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Gareth Williams, who knew too much about something?

"MI6 SPY Gareth Williams helped thwart a Mumbai-style gun rampage in ­Britain just weeks before his mystery death", according to the ­UK's Sunday ­Express (terror plot hero -

Williams "uncovered the plot in a secret eavesdropping ­mission in Afghanistan.

"He played a pivotal role in intercepting phone calls from British jihadists at a training camp before matching their voice prints to those on a data bank."

Did Gareth Williams discover that the jihadists were working for the CIA and its friends?

Williams just before his death. Was he poisoned?

The police keep on changing their story about Gareth Williams, the spook found dead in his flat.

First, there were press reports about kinky sex.

The UK police then "strongly refuted suggestions that 'bondage equipment and gay paraphernalia' were found in the flat.

"'Those reports are garbage,' said a spokesman, who also dismissed suggestions that gay contact magazines were found." (Investigation into death of British spy Gareth Williams takes ...)

Gareth Williams was a UK spy "who made regular trips to the US National Security Agency."

Williams was a top-level cryptologist helping to oversee a network called Echelon, which links satellites and super-computers in Britain and the US with those of other key allies.

On 23 August 2010, the police found his body in an MI6 flat near to MI6 HQ in London. (MURDER OF SPOOK GARETH WILLIAMS: NSA; MIND CONTROL...)

Originally, the Daily Telegraph reported that Gareth Williams had been "stabbed several times."

The Telegraph then changed its story and wrote that "There were no obvious injuries on his body." (Spy Gareth Williams.)

On 22 December 2010, The Independent (UK) has a story about the Spy in the bag, the mystery couple, and MI6 bondage websites

UK Detectives now assert:

*Gareth Williams had a collection of designer dresses in his flat.

*He had bruised elbows.

* He had visited five bondage websites since last year.

*A mystery couple called at the flat in June or July.

*He was spotted in a gay bar near the MI6.

*He visited a transvestite bar in the weeks before he died.

American agent David Headley, who planned the 2008 Mumbai Attacks

On 11 November 2010, the Derby Evening Telegraph (UK) reported on David Headley's links to Derby and UK spooks.

(David Headley who helped plot the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks met two men in Derby.)

When certain Indian authorities were close to grabbing Headley, the FBI took him into safe custody. Some of the Indian spooks are said to work for the CIA and Mossad.

Headley, believed to be a CIA agent, has told 'interrogators' in the USA that he travelled to Derby in the UK in August 2010 for a meeting over a Danish plot.

Certain Indian spies were eventually allowed to interview Headley in the USA, and notes from the interview have apparently been shown to the Derby Telegraph.

According to 'secret documents seen by the Derby Telegraph', Headley was given money by the two men he met in Derby.

Reportedly MI5 "monitored" the meeting.

Headley said the Derby men were of Pakistani origin.

Headley said he was working for Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pakistani said to be working for the CIA, and said to have links to 'CIA agent' bin Laden.

He said he was told by Kashmiri to attack the offices of the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which printed cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, reportedly as part of a CIA-Mossad plot.

It is not known whether Headley's two contacts in Derby were interviewed by British police or arrested following the detention of Headley last October, two months after the meeting.

Derby Muslim community leader Gulfraz Nawaz said he had hoped the police would have arrested the two Derby men.

The incident is the latest in a series of terror cases that have been linked to Derby.

Omar Sharif, from the Derby area, allegedly planned a suicide bomb attack on a Tel Aviv bar in 2003 'but the explosive failed to detonate'.

Sharif's body was found in the sea two weeks later.

Community leader Nawaz said Derby may be gaining an undeserved reputation for extremism.

"These people seem to move to Derby for a couple of months. They do not seem to be born and bred in Derby," he said.

Derby-born Parviz Khan was jailed for life in February 2008 for plotting to kill a British Muslim soldier. (Derby Omar ...)

Umran Javed, of Derby, was jailed for six years for shouting pro-terrorism remarks at a protest outside London's Danish embassy in February 2007.

In August 2008, it was revealed that Mala Isa, a former Derby man gunned down in Iraq, may have had links to terrorism. (Derby Omar ...)

Photo of Omar Khayam (right) by PA

In 2006, Omar Khayam wore a suicide bomber's vest at a demo outside the Danish Embassy in London. (dailymail.5).

The demo seemed to be part of a CIA-Mossad-MI6 plot promoting the Clash of Civilisations.

Back in 2003, Khayam had been sentenced to eight years in jail for conspiracy to supply a Class A drug and possession of cocaine.

The sentence was later greatly reduced. Perhaps Khayam was recruited by a certain group?

On 25 November 2010, we learn that Khayam has again been jailed, this time for 13 years.

Khayam was part of a gang who aimed to flood the Bedford area with £2.6million worth of heroin. (Muslim fake 'fanatic' Omar Khayam jailed.)

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Anonymous said...

I also have a conspiracy theory about his death and it's not the same as yours. I think he knew something about the Wikileaks insurance file. Here goes:

The guy was a mathematical genius employed by GCHQ/MI6 as a codebreaker who spent much time at the NSA headquarters in the US as reported by the Daily Mail on August 27.

The Wikileaks insurance file got published somewhere towards the end of July and instantly became the hot topic of the online codebreaking community and it certainly also became the hot topic and highest priority item at the CIA and NSA in the US.

Since the Mirror reports that Gareth Williams came back from the US on August 11 and that he was working at the NSA and was a code cracking math genius, then it means with 100% certainly he got involved with it one way or another, if only through personal discussions with colleagues out of curiosity and interest during his last sojourn at the NSA.

It is rather clear to me that Wikileaks is a joint intelligence/zionist finance operation and I have some reasons to believe that 1) the Wikileaks insurance file is void of any meaningful content (obviously if Wikileaks is a fraud), and 2) is crackable by the NSA rather easily (farms of netlists runing Verilog/VHDL code).

If this is true then Gareth Williams most certainly sussed it out and, if he was an honest guy, which I believe he was, then he absolutely had to be taken out.

Anonymous said...

for lots of information and continuing investigation into the death of Gareth Williams see here-
Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery

Anonymous said...

So, the Evening Standard publishes photographs of a "mystery couple" the the police want to question. Do these look like CCTV photos? Where did the police get them? From their own files? No names attached? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

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