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John Lennon

According to Albert Goldman, in his book The Lives of John Lennon (John Lennon.):

In Hamburg, Lennon, and his friend Pete Best, mugged, beat and robbed a drunken German sailor.

Lennon told friends he had beaten another sailor and left him for dead in the street.

In 1963, John Lennon beat and kicked Bob Wooler, the little disc jockey at the Cavern Club.

Lennon then hit Wooler repeatedly with a shovel.

Wooler had made a jokey remark about Lennon's gay lifestyle.

Bystanders rescued Wooler who was then paid to remain quiet about his broken ribs.

In 1960, the Beatles got a booking at a jazz club in Hamburg's red-light Reeperbahn district. (Philip Norman, Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation)

At that time, the Beatles "were always high on a drugs."

"John (Lennon), would be foaming at the mouth, he'd have so many pills inside him...John, began to go berserk on stage, prancing and groveling..."

The real Beatles.

Ray Coleman quotes John Lennon as saying, "I've sold my soul to the Devil." (Coleman, Ray, Lennon)

The controversial Dr. John Coleman has written that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute and were used as a vehicle to promote the acceptance of drugs.

According to Joseph Niezgoda's The Lennon Prophecy, A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles, John Lennon and the Beatles were involved with Satanism.

Albert Goldman’s 'The Lives Of John Lennon' (1988) claimed that John Lennon had a gay affair with The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, during a four-day holiday in Barcelona in April 1963. (Cached)

It also refers to a number of relationships which Lennon reportedly had with other men.

Goldman claims that Lennon visited underage boy prostitutes in Thailand.

When Epstein went into a London rehab centre, Lennon sent him flowers and the message, “You know I love you . . . I really mean that. John.”

The death of Epstein came just before the end of Lennon’s marriage to Cynthia.

Philip Norman has written 'John Lennon: The Life'.

According to Philip Norman, John Lennon wanted a gay relationship with Paul McCartney.

McCartney admits he often shared a bed with Lennon.

Philip Norman quotes Yoko as saying that people in the Apple office referred to McCartney as 'John’s princess'.

From Philip Norman we learn that John Lennon worshipped 'with a quasi-sexual intensity' the Beatles’ first bassist Stu Sutcliffe. (John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman - The Sunday Times review ...)

Lennon wrote letters to Sutcliffe 'similar in length and tone, he claimed, to the ones he later sent Yoko'.



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Edo said...

wow Aang, doing UK equivalent of Laurel Canyon?
It's interesting that both those videos are removed from YouTube almost the minute your post goes up but carries on hosting the same clip elsewhere on its servers.
If, and that's a big IF, they were taken down for copyright reasons (admittedly the second one is because of a deleted account.. oh yeah, right-o) then why leave the others up?

Anon said...

Many thanks Edo.

I've located alternative videos.



Anonymous said...

Anon, The Beatles sound like a nice "English" Jewish family. It can't get any better than this, or ....worse. Any idea what was Lenon's religion was he grew up? Judeo-Freemasonry? Money?

aferrismoon said...

John and Brian, Brian was a Public School boy at Wrekin College which was alaways open to rich scousers, lower class boarding school.

The Beatles were'nt too far away from North Wales. A lot of scousers holidayed in North Wales.

If u actually listen to each of them , and their choice of words , you can tell that they're speaking ' out of class'. The people the Beatles ,et al., pretended to be had language that they were'nt brought up with.

They read Crowley and were informed by ' followers' of Crowlers,who just another Prefect.


Anonymous said...

No, Lennon was one of the good guys. The rest is just the usual smoke screen from the masters of smoke screen.

He got gunned down early and was the face of anti-Vietnam.

Enough said.

Ian Leslie said...

Interesting Comments ;o)

Anonymous said...

The Beatles. An MI-6 creation.

Anonymous said...

I dont care if Lennon fucked his coffee table. This is public necrophilia.

James Laffrey said...


1. Why do this hit piece on John Lennon?

2. Why publish what looks like mere hearsay by these several writers without offering any reasons why we should believe or disbelieve these writers? (I don't know them, but an easy guess to make is that they are Jews or willing cogs in the Jew-owned propaganda machine.)

3. Yoko is supposedly quoted as saying whatever. So what. Since it became clear that John Lennon was not shot by Chapman, it became clear that Yoko is a piece of crap. She should be tireless in pursuing the real killer no matter the cost. But she's abusing John's money and reputation.

When you produce actual evidence or plausible reasoning, I'll listen up.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to think that John Lennon probably had some flaws (who doesn't?) but grew out of them, became an admirable leader, and that's why they killed him.

("They" are the top Jews and their nonJew accomplices in the Rothschild-directed network controlling nearly everything. No, not "all Jews" are guilty. There are ignorant and innocent Jews, too.)

Anonymous said...

I clearly remeber reading Lennon's very uncomplementary views on the jews and their stranglehold on British showbusiness. The rest, as they say,is just vulgar jjewish propaganda.

Franz said...

aangirfan --

Hugely interesting. I'm anticipating the USA release (finally!) of the movie NOWHERE BOY, about the young John, which sounds interesting.

Good stuff on this is also the book, Rethinking John Lennon’s Assassination by Salvador Astucia which can be read at the author's website:

The conspiratorial part about Lennon is best displayed in Astucia in Chapter 7, "Flower Power" which has the curious attitude Lennon had toward WW II, and why Jews might have been offended:

While few men in this era even interest me, I thought Lennon was a true genius. Warts and all, John was the real deal. 30 years gone? No. In all the lies and triangulations of the last generation I can hear John laughing quite clearly.

Edo said...

Interesting letter of note today too...

Anon said...

James Laffrey has left a new comment on your post "JOHN LENNON":


I did the research that you should have done on those writers. It was easy to find info on Albert Goldman and Philip Norman.

Why didn't you know that those two are, as I suspected, xxxx? Nobody interested in the truth would let quotes from them lie unchallenged.

James Laffrey

Anon said...

Philip Norman is the author of Shout!: The Beatles in Their Generation, described by a New York Times writer as " ... the definitive biography – comprehensive, intelligent, sensitively written and exhaustively researched" of the Fab Four.

A Chicago Sun-Times review raved that Shout! is "The best, most detailed, and most serious biography of the Beatles and their time."

Albert Goldman's bestseller, Ladies and Gentlemen - Lenny Bruce!!! won praise from the likes of Norman Mailer and Pauline Kael, who called the book "brilliant."

According to Rolling Stone magazine, October 21, 1981, Albert Goldman's Elvis "is a poignant book, the result of Goldman's winning the trust and confidence of hundreds of sources, including many of Elvis' closest friends. It is also an intimate look at a side of Elvis that few even suspected existed. Many people will find some of the revelations unpleasant and view them as a needless and harmful invasion of privacy. Yet, such revelations comprise a truth about modern American heroism and success. The fact is that somehow inherent in Elvis' great fame as an American ideal and idol is a contradiction that was the seed of destruction."

Anonymous said...

Looking at this, taking the Dave McGowan Laurel Canyon series into account, I see both sides.

Lennon should not be looked at as an extreme hero or villain. No doubt the establishment did use rock n roll stars in many different ways for different reasons. Some stars were dupes, dopes, willing participants and combinations of the above.

Lenon may have been a dupe with a kind heart and a sharp mind. Maybe he woke up and tried to change things, then they whacked him.

nobody said...

Interesting to-and-fro here. I'm treating this like I treat genes-v-environment which is to say I plump for 'both'.

I'm happy to concede the Beatles as tavistock material. And I'm also happy to concede Lennon as gay during the periods described. But in no way am I able to view Yoko Ono as a 'beard' if you can dig it. I'm utterly convinced that their relationship was real. Okay so how now a youthful Lennon as gay? What does it matter?

I also have his war is over if you want it as entirely off his own bat and perfect anathema to the death cult. As far as I'm concerned, with the break up of the Beatles Lennon became a true loose cannon. He was too smart, too fierce, too independent.

Mind control works for the young and after that the death cult can trust whomever it is to be either fearful or fat and complacent. Lennon was neither. And so... they whacked him.

Otherwise who gives a shit if a bloke is gay? Not me. All I ask is that they not be affected. It's the lisping and mincing that drives me nuts. And Lennon was hardly that.

Anon said...

"Mind control works for the young."

That might explain why some of the older victims cause trouble and get dealt with.

- Aangirfan.

Peter said...

Yes Aang., performing Chimpanzees, are often young and female because as Chimps age they become more difficult to work with, their temperaments become less docile and more independent, especially the males. Older males Chimps are darn right dangerous. Invariably, trainers only spend time with female baby Chimps because they are smarter(they learn tricks faster then the young males),more docile, and remain more docile into adulthood. Consequently, the female Chimps, are just a wiser investment in the long run.
I cite this, as a parallel to how we humans are viewed by the death cult/control freaks.

Zoompad said...

That album cover is absolutly horrible. Well done Ang, for such a brave post. I know how hard it is to have to swim against the tide, but we do have to expose the truth.

Edo said...

There's quite a bit of evidence that the people driving the modern art scene and it's taste for shock value are from Jewish origin. The biggest collectors of shocking art certainly are... No surprise then that the album cover photo was shot by Robert Whitaker, son of the Jewish painter Mirka Mora.

WV=twados (grin)

Anonymous said...

Its all a bunch of crap, considering the book was written by a Jew. Pls...
Everything to tarnish Lennon's memory. He was no angel, but the book is blatantly full of lies if so. John was bi-curious, but definitely not gay. Or u dont know how to make the difference? Idiots like this Goldman makes me sick. That shows once again who's leading us, who makes the rules...


Anonymous said...

My Seattle area Illuminati friend told me Lennon was killed by top elite Jews who were afraid that Lennon would legalize marijuana, something he secretly confided in Yoko Ono. Stephen King incited a useful idiot zealot by claiming Lennon was the anti-Christ. This zealot pulled the trigger, killing Lennon in NY. Stephen King [Jew] was then rewarded for it by a ghost writer [Jew], making him a famous author. Yoko Ono, also illuminati was in on Lennon’s death and prompted Lennon to leave the apartment that faithful night against his will.

I was also told that the real Paul McCartney died in a car crash in the 60’s and was replaced by the current version we all know. The Beatles were “produced” as weapons of mass distraction and did not write all their own material, most songs were stolen from poor southern blacks. The Beatles original drummer was the only non-Illuminati in the band [later killed] and was replaced by elite Jew Ringo Starr, so that Lennon would have a fellow Jew companion on the road to get along with while drugging it up, as well as to feed the elite Jews egos. Most all the album artworks have symbolic meanings. Unfortunately I can’t remember what they are.

Anonymous said...

" Beatles original drummer was the only non-Illuminati in the band [later killed] and was replaced by elite Jew Ringo Starr, so that Lennon would have a fellow Jew companion on the road to get along with while drugging it up, "

Pete Best is not dead. Lennon was not a Jew. Have you seen the cover of 'two virgins'? it's been a long time but i recall a foreskin, by the standards of this site i could be gay for noticing

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