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Famous CIA station chiefs include:

(1) The Dubai station chief Larry Mitchell, who met Osama bin Laden in Dubai just before 9 11. (AMERICAN HOSPITAL.)

(2) The Algeria station chief Andrew Warren, who was reported as having been raping Moslem women and making sex videos. (Hot North African Sex)

(3) The Angola station chief John Stockwell, who reckons the CIA has murdered more than 6,000,000 people in the world. (Cached)

(4) The Kabul station chief nicknamed 'Spider', who acts as bodyguard and confidante to Hamid Karzai. (Times of India)

(5) The Rome deputy station chief Ted Shackley, who introduced Licio Gelli, head of the neo-fascist P2 masonic lodge, to General Alexander Haig. (Operation Gladio)

Now we hear of Jonathan Banks.

A journalist is suing, for $500 million in damages, the three top Americans said to be responsible for killing his kids.

One of these alleged killers is Jonathan Banks.

Reportedly, Jonathan Banks is the CIA Station Chief in Islamabad, Pakistan

(ISI blows cover of CIA man in Islamabad - The Times of India)

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What sort of person might become a CIA station chief?

You may think it mad, but, numerology is important to the CIA.

By one calculation, Banks's 'name number' is 22

Twenty-two is supposed to mean "heightened intuition."

But, a 22 who has been 'seduced by the dark side' has a capacity to enslave all that falls under their influence.'

Banks's 'personality number' is 4.

4's can be repressive'.

Banks's 'soul urge' number is 9.

9's can be humanitarian, but, some 9's 'have difficulty believing that giving and a lack of personal ambition can be satisfying'.

Hitler and Churchill consulted numerologists.

On the advice of a numerologist, Napoleone Buonapart changed his name to Napoleon Bonaparte.

stefz writes that Napoleon believed he was in regular contact with a 'Little Red Man of Destiny'...
"In a sworn affidavit, Napoleon’s Counselor of State, Louis Mathieu, Count Mole, reported that he heard the Little Red Man of Destiny warn Napoleon of the future after the Battle of Wagram." (Napoleon Bonaparte Finally Ignores His Little Red Man of Destiny)

Stefz adds that Churchill believed he had a personal guiding daemon as well.



Bandolero said...

Ted Shackley is the name of the guy of Rome, not Shackleton.

stefz said...

Napoleon also believed that he was in regular contact with a 'Little Red Man of Destiny'...

...a biographical nugget which is sadly absent from most accounts of his life and works

stefz said...

...come to think of it, Churchill believed he had a personal guiding daemon as well

I'm not sure if AH ever admitted to believing in such things but it wouldn't exactly be out of character

The problem is with these little imaginary(?) fellas is that they always seem to desert you when you need them most

Anon said...

Oops, my Philippino secretary mixes up names! I've changed it to Shackley.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Having a guiding 'force' seems to be common. In the pop indudtry Beyonce = Sasha Fierce, Jay Z invokes Rainman.

The influence of Crowley on military and scientific types is common - JFC Fuller, Jack Parsons are well-known, and not insignificant people

Who knows it might be a psychological escape route for those in the murder business [ directly or indirectly]. Something to stop them going 'mad[der]'.

Haven't seen the vid yet but 911 in Hebrew letters = RAShYTh [ Rasheet] and means 'beginning'.

911 did seem to begin something and as Nettieyahoo said -'911, heap big good for Israel'


stefz said...

PS apologies for not referencing my assertion about Churchill's belief in a personal daemon but I got that from fully analogue pre-Internet book thingies, notably "The Unknown Guest" by Brian Inglis

paul said...

Re: guiding forces

Sounds like the "third man"

Maybe good and evil follow us into the next world.

What a fucking drag

paul said...

..and of course the extremely sinister, disturbling self styled meat between the Blair-Brown sandwich; chose "The third man" as the title of his memoirs.

Just saying,like.

freethinker said...

Another more prosaic meaning for sept-11 is that it's the new year's day in the Coptic calendar, 2001 was of course the first year of the new millennium so in a sense 2001/9/11 was the first day of the new millennium.

How the elite must have laughed when they watched the profane celebrating 2000/1/1 as if it were something special when of course it was not.

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