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"I believe the People's Republic of China delivered a turn-key nuclear ballistic missile system to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of several years beginning no later than December 2003," wrote Jonathan Scherck in his book 'Patriot Lost'. (Website for this) image)

In January 2011, we find violence or serious tensions in the Sudan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Yemen and Iraq.

Note that the chief friends of the CIA-Mossad, Saudi Arabia and Morocco for example, do not appear on this list.

(Don't relax Saudi Arabia - You are next?)

The Financial Times reports that Internet social networks in US-allied Saudi Arabia are spreading messages of solidarity with Tunisian and Algerian protesters.

Presumably the spooks allow and encourage such messages.

Time magazine reports that if the rulers of Tunisia and Algeria fail to line up with the requirements of the US 'war on terror,' Washington might consider replacing them.

What does the Council on Foreign Relations want?

On 7 January 2011, Elliott Abrams wrote (Elliott Abrams: Is Tunisia Next?):

"Tunisia, whose literacy rate has long been the highest in Africa at nearly 80% and whose per capita GDP is about $8,000, should have the ability to sustain a democratic government—once the Ben Ali regime collapses.

"Tunisians are clearly sick of looking at all the giant photos and paintings of Ben Ali that appear on walls, posters, and billboards all over the country...

"If Tunisia can move toward democracy, Algerians and Egyptians and even Libyans will wonder why they cannot."

Tunisia. Do these people look ragged and poor? People Power is usually organised by the security services of one country or another. The CIA-Mossad can infiltrate the police and military and arrange a few shootings.

Libya has accused Mossad and its friends of being behind the riots in Algeria and Tunisia.

(The Libyan foreign security agency has accused Mossad and Morocco.)

It is easy for the CIA-Mossad to topple a president or prime minister.

Philip Agee worked for the CIA and exposed some of its misdeeds in his book Inside the Company: CIA Diary (1975).

What Agee wrote about Ecuador could apply to Tunisia, or Saudi Arabia, or any other country.

Agee wrote that, in Ecuador, almost all political organizations were infiltrated by the CIA, often at the highest levels. (Ecuador Killing Hope WBlum)

Agee explained that, in Ecuador, various CIA front organisations were set up.

Union leaders were taken over by the CIA.

In virtually every department of the Ecuadorean government there were people working for the CIA.

At one point, the CIA could count amongst this number the men who were second and third in power in the country.

CIA agents would bomb churches or right-wing organizations and make it appear to be the work of leftists.

CIA agents would march in left-wing parades displaying signs and shouting slogans of a very provocative anti-military nature.

Tunisia's President Bin Ali has done a lot to build a sound economy.

Living standards are as high as in oil-rich states such as Libya.

"Special funds for micro-credits and employment did wonders in poverty alleviation and job creation in the 1990s and beyond." (Bin Ali - Al Jazeera English)

A comment at the Guardian web site (Tunisia's single-president politics.) sums it up:

"Most Tunisians could not care less who rules them, so long as the eceonomy keeps growing (which it does), the Islamists are kept quiet (which they are), the poverty rate remains very low (4 percent - compared to about 15 percent in the UK and US), the education system provides their kids with a decent education (the best in the Arab world), that they have access to a first-rate health system (free of charge), and that the government does not invade their private lives (prostitution is legal and regulated, for instance; CCTV cameras do not follow your every movement)...

Tunisia by Citizen59

"Opposition groups in Tunisia have next to no support, and nobody has even heard of the bloggers...

"It's what we might call the Singaporean model: economic prosperity and security first, democracy later. Western and Arab liberals may not like it, but Tunisians and Singaporeans do..."

But, the USA and its friends want a Tunisian regime that will allow in lots of American companies, and that will follow the dictates of Washington and Tel Aviv.

And, the USA and Israel like their Arab friends to be backward, feudal and easy to control

Yesterday Iran, Indonesia, Iraq...

Today Tunisia.

Tomorrow Saudi Arabia?





aangirfan: Saudi Arabia - You are next?


A. Peasant said...

good job laying it out.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off the topic but John Perkins, the author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", never mentions Israel, Zionists or Jews in his speeches. He believes that Bin Laden did 911 and only after the 911 event happened, he decided to expose the evil empire. He is supposedly a Calvinist, part native American. What he mentions in his book is very well known through-out Latin America.
He even suggests some meditation time to solve these terrible exploitation.

Lotfi said...

I am Tunisian, We do not need any American help to win our freedom, We can rely on our selves.
We have already seen your type of freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan and We are not stupid:)

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