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Egypt and the Sudan to be split up? Mossad behind Egypt church blast

A coalition of Egyptian lawyers has blamed Israel for the church bombing in Alexandria that killed 22 people on 31 December 2010.

Egyptian lawyers blame Israel for church bombing

According to the lawyers, "The Mossad carried out the operation in a natural reaction to the latest uncovering of an Israeli espionage network".

An aid to former Egyptian foreign minister Abdallah al-Ashal has called for Egypt to reconsider its relations with Jerusalem.

President Hosni Mubarak has blamed 'foreigners' for the attack.

The Alexandria governor has blamed al-Qaida (the CIA).

Investigators have said they are looking for any evidence of an al-Qaida (CIA) financier or organizer who may have visited Egypt to recruit the bombers.

An top Egyptian analyst has blamed Mossad for the blast in Alexandria

A prominent Egyptian strategic expert Ahmad Rassem al-Naffis has said that Wahhabi Muslims and Mossad have the most to gain from the church bombing.

He pointed to the capture, in December 2010, of three members of an Israeli spy ring in Egypt.

He said this spy case reveals Mossad's interests in terrorist attacks in Egypt.

He said the tactic used for the church bombing resemble the terrorist tactics used by Mossad.

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According to PressTV (Mossad behind Egypt church blast):

"Political experts believe that the US, the Israeli regime and Britain have crafted a long-term joint security program in the Middle East and North Africa...

"Part of the scenario is to divide Sudan into northern and southern parts, split Egypt into a Christian-populated country and a Muslim-populated one and trigger a new civil strife in Lebanon among Shias and Sunnis...

"The establishment of a non-Arab Christian government in the heart of Islamic Sudan will result in the Israeli regime infiltrating into the east bank of the river Nile, only to be a pain in the neck for Muslim nations in North Africa.

"After south Sudan is separated from the north, the Israeli regime will, thanks to its physical presence on the ground, take control of the water flow in the river and hold the 11 countries on both sides of the Nile to political ransom.

"Leaders in south of the African country had already announced they would establish broad political relations with Tel Aviv once they break away from the north.

"Another scenario on the West's agenda is to lay the groundwork for the formation of a Coptic government in Upper Nile in Egypt...

"Therefore, the recent scuffles between Muslims and Christians in Naj' Hammadi region in Qena governorate in southern Egypt as well as the blast at the Alexandria church are a prelude for the dangerous Western-engineered scenario to unfold in one of the key Islamic-Arab nations."



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