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Sonja Kohn, Madoff's 'criminal soul mate'.

Bernie Madoff. Hei Hu Quan pointed out that Kohn looks a bit like Madoff, all done up as a woman.

On 11 December 2010, in NewYork, Mark Madoff, 46, 'was discovered hanged'. (Bernard Madoff's son Mark found dead)

In 2008, Mark, his brother Andrew and their father Bernie were revealed to be linked to a $50 or $175 billion 'Ponzi' fraud scheme.

Mark and his brother had top positions in the business but said they had no knowledge of the fraud.

Kohn and Madoff.

According to Irving Picard, the lawyer recovering money for the fraud victims, Austrian banker Sonja Kohn was a "criminal soul mate" of Bernard Madoff for 23 years. (Austrian banker Kohn key to Madoff crimes)

Allegedly, Kohn ran an international network of banks and funds in order to help carry out the fraud.

Reportedly, Madoff secretly paid Kohn at least $62 million in secret kickbacks.

Kohn, a 60-year-old Austrian ultra-Orthodox Jew, had 'billionaire mobster clients'. (Financier's Life Becomes Crazy Spy Movie)

"With Russian oligarchs as clients," said an Austrian banker, "she might have reason to be afraid." (Movie)

Where is the real Madoff?

Fraud examiner Harry Markopolos (or Makropoulos) said of the Madoff scheme, "When you're that big and that secretive, you're going to attract a lot of organized crime money, and which we now know came from the Russian mob and the Latin American drug cartel. And when you're zeroing out mobsters, you have a lot to fear."

HSBC and its staff have been accused of receiving "kickbacks for looking the otherway while legitimising BLMIS (Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities) through their name and brand, making it attractive to investors". (HSBC 'took kickbacks to keep Madoff in business'.)

Allegedly, Madoff was 'the chief money-launderer for the Mossad's espionage unit in America'. (Cached)

Ken Lay lives in Paraguay and Bernie Madoff and Mark Madoff will join him?

Journalist Taki Theodoracopulos wrote the following (GstaadLife: Taki: Madoff's people):

In May of 1999, a very nice Greek-American by the name of Harry Makropoulos, the world’s greatest expert on derivatives, sent a report to the SEC’s Boston office calling the Madoff operation the ‘world’s largest hedge fund fraud’.

My fellow Greek stipulated that ‘my name not be released to anyone other than the Branch Chief and Team Leader in the New York Region without my express permission. I am worried about the personal safety of myself and my family. The report has been written solely for the SEC’s internal use.’

Whom was he afraid of?

Those in the know say Mossad and Israel;

I say rogue Mossad agents acting alone with Madoff.

Makropoulos nailed Madoff, listing the back-door marketing and financing schemes as if he were an insider. But the SEC did not respond.

Powerful political voices ordered the SEC not to proceed. I am not naming names because libel laws mostly favour the criminal in Europe, and their names will never get past the libel lawyers.

The largest investors were not Jewish charities as was reported by Jewish-owned newspapers in New York, but French, Spanish and Swiss private banks. It was Sonia Kohn, of the Medici bank of Vienna, a woman who makes Midge Dexter look like Ava Gardner, who involved Charles Fix...



Gabriel said...

intersting article, TV IS A PSYCHO-SOCIAL WEAPON

Hei Hu Quan said...

FFS, I can't help but notice that this Kohn looks a bit like Madoff himself all done up as a woman. With that being said, it is becoming apparent that Madoff's operation was not executed by just himself. Their were and are other parties at a higher level that were allowed to slip back into the shadows once Madoff was sacrificed.

Anon said...

Dear Gabriel,

Many thanks. has some very interesting articles.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Note the blame-shift in action - Sonja and Madoff were not PART of the Russian mob, but VICTIMS of it. And Hollywood says so. Interesting.

I think the secret being revealed is that much of Wall Street's "success" was money laundering - the laundering of illicit money, legally stolen money, and totally fraudulent money.

Billions of drug money run through finance accounts to look like legal gains. Billions of quasi-legal pump and dumps - instead of with penny stock using the stock market and IPO markets to make a lot of money fast out of nothing. And Billions in money just printed out of thin air in the form of stock offerings and bonds.

The entire financial system has been swamped by the amount of fraud allowed to go on in the very best offices and under the noses of co-opted regulators that could no longer prosecute those too big to jail.

And the tax avoidance schemes - none of these newly minted billionaires wanted to pay taxes to the host country. So, they laundered the money out of New York, through Tel Aviv and back through Los Angeles in an ultra-orthodox operation that the Feds described as the "tip of the iceberg" yet apparently couldn't get down to the berg.

In short. Our entire financial system is going to implode like a world trade tower of cards... because it is. The criminals have destroyed the wealth of our country through the biggest banks, the Fed, and our completely worthless congress.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Jews are the best actors in Hollywood. Or better they are the only actors in Hollywood. It would be easy for Madoff to pass as a mad madame from Viena.I m still waiting for the government to investigate these so called "charitites" that Madoff used to donate money to. These "charities" just vanished overnight.

aferrismoon said...

Exaggerated ramblings from Elie Wiesel, in it he claims ' we thought Madoff was god' etc.

"All of a sudden, everything we have done in 40 years—literally, my books, my lectures, my university salary, everything—was gone," he said.

My books , lectures ????


A. Peasant said...

amazing information all around.

nobody said...

I'm not gay or anything but Sonia Kohn is one good looking bloke!

Anonymous said...

Sonja Kohn = Jewba the Hut. Mob parasites.

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