Monday, December 13, 2010


Russia and China grow closer.

Recently, Russia's President Medvedev cancelled the sale of its S-300 missile defense system to Iran.

Russia seemed to be moving towards greater cooperation with NATO.

However, according to Dr. Sawraj Singh (Rising Russian Influence And Declining Americanism Changing World Equations):

"Putin has fundamentally reversed the policies of the Soviet Union and improved relations with China.

"Russia and China have become an unbeatable team.

"The Russian jets stopped the US-Japanese military exercises.

"Countries such as Japan and South Korea have to seriously consider the consequences of taking America’s side in Asia, not only they have to face China, but they have to face the combined might of Russia and China."

China’s Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russia's Vladimir Putin have met seven times so far this year (2010).

Russia has mineral wealth which China wants to buy.

Russia has powerful nuclear weapons and China has lots of cash, making China and Russia a power powerul team.

On 11 December, at, F. William Engdahl wrote: Washington's Geopolitical Nightmare: China and Russia boost ties.

From this we learn:

1. China and Russia are to dump the dollar.

They will use their own currencies for their increasing trade.

2. China and Russia have made important agreements on energy and trade.

3. China is keen to get Russian oil and gas.

A China-Russia pipeline is to go into operation by the end of 2010.

America's Heritage Foundation thinks that the power of Russia, China, Brazil and India has been exaggerated (Busting the Brazil/Russia/India/China (BRIC) Myth.)

According to the Heritage Foundation (April 2010):

1. The IMF estimates that, after adjusting for purchasing power, the BRICs collectively are about 15% bigger than the U.S.

However, the US GDP ($14 trillion) is larger than all four BRICs combined ($8.6 trillion).

The BRICs have 15% of the world's economy, while the USDA has almost 25%.

The average U.S. citizen is almost eight times richer than the average BRIC citizen.

2. The BRICS vary widely in terms of their populations and economies and foreign policies.

Russia wants a "sphere of exclusive interests" and wants to weaken American power.

India wants to be friends with the USA.

China has had disagreement with India over borders.

3. China's purchases of commodities has helped South America to grow.

However, businesses in Brazil, and elsewhere in South America worry about competition from China.

Meanwhile, OBAMA may be losing INDIA?

And, Brazil and Uruguay have recognized the state of Palestine based on its pre-1967 borders.

And Argentina has announced the same recognition of Palestine as a free and independent state.

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay Recognise Palestine State


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