hold news conference - Blogs - This Just In
10. Lockerbie Bomb - a deal being done - to prevent a successful appeal by Megrahi - aangirfan

We used Google to do the same search:

1. Pan Am Flight 103 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2. Lockerbie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3. Lockerbie bomb 'was smuggled on in a suitcase' - This Britain, UK ...
4. BBC NEWS UK Scotland South of Scotland Lockerbie bomb ...
5. BBC NEWS UK Scotland Police review Lockerbie bomb case
6. US spies blamed Iran for Lockerbie bomb - Times Online
7. Images for lockerbie bomb
8. Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie (
9. Another Lockerbie bomb is set to go off - The Daily Record ...
10. Lockerbie plane bombing UK news

NOTE that with Blekko, you get THREE entries that refer to FAKE evidence in the Lockerbie trial.

GOOGLE shows no such results.



chuckyman said...

Thanks for the tip Aangirfan. I’ll give them a trial run as I am sick of the almighty google.

P2P said...

my brother does some money out of clicks, and he has showed me how to manipulate page ranks etc. when I understood what they do, meaning him and thousands of others who have learned the tricks, I knew it to be nothing but polluting the internet. there's even programs to change words in stolen articles to their synonyms so that google cannot know what you're up to :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea who owns

Anonymous said...

This guy is no outsider. He makes part of the current system.

Richard "Rich" Skrenta (b.1967 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a computer programmer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who created the search engine blekko.

In 1982, as a high school student at Mt. Lebanon High School, Skrenta wrote the Elk Cloner virus that infected Apple II machines. It is widely believed to be the first large-scale self-spreading personal computer virus ever created.[1]

Skrenta graduated from Northwestern University. Between 1989 and 1991 he worked at Commodore Business Machines with Amiga Unix. Between 1991 and 1995 he worked at Unix System Labs and from 1996 to 1998 with IP-level encryption at Sun Microsystems. He later left Sun and became one of the founders of the Open Directory Project. He stayed onboard after the Netscape acquisition, and continued to work on the directory as well as Netscape Search, AOL Music and AOL Shopping. After his stint at AOL he went on to cofound Topix LLC, a Web 2.0 company in the news aggregation & forums market.[2] In 2005, he and his fellow cofounders sold a 75% share of Topix to a newspaper consortium made up of Tribune, Gannett, and Knight Ridder. Currently, he heads the startup company Blekko Inc, an internet search engine,[3] which began public beta testing on November 1, 2010[4] and recently gained Marc Andreessen as an investor.[5]

He was involved in the development of VMS Monster, an old MUD for VMS. VMS Monster was part of the inspiration for TinyMUD. He is also known for his role in developing TASS, an ancestor of tin, the popular threaded Usenet newsreader for Unix systems. In 1989 he started working on a multiplayer simulation game. In 1994 it was launched under the name Olympia as a pay-for-play game by Shadow Island Games. Source: Wikipedia

A. Peasant said...

thanks Aan!

Anon said...

Thanks for all the info.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

You always have great posts here.
This one is a classic, thanks. Information management is a complex evolving battle.

I have seen the slow steady unfriendly changes with google too. I will surely try the Blekko search engine, and hopefully stay off the googles from now on.

Gilbert said...

Ixquick is my fave search engine. No tracking spider bots like google. No ads no spam. Starve the beast use anything but google.

Kieran Alexis said...

I like Scroogle meself...

Screw google....and spam-sense slurry

and they have some great anti-google art....

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