Thursday, December 02, 2010


Rob - a good bloke.

Happy Chanukah.

With this 'Festival of Lights', a candle is lit on a 'Menorah' every day for eight days.

The charming Rob (Robert Halfon Blog ) celebrated the 'First Day', 1 December, at 1o Downing Street.

"To an accompanying children's choir, Chancellor George Osborne lit the candle - alongside the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom.

"In the Jewish tradition, donuts and smoked salmon rolls abounded." (Happy Chanukah)

Robert Halfon "initially worked as Chief of Staff for the Conservative MP Oliver Letwin and as Political Director for Conservative Friends of Israel"

The "Crème de la crème of UK Jewish community" attended David Cameron's Hanukkah party.

"Osborne was very careful to perform all the Jewish traditions" including singing Maoz Tzur' from a songbook."
(menorah on Downing St..)


Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, will be lighting a giant menorah in Trafalgar Square this evening).

Mehdi Hasan reminds us that:

Jesus is an important figure in Islam.

In the Koran, Jesus is referred to with the title of "Messiah".

Jesus is also referred to as the "Word" and the "Spirit" of God.

"No other prophet in the Quran, not even Muhammad, is given this particular honour."



Turkish official: Israel initiated massive leak



Anonymous said...

Bless 'em.

So good to see their interests moving center stage, as indeed the British Prime Minster promised they would.

the Silverfish said...

Cripes! And here I thought that the bird shit was bad enough and now Nelson has the Jews shitting on him as well.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder if the Jews were ever expelled out of England. These people have such stronghold of our societies that I can't imagine anything changing to better, anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

It's worth mentioning that Judaism is held in extremely high regard by muslims.

The prophets of Judaism and Christianity are the prophets of Islam.

nobody said...

Speaking of the Muslim take on Jesus, my Egyptian buddy Al put it pretty well: 'Jesus is the superstar of the Quran'.

Go figure the logic of the two religions that revere Jesus at war with each other whilst the third religion that would like to see him boiled in excrement for all eternity eggs them both on.

Anonymous said...

England belongs to Jews since the 18th century and the english (if any left) do nothing to take it back.

Anonymous said...

Nicely observed, nobody.

Judaism, per se, says nothing about Jesus, as the Torah and Tanakh preceded him. Moreover, as far as we know, he was an observant jew.

The Talmud on the other hand says plenty about Jesus, all bad.

But not all jews are talmudists. Karaite jews, for example, have nothing to do with the Talmud, presumably because of its purely human origins.

But of course they are purely monotheistic, like muslims, and consider the catholic doctrine of Jesus's divinity to be at best a misguided vestige of roman paganism and at worst a monstrous sacrilege.

Christians get Jesus's birthday and the date of his resurrection wrong too. And much of the error seems to have been set in stone in the Councils of Nicea a long time ago.

Now it's tradition.
Wrong but tradition.

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