Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Abdulwahab, wearing his 'spy disguise'?

Taimur Abdulwahab, like so many other Moslems, appears to have been 'recruited' by the security services.

Taimur Abdulwahab (Stockholm bomber cover blown) had a Jewish girlfriend and liked alcohol.

From the UK Telegraph we learn more about the alleged Stockholm bomber:

1. He showed little interest in religion as he was growing up in Sweden.

2. He liked to party.

3. A friend said:

"He would drink beer with his friends and go nightclubs.

"He didn’t care about politics or religion.

"He even had an Israeli girlfriend.

"He had many girlfriends, he enjoyed life.

"His parents were even a little worried that he was having too much fun."

4. A former Swedish classmate said: "We used to hang out together, drink together and play practical jokes together.

"They were good times.

"I remember him as a college student chasing girls and drinking beer."

"He told me that something had happened when he was in (Luton). I am sure of this. Someone had taken advantage of him and had brainwashed him."

5. Abdulwahab graduated from Bedfordshire University, in Luton, in the UK.

(Universities are where the spooks do their recruitment)

This is Abdulwahab, lover of parties, booze and girls.

6. Preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed was the focus of 'extremist activity' in Luton.

Bakri Mohammed's busty blonde daughter, Yasmin, is a topless pole-dancer in London clubs.

(aangirfan: Moslem Extremists, Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, Go-Go Clubs)

Another key figure in Luton was Mohammed Khan, who knew Mohammed Sidique Khan, who was allegedly one of the July 7 bombers in 2005.

And then there was Q.

'Anonymous' reports that at the Luton & Islamic Centre '7/7 bomber' Mohammed Sidique Khan used to meet his MI5 contact known as Q (reported in local paper Luton on Sunday 3/4 years ago). Funnily enough, this used to be a Jewish synagogue.

7. Abdulwahab travelled to Syria two years ago, where it is believed he was trained in explosive techniques.

(The CIA is said to train assassins in Syria)

(It is quite possible that if Abdulwahab was recruited by the security services, then he is still alive).

Oh look! They've found Abdulwahab's identity card.

Anonymous wrote: "I've seen a mobilephone picture of the bomber's body, he was complete, no obvious major injury.

"I've seen explosion-injury in the shipyards years ago and he showed no signs of it. I suspect only the fuse went off."

They claim this is Abdulwahab

They claim this is Abdulwahab

Finally one of those "infamous islamist websites" found

The Stockholm bomber al-Qaida message came supposedly from this site (Shumukh al-Islam):




Why Europe? EU ready to recognize Palestine



So many Moslems work for the spooks! - DANGEROUS IMMIGRANTS; DANGEROUS MOSLEMS?



Genie said...

Good job, very interesting indeed:-)

P2P said...


aferrismoon said...

And Sweden, which is a wee bit in the news of late. The broke the Organ-trading scandal to the trumpeting of 'blood libel'.

Stockholm Syndrome


paul said...

Photo portrait reminds me of 'Carlos the Jackal', but I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

another fact about Luton & Islamic Centre where 7/7 bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan used to meet MI5 contact known as Q (reported in local paper Luton on Sunday 3/4 years ago). Funnily enough, used to be a Jewish synegoge few yrs back when it closed down suddenly & this Islamic centre openned according to locals & its a common knowledge that its a hot bed for fundamentilists, but gets ignored by Police & Security services, WHY!. The same people also stirred up trouble at Anglican march, actively recruit people towards fundamentlism openly in Bury Park & Town centre & there is no one to stop them. Egged Warsi on her visit to Luton for being Muslim woman & in politics etc. Can you put two & two together

Anon said...

I've added the info about 'Q'.

Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

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