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James Norrie (Pull the other one.)

When Ghandi organised his peaceful protests, the British government used Agent Provocateurs to cause violence. (Cached)

Were British spooks involved in the 'student' attack on David Cameron's Conservative Party HQ in London on 10 November 2010?

Students were peacefully protesting against soaring university fees.

But they had been infiltrated by thugs. (Who were the REAL villains of that riot?)

Sensing trouble, the six-man security team guarding Conservative HQ made an emergency call to police HQ, asking for reinforcements.

But the police chose not to arrive for almost an hour.

And when they did arrive they were only about thirty in number. (Pull the other one.)

Spooks toppling Saddam Hussein's statue. People Power is usually organised by the security services. (Website for this image)

What happened in London at the Conservative Party HQ?

Over a period of three hours, 'hundreds of rioters' were able to smash windows, spray graffiti and destroy office equipment.

Dressed in a hoodie, James Norrie was at the front of the demonstration. (Pull the other one.)

James Norrie was a pupil at £30,000-a-year Winchester, Britain's most expensive private school.

Where James Norrie's parents live.

His parents have an apartment in a stately home.

His father is majority shareholder in an investment company worth £25 million.

In 2009 James Norrie completed a degree at Oxford. (Pull the other one.)

Olivia Wedderburn climbed on to the roof of the Conservative Party HQ.

Wedderburn lives in an £1.8 million townhouse.

Craig Murray wrote: "There can be no doubt that, at the G20 protests, at times the police were unnecessarily violent towards non-violent protestors.

"Yet at other times they were puzzlingly non-violent towards inexcusably violent protestors.

"I postulated that one explanation might be that the small number of "protestors" who were theatrically and irrationally violent, were not actually protestors at all." (Craig Murray - Do Agents Provocateurs Exist?)

Christopher Andrew's The Defence of the Realm: the Authorized History of M15, describes MI5 infiltration of the National Union of Miners and others.


Anonymous said...

James Norrie. Leading member of the Socialist Worker Student Society. Been big on 'revolution' for awhile:

Olivia Wedderburn?

Socilaist Unity Party/Revolution Socialist Youth

Socialism was always the reserve of the rich. Nobody else can afford such an indulgent pastime.

Blair, Brown, Milliband - they're all the same. Hardly done a days proper work in their lives.

Peter said...

Wow, UK media must not be as controlled as US media. The idea that a major paper, like the Daily Mail, would aggressively "out" the children of the elite is truly amazing.
I must admit to being totally ignorant of UK's newspapers other then there are alot.
Also, amazing, is these elite children are involved in such sophisticated false flag ops.
Man, I am just a dumbed down amerikan watchin' from the cheap seats with my mouth agape.
Great stuff aang!

The Realist Report said...

Incredible stuff. Truly incredible. At least your newspapers will print the truth about these rich scumbag kids. It would be rude and uncivil to even bring up these facts here in the US. Another conspiracy theory....

It's amazing what that word has become here in the US. I get shit from friends for talking about "conspiracy theories" ie. the truth about what is taking place in this world. Some people just can't see the light (I guess darkness would be a better word...), and never will. I must be crazy because I don't like being lied to and conned on a daily basis. Silly me.

A. Peasant said...

i'm glad you wrote about this Aan. i had a post together but didn't put it up because i wasn't sure what was going on. however, in this video that i found at Peter Chamberlin's site you can see that the police make no attempt to stop the people smashing the window.

Note that from 0:15 to 0:25, several young people with faces covered kick out the window totally unmolested by nearby police officers, and then merge into the crowd. Not one officer makes any attempt to stop or apprehend these people.

And then it was blamed on a failure to monitor "internet chatter."

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