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On 16 January 2011, top French scholar Bernard Lugan wrote about Tunisia.

(L'africaniste Bernard Lugan ne se réjouit pas de la chute du régime tunisien de Ben Ali ... Translate this page / Bernard Lugan news on Tunisia)

According to his article:

1. President Ben Ali changed Tunisia for the better.

Under Ben Ali, Tunisia attracted capital and modern industries.

Tunisia was a pole of stability and tolerance in the Muslim world.

Thousands of patients came to Tunisia for its European-standard medical care.

Youth was well educated.

Women were free.

And girls did not wear the veil.

2. Today, it is all destroyed.

There is systematic looting.

Thugs knock down doors and loot and rape.

Honest citizens live in terror.

They form themselves into militias.

The only political leaders quoted by the media seem to be the leaders of the Communist Party of Tunisia.

3. The blindness of the journalistic world is breathtaking.

How can they forget, these uneducated parrots, the fall of the Shah and ...the mullahs?

4. The next country which will be wrecked is Egypt and then the consequences will be incalculable.

The scenario is known in advance: uprisings due to the increase in food prices and the suicidal population, a strong police response whipped up by the eternal sermonizers and finally a Western media campaign against the Mubarak family accused of enrichment.

And the road will be open for an Islamic republic.

5. These tragic events inspire a renewed contempt for our "political class".

(Bernard Lugan (born 1946 in Meknès, Morocco) is a contemporary French historian and Associate Professor of African history at Jean Moulin University Lyon. He also teaches at the French Institute of Defense Studies. A specialist of Africa since 1971, he has authored many books on the African continent. He was the editor of "L'Afrique réelle".)

Tunisia: the new Iraq. George W. Bush talked about 'democracy' taking hold in Iraq and then the region.

According to The Telegraph (Tunisia's new government implodes on day one): 18 Jan 2011:

"Police were forced to use tear gas and baton charges to break up multiple protests in Tunis city centre.

"Outside the capital, official authority disintegrated as provincial towns were swept by rampaging mobs...

"Whole corporations providing employment for tens of thousands have been shuttered."

The Ayatollah trvelled from France to Iran accompanied by his friends in MI6.

The mad Moslems all work for the CIA and its friends (THE CIA'S MOSLEM FRIENDS, FROM BIN LADEN TO THE MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD.)

According to Andrew Gavin Marshall, at Global Research, 5 September 2010, (The “Arc of Crisis”):

When Jimmy Carter became President, his government decided to support the Ayatollahs in Iran.

In 1978, Zbigniew Brzezinski referred to "an arc of crisis" and according to Time magazine, in January 1979, the "center of gravity of this arc is Iran, the world's fourth largest oil producer."

According to Peter Dale Scott, in The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America, "There was this idea that the Islamic forces could be used against the Soviet Union."

In 1978, Carter named George Ball to head a special White House Iran task force.

"Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalist Islamic opposition of Ayatollah Khomeini." (F. William Engdahl, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. )

Manouchehr Ganji was a minister in the Shah's government and he has Defying the Iranian Revolution: From a Minister to the Shah to a Leader of Resistance.

According to Ganji, in 1978, the Shah believed that "the Carter administration was plotting to topple his regime."

In 1978, the Shah's wife, told Ganji that, "I wanted to tell you that the Americans are maneuvering to bring down the Shah... they even want to topple the regime."

Ramsey Clark, a former US Attorney General, and a professor Richard Falk, visited Khomeini in Paris.

According to Manouchehr Ganji, James Bill, a Carter adviser, felt that, "a religious movement brought about with the United States' assistance would be a natural friend of the United States."

The BBC broadcast pro-Khomeini programs daily in Iran. (F. William Engdahl, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order)

At the 1979 Bilderberg meeting, Bernard Lewis, a British historian, presented a British-American plan which supported "the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanization of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines."

While Khomeini was in Paris, a representative of the French President organized a meeting between Khomeini and "current world powers." (http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=43328)

In February 1979, Khomeini was flown out of Paris on an Air France flight, to return to Iran, "with the blessing of Jimmy Carter."

(Michael D. Evans, Father of the Iranian revolution. The Jerusalem Post: June 20, 2007: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1181813077590&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull)

Covertly, the United States immediately stirred up war in the region.

Iraq invaded Iran, in April 1980.

Two months before the war, Brzezinski met with Saddam Hussein in Jordan, where he gave support for the destabilization of Iran.


Tunisia's former president, Ben Ali, maintained that the Islamist threat was Tunisia's major problem. (The Islamist Threat In Tunisia.)

Tunisians are moderate Moslems.

So the 'Islamist' threat means the CIA-Mossad threat.

Annahda is the Tunisian Islamist group created in 1989 and led by Rachid Ghannouchi.

Interestingly, Rachid Ghannouchi lives in London, but is now planning to return to Tunisia.

In April 2002, a terrorist attack in Djerba in Tunisia, was claimed by the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (CIA-Mossad).

This became Al Qaida (the CIA-Mossad) in the Islamic Maghreb in 2007.

Naturally, Ben Ali had to run a tight ship to avoid destabilisation by the CIA and its 'Islamist' friends.





Anonymous said...

"Today, it is all destroyed.

There is systematic looting.

Thugs knock down doors and loot and rape.

Honest citizens live in terror."

Which is all complete nonsense, of course. The British Tourists returning don't talk of a country that has fallen apart. It would be like saying the whole of Britain was expeiencing a meltdown during and after the recent student riots. The violence was localised. Very localised.

What's been happening in Tunisia is no different to that which was happening in Greece - and nobody tried to accuse the CIA of bringing that about - or that the entire cultural and moral fabric of the country was in meltdown.

This is crazy David Icke stuff.

If the the power of this so-called elite is so absolute then why would they have to bring about change in such a furtive way?


Anon said...

BW wrote: "What's been happening in Tunisia is no different to that which was happening in Greece - and nobody tried to accuse the CIA of bringing that about."

But many people have accused the CIA of constantly interfering in Greece.

Israel has dumped Turkey and is now befriending Greece in a big way.

One begins to wonder about the judgement of BW.

Anon said...

Disinformation agents often write: "This is crazy David Icke stuff."

us said...

BW blames Israel for absolutely nothing.
Discredits whoever links in with mossad to anything happening on the planet.
Discredits any new world order or illuminati.
Yet - I have my doubts whether he is just unread or a disinfo agent.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a disinformation agent. Again, every time someone disagrees with you, you get all paranoid and put it down to the mischief or some all powerful elite trying to control you. Are you sure you don't have ego issues?. Assange is guilty of something very similar.

Look, this is just my view. My view is that the CIA does cause mischief in these regions but on this occasion I think what you are saying is wide of the mark. If you could see who I was you'd laugh at your last remark.

Here's a quote from one british tourist:

"Jo Coxon, 59, from Trowell, Nottingham, was staying in Port el Kantoaui and said: "There's troops on the streets and tanks but it's absolutely fine.

"I didn't want to come back."

Perhaps the CIA and the press just want us to believe that this is a government in meltdown to add considerable pressure to the new unity government and guarantee continued good relations. Perhaps the US and UK are not responding to this coup as well as you think. Better the devil you know, sometimes.

On the otherhand - perhaps there are Islamic militants out there who are pinning the blame on the CIA and Israel as little more than a propaganda effort (although arguably with good reason).

Doubt my judgement by all means, but don't doubt my integrity. It's the one thing decent folks have left in the world.

Let's face it: when I see something I agree with on this site, I leave comments that show my support - when I don't agree I leave words to that effect too.


aferrismoon said...

The bit about gangs is interesting. From what I've experienced a lot of UK at a certain level is run by gangs [ generally estate-based ex-footy hooligans now into drugs and protection.]

I wonder, as a long-term goal of the 'NWO',outsourcing the policing of society to these types of gangs [ different in their identity for the different cultural characteristics].

This would allow the PTB to claim they're trying to crack-down on crime [ tazering the innocents] , yet need more laws to tackle the problem etc etc.

One Mexican drug gang is made up of ex-elite forces, for example.

And of course the gangsters would not bother the tourists, being, ast they often are in the entertainment business.

It doesn't help to have 'eurozone' countries in meltdown. I notice Netanyahu used Tunisia as an example of being careful about the Peace process with Palestine - his thrust was 'Hey they could 'explode' at any time'


tal said...

In February 1979, Khomeini was flown out of Paris on an Air France flight, to return to Iran, "with the blessing of Jimmy Carter."

Duvalier entered Haiti last night on a “diplomatic” passport, apparently allowed to travel there by France
(arriving on Air France)

never-ending coincidences...

suki said...

One has to be blind not to see what is going on.

Aang, you are being spot on as usual. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I don't whether any of the above are just 'socks' as seems to be the fashion with blogmasters thesedays, but I'll try to address the issue:

"BW blames Israel for absolutely nothing".

You obviously haven't got a clue what you are talking about. Have a look at any one of these links and you'll be left in doubt about my concern about Israel and pro-Israel/pro-Zionist lobbies and the continued menace they pose:


The difference between you and me is that I don't equate all Jews with ultra right-wing Zionism. The likes of Sarah Palin and the Palin Klux Klan are just as great a threat in terms of religious extremism - as are dozens of other groups worldwide - including militant Islam.

Perhaps you fall into the same mould as dorks like Jared Loughner. They see a few subtitled-films and suddenly they're Che Guevara. This guy has low self-esteem, is waaay too impressionable and people die because of it.

As for David Icke? David Icke is a complete and utter prat.

He has some good ideas, makes some fair observations but then frames it all within some preposterous sci-fi narrative simply because he has an inadequate command of the political and economic realities that drive these things (or simply because he's realised there is a market for the dumbed-down Illuminati drivel he comes out with). Let's be honest, he fills the gaps in his knowledge with the of quasi-religious and new-age bullshit best left to potboilers by Shea and Wilson.

And what's more: he ends up trivialising genuinely corrupt figures and institutions by dressing them up as pantomime villains and reptiles.

There's no one undermines investigative journalism more than Icke and Shayler in my view.

All we need now is your Whistler.


Anonymous said...

Iranian bit is totally worng but hey you can't know everything can you!!! I mean those guys (Iranians) destroyed US/ UK/ Israeli attempts to take over MiddleEast, their proxies are winning wars everywhere, managed to defeat Israel in Lebanon, what was that, some MI6 creation, in your dreams mate, rethink, because you bought pretty old disinfo by bad guys unfortunately. Lets see what Dr Franklin Lamb is saying:“ In case no one has noticed, the Obama administration just gifted Lebanon to Iran. Washington earlier presented Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf, and Pakistan. Could it be more clear that Iran’s strategic trump card is America’s subservience to Israel? For Iran, Israel’s strangle hold on the US government is the gift that keeps on giving.”

richard said...

This is a super site with some super comments.
Like most alternative views to be interpreted with some integrity, some mad stuff and some lies (not necessarily those of the author).

Another site is codshit.blogspot.com

Aaangirfan you have compiled a mega list some of the most informative websites but not codshit, why not?

Anonymous said...

Good of you to draw clear distinctions between the good peace loving Jews and the government of Israel BW.
I don't hold every single American accountable for the CIA/Bushbama crime spree, unless they actively support them. Israeli citizens and American Jews who stand for peace and oppose the wars deserve our respect and support.
The mindless Jew haters who want to blame all of America's woes on Israel should read up on how Hitler got the people to blame the Jews for German problems too.
In both cases big power and big banks caused the destruction. The Jewish bankers did not care for their poor who would be sacrificed any more than the Pope cares about the kids his priests rape, or the Saudi Royals care about Palestinians.
The little people in the street be they confused Muslims, confused Jews or confused Christians, all get played and sacrificed by their leaders. Religion most of all, is a tool to divide people.

Once again, great reporting on Tunisia.

Anonymous said...

Yes, super comments - apart form the small minded nonsense at 8.42.

Anonymous said...

Please do not buy into Israeli propaganda that "we brought in Khomani". NO, NO, NO he was a popular figure, people loved him & had been working in the back ground for decades. You need to learn Shia history before you can understand what had happened their. Look at current set up, the progress made under Islamic government compared to Shah. Hightest literacy rate in the region both men & women:
According to the statistics, the number of university students in the year 1978 would not exceed 150,000; however, as of 2009, there are more than 2.5 million students studying in the universities of Iran. Outstanding scientific progress (check the website below for details)

Rest assured, its going to be Iran or Hizbullah, who would be able to sort Israeli problem out for our planet in the end, by the looks of it doesn't seem too far away.

richard said...

Thanks for adding codshit

Anonymous said...

Oh well. I did agree with Peter Pumpkinhead Icke on one score at least: Greg Lance Watkins. Seems they were all up to no good. I imagine they caused the chaos they wanted and then isolated naive and impressionable folks like Rob Green. Set him up for want of a better word.


The problem with Icke is that he is a notoriously poor researcher. He has no interest in what many of his followers would construe as the 'boring details' - which might be an indication that he is exploiting a niche in the market rather than championing truth.

Why Icke wasn't able to uncover all this with his own 'brilliant' skills is beyond me.

more on Rob Green and SACL here - the people behind the Hollie story:


Funny that Icke never mentioned any of this.

Sees a story, makes assumptions and then weaves it into his paranoid fantasies without even looking at the really basic backgrounds.

Not once did Icke or Lance Watkins mention Stuart Usher's family and his previous wranglings with the Scottish Courts. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Icke is a disinfo agent mixing shit with truth, keeping people confused.

He sure has your number BW.
Wake up and move on, stop trying to figure out why the con artist is dong what he does. The truth about Tunisia is here for all to see and spread....a more worthwhile effort.

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