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Israeli Embassy in London

There have been allegations that Julian Assange is sympathetic towards Israel and that he has been keen not to publicise documents about the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. (

Where was Julian Assange, when he was on Interpol's wanted list?

Reportedly, he was in the UK.

And for more than a month the UK police knew his location.

On 2 December 2010, the UK's Daily Mail (Assange.) reported that 'Police in London say they have known the whereabouts of Julian Assange for more than a month'.

Assange "has been hiding in plain sight in Britain despite being on Interpol’s wanted list."

Interpol took out an arrest warrant against Assange following a request from Sweden, where he is wanted on charges of rape and sexual molestation.

On 2 December 2010, UK police officers said they were "yet to receive any official instructions to arrest him."

Israeli Ambassador to London (Right)

On 2 December 2010, Assange's London-based lawyer, Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocent, said Assange was yet to receive formal notice of the allegations he faces. (Authorities seek WikiLeaks founder; website moves)

Stephens said that Assange had repeatedly offered to answer questions about the investigation, "to no avail."

Mark Stephens has represented the Jewish owned Express newspapers.

"Mark Stephens advised CNN, Express Newspapers and Fashion TV Russia, and successfully represented author Salman Rushdie." (Legal 500 Clients’ Guide to the UK Legal Profession 2009)

Is Mark Stephens a friend of Israel?

"Mark Stephens of Finer, Stephens, Innocent has threatened Derek Summerfield, the doctor who has been tirelessly campaigning against the complicity of the Israeli Medical Association and its President, Yoram Blachar, in the torture of Palestinians, with a libel suit if he doesn’t shut up...

"Presumably Mark Stephens is opposed to censorship except when it comes to torturers, Zionists or Zionist torturers." (Tony Greenstein's Blog: Not so Innocent – Index on Censorship ...)



Greg Bacon said...

WikiLeaks Shelters in Amazon Servers August 5, 2010

WikiLeaks is using Inc. servers in the U.S. to help deliver leaked U.S. diplomatic cables, as the controversial website combats powerful Internet-based attacks.

WikiLeaks said Tuesday it was the target of a computer attack that overwhelmed its website and made it inaccessible for a few hours to some users.

The group's site linked to servers run by Amazon Web Services in Seattle, as well as to French company Octopuce., the site's front page, linked back to Amazon servers in the U.S. and in Ireland. But experts said it was unlikely Amazon would face legal action for selling services to WikiLeaks.

(P.S. Good luck finding out anything about that French company, Octopuce.)

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, an American Jew. Amazon's #2 guy is Tom Szkutak, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and senior vice president at

And a more recent story about 'Julio' and Amazon, from November 29.

Wikileaks evades hackers with shift to Amazon

And why does Amazon's method of collecting and storing data sound like GOOGLE's which is rumored to be a CIA asset?

“We receive and store any information you enter on our Web site or give us in any other way.” Some additional things will simply be taken without asking from your ‘cookies.’ “Examples of the information we collect and analyze include the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet; login; e-mail address; password; computer and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system, and platform; purchase history; the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream to, through, and from our Web site, including date and time; cookie number; products you viewed or searched for; zShops you visited; your Auction history, and phone number used to call our 800 number.”

As we continue to develop our business, we might sell or buy stores or assets. In such transactions, customer information generally is one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the unlikely event that, Inc., or substantially all of its assets are acquired, customer information will of course be one of the transferred assets.

But when the tables are turned, Jeffie gets very protective of his personal shit:

You sold how many? You asked that so innocently, but you know I’m not going to answer. We have a long-standing practice of being very shy about disclosure, and I’ll stick to that practice.

But Jeffie is a real 'prince' of a guy!

On November 10, 2010, a controversy arose over the sale by Amazon of an e-book by Phillip R. Greaves entitled "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct."

In April 2009, BusinessWeek magazine reported that was one of 25 US companies that paid the least US taxes. paid a 4.1 percent annual tax rate, far less than the standard 35 percent corporate rate, based on an analysis of the company's financial figures for 2005-2008. According to SEC filings, this rate was caused in part by lower tax rates for's international subsidiaries.

4.1 % annual tax rate? How come us peons can't get some of that gravy?

I'm no IT expert, but it seems it would be fairly easy to shut down 'Wikileaks.'

P.S. Amazon now claims it has banned 'Wikileaks,' but I bet it's overseas subsidiary, Octopuce, hasn't.

Anon said...

Thanks Greg for all that info.

- Aangirfan

Scoremore said...

Interpol is just doing its job according to protocol. I agree that the allegations themselves can be untrue and are currently unproven, but if Interpol received an alert from Swedish police it can't just shrug its shoulders and "Yeah....sorry, we can't send out an alert for that."

Bingo! said...

Here is a connection of Assange's lawyer with the Rothschilds

Finers Stephens Innocent are legal advisers for the Waddesdon Trust which is about the Rothschilds' most prestigious property in the UK, and has several prominent Rothschild familly members on board:

And I bet that Assange is enjoying the Rothschild's hospitality since he is in the UK...

Anonymous said... is nothing more than a giant wharehouse like most of the shopping malls in America. They don't produce anything but sell crap plastic products from China.

nobody said...

Greg between here and Kenny's, you're on fire today. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Firstly: Assange was interviewed by the Swedish prosecutor regarding assault/rape charges made by 2 hookers (he didn't pay enough!!??) No charges were brought and he was let off, he seemingly having an alibi for the time he was assaulting the girls. It seems said prosecutor 'changed her mind', and thus issued a new request for him to 'help the police with their inquiries'. NO charges have been brought against him, NO warrant has been made out for his arrest.

(source: Swedish media. I Speedish sveek , ok?)

I've often wondered what wikileaks is about. Only a fraction of the material wiki has leaked has caused a fuss, most of it is seemingly rubbish. And only a fraction of this has caused governments to hickup. All that work, and risk, for apparently not much return.

wiki aren't making any money out of all this what ARE they getting out of it?

It seems to me what DOES get governments to hickup is the thought that wiki will some day get hold of something REALLY juicy. Look at the way the Yanks want to make Assange a terrorist.

I love it, GO FOR IT!

But I'm still waiting for something that will get me cracking open a bottle of vodka and whooping like a kid.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is leading to a call for censorship of the internets

Teutonsuet said...

Assange never met with Israelis in Geneva. This viral disinformation based on an Indybay article linked to a Syrian newspaper story has been deconstructed by Indymedia here:

Rebuttal to Article Alleging that Wikileaks CEO "Made a Deal with Israel" Over Cables
by anonymous

Thursday Dec 9th, 2010 12:37 AM

This article is a rebuttal to a anonymous piece that recently appeared in Indybay that specifically analyzes how this article is not only defamatory, but fails to meet even the most minimal journalistic standards. People are advised to use caution when reading articles that are self-published because although they MAY appear to be sourced, unless you check the footnotes, that may not in fact be the case - as was the case with this scurrilous piece of character assassination.
FACT FINDING RESULTS ON THE INDYBAY ARTICLE - Note: no author for this article is listed –the article appears under a section entitled “Palestine”

Link to Indybay article:

(more at site)

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