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Abu Saif, Abu Sumayyah and Abu Bosher on an MI5 outing? Abu Sumayyah is a 'Muslim convert'. All three were arrested in Stoke-on-Trent two years ago. They were arrested again in December 2010. ('Christmas bomb plotters were radicalised in jail' - Telegraph)

The USA's top spy guy doesn't appear to know what's going on.

Presumably, spying has been outsourced to:

Saudi Arabia,
Dawood Ibrahim's Mob,
and super-secret Gladio-style groups.


On 23 December 2010, we learn that US spy chief James Clapper "was kept in dark" about the latest London 'terror' plot.

Obama's intelligence chief ignorant of U.K. terror arrests
Former psychic spy chief Clapper kept in dark about London terror plot
After Early Administration Denials, Director of National Intelligence Admits ...

ABC News's Diane Sawyer asked James Clapper, the USA's Director of National Intelligence, about the arrest of the twelve terror suspects in the UK.

Clapper "responded with stunned silence".

National Security Advisor John Brennan later admitted that Clapper, the head of the sixteen US intelligence agencies, had not been told about the arrests.

"First of all, London," ABC's Sawyer asked. "How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? ... Director Clapper?"

"London?" Clapper said after a pause.

On 20 December 2010, British police detained 12 'suspected terrorists' as a result of INTERPOL warnings of possible Christmas bomb attacks.

The suspects, mainly from Bangladesh, were detained in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Stoke on Trent.

Interpol had issued a bulletin claiming that it "received information... from the Interpol office in Baghdad about possible threats, especially in the U.S. and Europe, due to orders given to al-Qaeda (CIA) cells by al-Qaeda (CIA) commanders."

How might the security services recruit 'false flag terrorists'?

Three of the men arrested in Cardiff had previously been convicted of theft and drugs offences.

In prison they might make ideal recruits as double agents and patsies?

The UK's MI6 chief, Sir John Sawers. Does he know what is going on?

The Mail on Sunday revealed how Sir John Sawers, head of Britain's spy service MI6, 'left himself open to a security breach' when his wife published photos on Facebook.

On 26th July 2009, the Mail on Sunday had a story about the eagle-eyed MI6 spooks who can't even spell Mail Online

It seems that the MI6 website, used to attract people into a career in spying for Britain, is 'awash with basic errors'.

On the MI6 site, an administration officer called Jennifer writes:

'For the past two years I have been working on WMD export controls within the Counter profileration department...

'As I do not have the technical background this job has been challenging...'

'Although aministration forms the bulk of this job, I also represent SIS at Whitehall meetings.'
(the eagle-eyed MI6 spooks who can't even spell Mail Online)

We assume that MI6 employs toffs who are amiable, and not very deep thinking, to be the public face of the organisation.

The Gladio-style work will be done by some super-secret organisation known only to a few insiders.

This latter organisation may employ the sort of toughs who admire Israel and the Pentagon?

Picture of Ross Priory in Scotland: Andrew Milligan/PA

When work was required around Ross Priory, "costs were kept as low as possible by enlisting the aid of the army in Scotland, specifically the Plant Troop, 69 Gurkha Field Squadron." (Ross Priory - University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

The forests around Ross Priory are sometimes used by the military.

Ross Priory Wood recently had an explosion blamed on al Qaeda.

Ross Priory is in the Gartocharn region.

An army veteran writes:

"Why didn't the local farmers in the Gartocharn region know that there were 'interlopers' on their land?

"This area, of which I know full well, incorporates the lands of one of Scotland's most decorated Soldiers, Brigadier Pearson, and ALSO borders the grounds of a close 21 SAS friend of mine who has 'stables' nearby."

(The RHF Veterans Forum :: View topic - Strange goings On!)

The SAS are the special forces.

Ross Priory is next to Loch Lomond.

Was it a training exercise? Is the Loch Lomond forest blast linked to the spooks?

19th November 2010

An explosion on the shores of Loch Lomond is being investigated as a possible spook bomb test?

The blast, which was reported by walkers and workmen, damaged a large area of woodland on the south-west shore of the loch.

Police are believed to have found several devices at the site, which is being examined by bomb disposal officers.

Bomb experts from Scotland Yard's Terror Command have travelled to the Garadhban forest near the village of Gartocharn to study the scene.

They are investigating whether or not it might have been the site of a training camp.

The spooks are known to use remote locations to train in terror tactics.

Spooks have reportedly trained in the New Forest, near an MI6 base.

There have been claims that the Ross Priory Wood was used as a base in the run-up to the spooky attack on Glasgow airport in 2007.

Calum Murray, Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent, said the police were looking at the possibility that the bomb was detonated by members of Al Qaeda.

The attack on Glasgow airport in 2007 was the first terror attack in Scotland since the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.

A Jeep carrying propane canisters was driven into the doors of the terminal.

Read more:

Glasgow Airport 2007

1. On 30 June 2007, there was a 'terror' attack at Glasgow Airport, in the UK.

Some of those involved in the plot may have been double agents and some may have been patsies.

2. How might a terror attack be arranged?

"A group is infiltrated and radicalized by a government informant and provocateured into attempting terror attacks."


Who, reportedly, organises the terror attacks?

"Starting from at least the 1980's, SAS and British military intelligence agents were routinely ordered to embed themselves within violent branches of the IRA and aid terrorists in carrying out attacks.

"How do we know this happened? Because one of the individuals who was ordered to do so, Kevin Fulton, blew the whistle on the fact that he was told he had the Prime Minister's blessing to aid terrorists in bomb making and political assassinations."



3. The Glasgow Airport Attack 2007 - links to the security services

A. Dr Bilal Abdulla, 29, allegedly took part in the Glasgow Airport attack.

Bilal Abdulla reportedly left a will addressed to Osama bin Laden, who is widely believed to have been an agent or asset of the CIA. (Bomb accused 'left bin Laden will')

Educated doctors would be expected to know of the close links betwen the Bush and bin Laden families and of Osama's reported stay at an American hospital just before 9 11.

(aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs.... / aangirfan: The bin Laden Family)

During his time in Cambridge Bilal Abdulla was reportedly linked to the radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahir (Cached), which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (Cached), which reportedly is run by the CIA and MI6. (aangirfan: The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in ... )


TERRORISM 1910 - 2010


aangirfan: The use of militant Moslems in Russia, China, India ...




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