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The 'Out of Africa' theory may be wrong. (Photo: Zimbabwe)

We tend to the belief that humans are descended from various types of primate from various parts of the world.

Until recently, it was thought that homo sapiens, from whom we are directly descended, began in Africa, about 200,000 years ago.

Recently, discoveries of human remains in China and Spain have hurt the 'Out of Africa' theory.

On 28 December 2010, we read of the discovery, in Israel, of human remains that are 400,000 years old.

(Did first humans come out of Middle East.)

Archeologists found eight human-like teeth, and various artefacts, in a cave near Israel's main airport.

They said the remains found in the Qesem cave suggest the making of flint blades, the use of fire and the sharing of food.

The findings have been published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

Zimbabwe cave art

Zimbabwe cave art


Anonymous said...

I don't believe anything that comes from that place. They can fake anything they want to reinforce their various fairy tales.

Eventually, if they haven't already, they'll gain ownership and control of the Pyramids, which will then be determined as built by one of the lost tribes. Eventually artifacts will be discovered around the world that will show they have a claim on everywhere. The world will be Israel, and we'll all be Gazans.


A. Peasant said...

so we are all Palestinians?

Anonymous said...

If we are all Israelis, who will be the Palestinians...let's get hold of the monkeys and put them in the "zoo", dispose of them or use them... for our entertainment of course.

Penny said...

no we are all "the chosen ones"


aferrismoon said...

The Middle-East cradle of civilisation doowop is a vast conspiracy, in education and religio-philosophy.

The bronze age is supposed to have started in the west but the earliest bronze sculptures come from Thailand, where the people who had emerged from the Polynesian islands over millenia and settled SEAsia, China , Japan , India.

That part of the world holds 54% of the world's population - I doubt the migrated from Africa and the Middle East.

People with adequate life-support don't travel. Thus people came from islands that eventually could no longer sustain a sizeable population. New land was known to the Navigator-Priests whose mathematical and celestial-navigation skills gave them a headstart in Science and Technology , and thus control of the population.

They still have that headstart today. [ Maybe]

Try Buckminster-Fuller's CRITICAL PATH and GRUNCH OF GIANTS, the latter is online.

The whole mid-east/Africa shebang is a major distraction to critcal human thought process apart from being a massive psyop of groundless crapola.

Also they always say that , on finding the newest old bones, did humanity begin then when its obvious that they are just the oldest bones to date, not the first.
Considering their inability to phrase something objectively it's hard to believe anything that comes out of their expert-tease.



aferrismoon said...

Their findings should be published in the American Journal of Psychology.


Anonymous said...

I love a good argument!

If we are formed in God's image by God, then we are 'his children'. Jesus was his son, and, it is said, a Jew. Jesus was sent by God to show us the light, as we, his children, were straying off the path. Jesus said we, that is him AND us, were God's children. This is 'proven fact. Ahem. (Haven't read the Bible since a lad, when we were all forced to). Does this mean we are ALL Jews? Or what does it mean.

I understand Judism didn't always exist, the earliest peoples we know of (civilised) were the Sumerians and they weren't Jews, but like Islam, Christianity, and all Uncle Tom Cobbly's other religions, didn't appear until 300 years AFTER Jesus. Somewhere along the line a tribal-group decided to form something called Jews. Other groups called themselves other things. I understand this group of 'Jews' weren't a religious group at first, that came later. Bit like the Catholics, who started-out as a splinter-group terrorist organisation. Bit like the Labour Party?

I knew the old King of Norway, Olav (the Xmas-tree guy) he was into this sort of stuff, looking in the old Norse texts and Runes, looking for The Hall Of The Mountain Kings, Valhalla etc. He was sure we were spacemen who stopped-off as it seemed a nice place, to refuel, etc., and got caught-out by an ice-age, maybe a vulcano blew and caused it. The handful of survivors barely made it, found themselves back in the stone-age pronto, squabbled over everything, killing began, stealing women, they split and ran to survive, forming tribes, to gradually get to where we are today. Still squabbling!

Logic says: if we were under a severe ice-age we could only live in a narrow belt around the equator. As much of the sea was now ice the sea-levels were a mile lower than they are now, so the survivors would have lived and farmed the now sea-bed, it being warmer down there and more fertile. Where we live around the Equator now would have been too cold to farm. The flood we hear about was possibly the melting glaciers, this causing an 'Exodus' from the farmlands (Atlantis?) up to the 'mountains' where we now live. Hence we can find no trace of any of this early civilisation, it's under a mile of sea. Looking at an atlas there weren't many places we could live, there was still some sea left. Africa, India, South America, would have been high-plateaus, too cold for agriculture.

As the survivors were so few and probably related anyway we probably are all related anyway. I see it as this: nobody can come and say 'this land is mine', for we didn't live there in the beginning anyway.

It is all OUR land.

Anonymous said...

I have one for you along those lines.
Giants of the Solomon Islands.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, before launching into half-arsed conspiracy theories, maybe you could try reading some background on paleoanthropology. For example:

- Spencer Wells, The Journey of Man
- Steve Jones, The Language of the Genes
- Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Genes, Peoples and Languages

And some background reading on radio carbon dating and comparative human dontology wouldn't go astray either.

Maybe even try, shock, reading the journal paper, or at least its summary. It appears pretty undogmatic and doesn't extrapolate conclusions beyond the weight of evidence.

Also, publishing dubious science in a peer-reviewed journal is an excellent way of shortening your career, Israeli or not.

Let's try sticking to real conspiracies instead of poisoning the well with blind ignorance and abject nonsense. Or maybe that's your objective.

And, yes, by real conspiracies I do mean the various patent false flag operations of the last few years in aid of clear geopolitical objectives. Try reading Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard to understand those objectives. These are also clearly outlined in publications from PNAC, Hudson Institute, JINSA, CSIS, RAND, among others.

--- The *Other* Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The Israelis are so obsessed with fabricating their history that I'm never surprised by any lies they come up with. These are probably 8 donkey teeth. But they have learned this technique well from their teachers -- the Americans. Next year we will probably learn that the real Adam and Eve have been discovered in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, not far from the old founding father's plantation.

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