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Currents can carry toxins?

Mass deaths of birds have been noted about 16 times in the past 20 years, the PBS NewsHour reports.

In January 2011, we read about the current Spate of mass animal deaths baffling scientists ee:

50 dead jackdaws found on city street in Sweden

100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish wash up dead on the coast of Brazil

Hundreds of fish dead in New Zealand

Hundreds of dead starlings and robins in the Kentucky town of Gilbertsville

An estimated two million dead fish washed ashore in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

450 red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and starlings found dead on a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

3,000 dead blackbirds on roofs and roads in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas

Thousands of drum fish washed along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River

Thousands of dead fish found floating in warm Florida creek

Scores of American Coots found dead on Texas highway bridge

And in Britain, 40,000 devil crabs found dead near Thanet in Kent.

John Wheeler

It has been suggested that there is a link between some of these deaths and John P. Wheeler, III, the special assistant to the secretary of the Air Force from 2005-2008, who was recently found dead in a Delaware landfill.

John Wheeler, 66, was last seen 28 December 2010 on a train from Washington to Wilmington.

His body was found on 31 December, as a garbage truck emptied its contents at the Cherry Island landfill.

His death has been ruled a homicide. (Dead Birds, Dead Fish and One Murdered Military BioWeapons Expert ...)

Wheeler's military career included writing a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons. (BioWeapons Expert.)

His work involved "standing up Cyberspace Forces and placing Precision Strike technology."

The town of Beebe is less than 20 miles from the Little Rock Air Force Base.

In 2010, it was reported that some Air Force researchers were testing high-powered microwave blasts to knock small robo-planes out of the sky. (Dead Blackbirds in Arkansas)

According to Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones of "Electromagnetic scalar weapons that can artificially manipulate the environment could be responsible for the mass die offs.

"We know for a fact that over a decade ago the U.S. Military Industrial Complex was aware of and involved in the testing of such technology."


The bird deaths and the death of John Wheeler are explained here: Twelfth Bough: some problems are unpatriotic



Anonymous said...

I believe there is some weird scientific experiments going on. It is being done by people that don't care about the general population but only about themselves and their personal satisfaction...Without naming any names.

aferrismoon said...

Couple the bird attacks with the Mossad spy-vulture and the sharks in Egypt , its certainly a wildlife month.

A bio-weapons guy - goes with all those microbiologists who have dropped like birds since 2001 [ or perhaps earlier].

Well birds seem to be sensitive to electro-magnetism so perhaps animals become more disoriented the more mobile phones etc that we have.

Its possible that these events occur more frequently but the media has decided to focus on it as is their want.

None of the events seem to have been witnessed


Anonymous said...

Strange incidents like this have seemingly occurred before in history, so it needn't be The Dark Side out having fun. Solar-flare activity, nature just smoothing out the rough edges; bush-fires, for example, are a natural occurrence needed to clear too-dense brush or woodlands so younger and stronger plants can grow; the carbon also enriches the soil; to also control the amount of oxygen in the air. Naturally-forming gas pockets in the outer layer, caused by layers of rotting vegetation that one day will form oil can eventually find a way to vent into the atmosphere, and anything caught in the rising bubble can be at risk. NEVER live on top of a landfill, it's proven to be dangerous!

But there is no doubt there is a risk that the politico/military/industrial complex can be behind some of the modern events. Whales and dolphins, fish too, can be effected by underwater microwave activity. The air is now full of radiowaves of all lengths, 100 years ago there was nothing. This must be effecting all of us somehow.

But there is nothing more effective and dangerous to us and all life on Earth than nature. Krakatoa (?) polluted the Earth to the degree our puny efforts, all of the evil we have caused bound up into one package, are pissing-into-the-wind in comparison!

But we are catching up....

aferrismoon said...

Sorry they have been witnessed


Anonymous said...

Giant Sequoias. found in the U S Sierra Nevada, depend on heat to reproduce. Now, sometimes humans intervene in Yosemite National Park to help the process.

The heat open their seed cones and seeds are released. The flames clear the earth for their germination. Their bark are the thickest of any tree known on Earth making them very fire resistant. Sometimes more the 2 feet on the base of the tree. It prevents the fire from reaching the interior of the tree.

This is a little off topic.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out MITRE corps handiwork in all this.
Mr Landfill had some dubious connection to them, and they are hellishly creepy.
Antifascist calling.blogspot has done a piece on them in 2008.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Here is the link

Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

another link that ties in Wheeler to MITRE.

In this article it states that he had recently been a consultant for them.
Cheers A13.

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