Sunday, November 21, 2010


Some newspapers are losing respect.

Their circulations are dropping.

Some newspapers appear to be run by the spooks.

Some appear to be in bed with Israel.

Some journalists are biased.

In the UK, the newspapers we quote from most often are doing better than the newspapers we hardly ever mention.

The circulation of Rupert Murdoch's Times is down 16.21% over one year. (October 2010)

The circulation of the Daily Mail is hardly changed, although it may have lost a few readers in Scotland.

UK newspaper circulations - October 2010 (source ABC Seven nationals each suffer double digit drop)

(average daily sale and percentage change year on year)

Daily Mirror 1,215,081 -6.24
Daily Record 320,736 -5.45
Daily Star 793,487 -5.15
The Sun 2,904,180 -4.04

Daily Express 642,695 -7.92
Daily Mail 2,129,328 -1.29

The Daily Telegraph 655,006 -14.70
Financial Times 401,898 -2.65
The Herald 52,861 -6.22
The Guardian 276,428 -11.37
The Independent 182,412 -2.48
The Scotsman 42,855 -7.03
The Times 479,107 -16.21

Daily Star Sunday 347,642 -4.67
News of the World 2,812,005 -8.24
Sunday Mirror 1,133,256 -6.11
The People 508,496 -7.91

Sunday Express 551,159 -10.24
The Mail on Sunday 2,037,232 -3.73

Independent on Sunday 154,367 -1.55
The Observer 313,466 -14.57
The Sunday Telegraph 506,391 -13.95
The Sunday Times 1,058,333 -11.25

TERRORISM 1910 - 2010


Anonymous said...

No need to post, just wanted to make sure you saw this x

Anon said...

Re the video on Turkey-Palestine.

The CIA, NATO and Mossad work closely with the Turkish generals. The Turkish military, said to contain crypto-Jews, has had close ties to Israel. Turkey uses Israeli wiretapping equipment. The CIA, NATO and Mossad want to break Turkey up. The Turkish (AKP) government has accused Israel of being behind PKK (Kurdish) terrorist attacks. The CIA is close to the AKP party, one of whose leaders is Abdullah Gul. On 8 November 2010, Turkey's President Gül said that Turkey is playing an active role in shaping the New World Order. Apparently the CIA wants to use certain Moslems to gain control of the natural resources of Central Asia.

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