Tuesday, January 04, 2011


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On 4 January 2011, at India Express, we read that, according to a new book, the 2008 Mumbai Attack was the work of the CIA, Mossad and the right wing Hindu group RSS.

(Digvijaya 'pins' Mumbai attack on RSS)

According to Aziz Burney's book RSS ka shadayantra, 26/11

"Communal forces under the patronage of foreign agencies want to destroy India.

"America wants to destroy Pakistan and encircle China.

"Therefore, it wants India to get into the influence-zone of America and Israel.

"That is why Americans, British and Israelis were targeted.

"The Nariman House, according to eyewitnesses, was a centre for unknown Israelis.

"It is possible these people may have been involved in the attacks and may have killed their own people...

"Was the Israeli Rabbi actually killed in the attack?

Shopkeepers apparently said they were unaware of the arrival of any strangers at the building.

"How could nanny Sandra Samuel save a child? Why was she flown to Israel though she was an important eyewitness to the attack?"

When David Headley "was inducted into LeT, he was taken in as an agent of FBI."

"The forged passport on which he came to India had been made at the instance or FBI or CIA."

"Basically the RSS has lost control of the organisation it had created.

"In the form of (Narendra) Modi, this organisation has forged a nexus with Mossad, which is in league with the ISI, engaged in destruction."

"Do remember the remote control of many jihadi groups active in Pakistan, Afghanistan and central Asia is in the hands of Mossad or CIA.

"Recently a group in Yemen was found to have been established by Mossad.

"Therefore, it is possible the terrorists who attacked Mumbai may have used Pakistan as their base, but they may have been drawn from different countries...

"At least one of them them, it has been learnt, belonged to Mauritius.

"It is emerging now that a Saudi (being described as Maulana Bedi) may have gathered these jihadis there and sent them here. It is essential to find out who provided money to him."


Anonymous said...

thanks aangirfan for all you do..neil

Anonymous said...


There’s a Spanish site called Rafapal I often go to. A bit flaky, but was taught early to read broadly and discriminate in my judgements.

Turns out Rafapal is travelling in India these days. He says the place is crawling with young Israelis. It seems the Israeli govt encourages their young to travel abroad as a form of R&R after their military service. In fact, to avoid any “contamination” by foreign youngsters, the Israeli govt has set up a whole network of synagogues and hostels worldwide to accommodate their needs. See here http://www.rafapal.com/?p=8071 (in Spanish)

It would seem that the Nariman House in Mumbai is a part of this network.


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