Monday, December 20, 2010


George Soros is said to be one of the people behind Wikileaks.

Hungarian-born George Soros reportedly has links to the Rothschilds, Mark Rich and Rafi Eytan. (The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros)

Soros allegedly "spent the war in Hungary under false papers working for the Nazi government, identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews." (The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros)

George Soros reportedly played a part in undermining banks and currencies during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. (George Soros' role in the Asia Crisis of 1997)

Journalist Julie Lévesque has listed some of Wikileaks' connections to the Establishment.

Here are some brief extracts from "Who's Who at Wikileaks?", which appears at Global Research on 20 December 2010.

"One thing we can confirm is that Julian Assange was in communication with people working for NASA and the Los Alamos Lab in the 1990s."

"Some interesting facts about several members listed in 2008 on the Wikileaks advisory board, including organizations to which they belong or have links to...

Philip Adams 'held key posts in Australian governmental media administration'

"Adams 'chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for the Mind at Sydney University and the Australian National University'. CFR member Michael Spence also serves on this board and Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, has served... The 2008 Distinguished Fellow of the Center for the Mind was ...Tony Blair."

Video thanks to Mark.

"The Wikileaks project brings to mind the 'recommendations' of Cass Sunstein, who heads the Obama White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs...

"As outlined by Daniel Tencer in Obama Staffer Calls for "Cognitive Infiltration" of " 9/11 Conspiracy Groups":

"Sunstein 'argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via ‘chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine’ those groups'."

"Over the last seven months, the London based Frontline Club has served as de facto U.K 'headquarters' for Wikileaks.

"The Frontline Club is an initiative of Henry Vaughan Lockhart Smith

"Upon his release from bail, Julian Assange was provided refuge at Vaughan Smith's Ellingham Manor in Norfolk.

"The Frontline Club is an establishment media outfit.

"Vaughan Smith writes for the NATO Review. (See NATO Web TV Channel and NATO Nations: Accurate, Reliable and Convenient).

"His relationship to NATO goes back to 1998 when he worked as a video journalist in Kosovo. In 2010, he was 'embedded with a platoon from the British Grenadier Guards' during Operation Moshtarak in Afghanistan's Helmand Province. (PBS NewsHour, February 19, 2010).

"According to the New York Times, The Frontline Club 'has received financing for its events from the Open Society Institute'. (In London, a Haven and a Forum for War Reporters - New York Times, 28 August 2006)"

The Open Society Institute is a George Soros group.


Anonymous said...

I've exchanged several emails over the course of the day with Vaughn and he's been refreshingly candid, putting forward a reasonable defence of his support and attempting to explain the tension between his support for the military on the one hand and his support of Assange on the other. I'd prefer not to reproduce the entire contents of the emails but I feel this excerpt may at least present his side of the story:

"We get help in funding them from the UK office of the Open Society as well as the BBC School of Journalism. We get no assistance from any third party save from collaborations on international events designed to open peoples minds, mainly in formerly communist countries.

If Soros promotes open and free societies, which I believe he does, then I support that. If Julian Assange can unravel western hypocrisy, stimulate improved government that makes for a better world, then I support that too." (Vaughn Smith, 20.12.10)


Anon said...

Interesting to hear his side of the case.

- Aangirfan.

Anonymous said...

If the BBC and George Soros and the British military are still happy with Vaughan Smith after he has supported Julian Assange and Wikileaks, then the BBC, Soros and the British military are happy with Julian Assange.

Therefore they see Julian Assange as furthering their interests. And those interests are counter to the public's interests, of course.

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