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There was a time when Jerusalem was ruled by Christians.

Fulk, a Christian from France, became King of Jerusalem in 1131.

Fulk was the son of Fulk the Repulsive.

Fulk's co-ruler in Jerusalem was his wife Melisende.

Melisende's lover was her cousin Count Hugh.

Adultery was not punished by stoning, but instead by castration for the man and noise slitting for the woman.

Hugh was not castrated but was stabbed by a knight.

The knight was then dismembered, perhaps to hide Fulk's possible involvemenmt.

(Jerusalem: Dark and Satanic History Today)

Fulk marrying Melisende, for political reasons.

Jerusalem had a top bishop called the Patriarch.

His mistress flaunted her wealth.

In public, most Christian women wore veils.

The Christian-run Kingdom of Jerusalem had its prostitutes and its places of drink and gambling.

There were also convents - for discarded wives.

(Jerusalem: Dark and Satanic History Today)

Before the Christians came along, Jerusalem had been a Moslem city.

The Moslems were slow to react to their loss.

This was partly because they were a divided lot and had other things on their minds.

Unur, the Moslem ruler of Damascus, allied with the Christians.

Zangi, the Moslem governor of part of Iraq and Syria, opposed the Christians.

Zangi, like most of his fellow rulers, liked boys. (Bisexual Moslems?)

He castrated his boy lovers, so that they kept their boyishness. (Jerusalem: Dark and Satanic History Today)

Gay behaviour was widespread among the Crusaders.

The Crusader king Richard I shared his bed with King Philip II of France.

The Order of Knights Templar were said to go in for homosexual orgies. (From Nero to Mick Jagger)

Sudan 1998, by Tom Stoddart


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Interesting cull from the history books, such as the sodomistic tendancies and a taste for castrating children of Moslems, Christian women wore veils etc, but the point is?

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