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Mona Thwany, the Romanian hair stylist and a makeup artist married, in 2004, to 'the Stockholm Bomber'. According to the Daily Mail: "Mona Thwany's lips are painted bright red, and she wears a clinging top with a plunging neckline." Mona's mother is a Christian. Mona has a degree in psychology. Her father has links to the UN (The Stockholm bomber ...‎)

Mona Thwany is not quite what she seems.

On 15 December 2010, the UK's Daily Mail asks:

Was the Stockholm bomber influenced by his wife? (The babies; Stockholm bomber ...)

Among the points made by the Mail:

1. Abdulwahab's wife Mona Thwany is supposed to be a strict Moslem.

2. Yet she 'wears a clinging top and a plunging neckline'.

3. Abdulwahab "drank beer, had girlfriends, and briefly worked as a disc jockey at Hitz FM, his local radio station in Sweden, where he loved suggestive pop songs." (BOMBER'S JEWISH GIRLFRIEND)

Most Moslem militants are working wittingly or unwittingly for the CIA and its friends.

4. A relative in his family's hometown of Tranas, southern Sweden, said: "When Taimour went to Britain some people put the devil inside him. Taimour was a happy popular teenager in Sweden. He did not think about Iraq, this was his home.

5. Abdulwahab’s childhood best friend, Pelle Johansson, said: "The only reason he chose to go to Luton was because he found a course at a university he loved. Taimour’s only aim - apart from having fun - was to become a physiotherapist. He had no interest in Islam before he moved there. But something changed when he was in Luton."

Osama, the best known Moslem who worked for the CIA (and the Jewish Russian Mafia)

6. In Luton, Abdulwahab came to play the part of a militant Moslem.

He was widely known as a militant, and yet the police appeared to show no interest.

(It wuld appear he was being used by the security services - Aangirfan)

Luton Islamic Centre secretary Farasat Latif said: "When he first arrived he would be going in the kitchen, the library and the prayer rooms helping out - almost too enthusiastically. That’s when people got suspicious."

(But the police claim they were not suspicious.)

Sex, Moslems and the CIA in Algeria

7. Mona Thwany was born in Bucharest in 1982 after her Iraqi father Abdul met her Christian mother Mihaela when he was studying architecture in Romania.

Abdul Thwany is involved in the UN-sponsored reconstruction of Iraq.

He travels frequently to the Middle East, including Algeria.

In the UK Mona took a one-year course in journalism and later a degree in psychology.

Could Mona and her husband both be spooks?




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Greg Bacon said...

Abdulwahab "drank beer, had girlfriends, and briefly worked as a disc jockey at Hitz FM, his local radio station in Sweden, where he loved suggestive pop songs."

Sounds like a rewrite of the Mohammed Atta story about going to Florida strip clubs, snorting cocaine, drinking copious amounts of booze and getting lap dances.

Good thing gullible Americans can get distracted by the latest 'al CIA Duh' boogieman than wondering how in the hell Wall Street just announced another record breaking year for bonuses, while they're either unemployed or worrying they'll get laid off.

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