Saturday, December 18, 2010


In the Daily Mall (Too dangerous to be Queen.), on 18 December 2010, Sir Max Macdonald tells us why Princess Diana was too dangerous to be Queen.

(Sir Max, a former editor of the Talmudgraph and author of The Heroic Life of Netanyahu, is married to Anne Levinson)

According to Max:

Many thoughtful people were alarmed by the prospect of a ­figure of such assertive eccentricity becoming Queen, or even remaining as a Royal.

I heard a former spook, a master of an Oxbridge ­college, quite calmly say: "The best hope for the ­monarchy is that Diana dies before Queen Elizabeth...

"Perhaps a land mine accident or an overdose of GM food..."


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Anonymous said...


There ARE people out there who know things, pieces of jigsaw puzzles. It's annoying that we can't all get together and chatter away at the same time, rapidly getting a grasp on the overall picture, rather than this occasional pecking in the dirt in case there's something edible there.

We are getting nowhere, slowly.

This is what wikileaks should be doing, not gradually releasing documents that for the most part is of no more use than toilet paper.

I KNOW for fact that there is dirt out there that will crush them, but I have no proof. Until then I'm just another madman, another Captain Blackadder, "...who'd notice another madman amongst this lot..."

But I'll keep looking. That's my New Year Promise.

I have a vested interest in the Diana angle; as a lad I knew a doctor who was friends with a posh family, and one day found a wet bundle dumped into my arms with a cheerful, "You'll have your own kids soon enough, better to learn now," and found myself fumblingly changing a nappy as they looked on, giving a running commentary of advise that descended into more-and-more giggles the drunker they got.

I seemingly managed to do a good-enough job, as the wet bundle turned into a warm and dry bundle that looked up at me and smiled a smile at me I can still see, asking with her eyes for me to cuddle her tight.

I can still feel that too...

We both loved it to the degree neither of us was happy when it had to end and her mother took-up her daughter and left for home.

My wonderful 6 month-old baby girl smiled bye-bye at me as Lady Francis Spencer swept through the door.


Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

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