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Sian Loyd-Jones

On 26 December 2010, the Mail on Sunday reports that murdered UK spy Gareth Williams was apparently being trained by MI6 for an undercover role (26th December 2010)

According to the Mail on Sunday:

Gareth Williams's 'confidante and childhood sweetheart', Sian Lloyd-Jones, has revealed:

For some months MI6 had been training Gareth Williams to take on a new identity, for an undercover role.

Sian knew he was a spy.

He did buy designer women's clothes, but these were gifts for Sian, a fashion stylist, and his sister Ceri.

For example, Sian's £760 Stella McCartney trousers were a present from Gareth.

Sian says: "There was Diana von Furstenberg, Stella McCartney, all in a size 6 or 8 which he wouldn't even fit an arm or a leg into... And the shoes they found in his apartment were not in his size, but his sister’s."

Sian says of the wigs that were found in the flat: "He and an American friend were going to a fancy-dress party in October. One of his hobbies was Japanese superhero cartoons and they were going to go as two of the characters. They were pink and yellow and those are the only wigs that were found."

Sian says: "He mentioned he'd been to the transvestite comedy club so it's not something he was trying to hide."

Sian says: "I don’t know if he ever had a girlfriend. There weren’t any I was aware of but to be honest, we never mentioned it... He felt he lacked confidence with women."

Gareth Williams

He was found dead two days before he was due to visit Paris with his sister.

Sian last heard from him on the day he was last seen alive, August 14th 2010, when he was "happy and warm and the same as he always was".

When Ceri found she could not get through to him on the phone she alerted Sian.

Sian remembers a time some months ago when he came round to her London Knightsbridge flat.

She says: "He said he was learning his new identity. It was all so relaxed.

"I was taping up shoes and co-ordinating outfits and he was going through his papers.

"He often came round with his work. That night he came over with his box file and started going through it.

"He had two passports.

"He probably fell asleep on the sofa that night and stayed overnight with all the documents."

He said he’d be 'unavailable' for nine days as he would be away on a training exercise.

Sian last saw Gareth in April 2010.

Gareth Williams was found dead in an MI6 'safe house' in London's Pimlico district in August 2010. He had been missing for a week.

Various spooky sources have tried to discredit him.

The media was told that bondage equipment had been found in his flat.

This was denied by the police.

More recently the police alleged that Gareth had visited five bondage websites.

(We should not forget that the police reportedly faked the evidence in the Lockerbie trial, in order to please the CIA and its friends - Aangirfan)

This couple, described as being of Mediterranean (Mossad?) appearance, called at Gareth Williams's flat one evening in June or July of 2010.

According to Sian, Gareth Williams "was a lovely guy, a true, old-school gentleman. He had an excellent sense of humour and, from the bottom of my heart, he was the most charming, sensitive, gorgeous man. Truly, he was one in a million. He was somebody who really had a sound judgment for life...

"He wasn't a loner and he wasn't lonely. He had close chums in Cheltenham.

"When Gareth was not at work, I was the person he spent more time with than anyone else. I have thought about this every day since he died. I find it difficult to see anything in his personal life which could lie behind this."

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Anonymous said...

Being trained by Mossad, had a change of heart perhaps, upset these creatures so they stuffed him a bag.

Anon said...

Dear Suraci,

Merry Christmas to you and all fellow bloggers.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

And to all the crew at Aangirfan, Merry Christmas.

I wish I had your contacts.

Zen said...

Just a thought.

If you wanted Gareth Williams to disappear - for which he has been training - what better way than stage a death with lots of awkward sexual innuendos?


Zoompad said...

The secret services need to be scrapped in this country. The excuse for having the secret services is to protect the citizens of the UK, well the secret services is shielding paedophiles and murderers.

shirlz007 said...

think about this one logically Irfan... Gareth Williams had worked at GCHQ (later MI6... always an outsider, disagreed with the services), worked with NSA, he was poisoned in the US, London boys finished him off... he was set to visit PARIS! that month... :'(

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