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UK politician Tommy Sheridan on TV.

Is Tommy Sheridan working for the spooks, or is he being undermined by the spooks?

The Tommy Sheridan story involves sex and spies.

The latest news from the UK concerns the Sheridan 'sex party' charges are dropped

On 26 November 2010, we read more about the Tommy Sheridan 'sex' trial (Sheridan trial: How lie was exposed by extra question).

Lawyer Paul McBride (PM) questions business consultant Matthew McColl (MM):

PM: "Do you know the club, Adam and Eve?"

MM: "I have heard of it."

PM: "Been in it?"

MM: "No."

PM: "That is not true."

MM: "It is true."

PM: "You know it is a lie."

MM: "I have not been in the club."

PM: "Whether embarrassment or not wanting to tell the truth in compliance with your oath, you have been in that club."

MM: "Are you able to prove I was in that club?"

PM: "You have been in it."

MM: "I may have been in that club many years ago …

"The answer is yes, I have been in that club."

PM: "Why lie about it?"

MM: "I don't know the answer to that."

PM: "You accept that if I had not asked that additional question, the jury might have thought you were telling the truth."

MM: "They may have done."

PM: "We now know that in relation to that, at least, you are not a truthful man."

Following cross-examination of Mr McColl by QC Paul McBride, four charges against Mr Sheridan and his wife were dropped.

"The deleted allegations stated Mr Sheridan had lied at the 2006 defamation action when he said there had been 'no event' at the Moat House Hotel on 14 June 2002, where he was alleged to have had sex with a woman called Beverley Dixon..." (Timeline: Sheridan trial week eight )

Tommy Sheridan. Website for this image

The spooks like to infiltrate political parties.

It is quite possible that many of the top people in the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) work for the security services.

Tommy Sheridan is a Scottish socialist politician.

He is one of two co-convenors of the left-wing Scottish political party Solidarity.

He was the convenor of the Scottish Socialist Party, but in 2004 he was asked to resign from this post, by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.[1]

The News of the World then alleged that Sheridan had visited a swingers clubs in Manchester and engaged in adulterous affairs with two women.[11]

Sheridan, who claims to be a teetotaller, reportedly drank champagne and consumed cocaine during an extramarital liaison.

In 2006 Tommy Sheridan won an action for defamation against the News of the World.

On 10 October 2006, BBC News reported that Grampian Police were investigating a claim by Fiona McGuire, who had been a witness in the trial for the News of the World, that she had received a death threat through the post. [19]

On 26 August 2007, the Sunday Herald reported that John Lynn had been questioned by detectives about allegations of witness tampering.

Lynn is reportedly an associate of Paul Ferris, a former Glasgow gangster, who has become friendly with Sheridan.

The report said Helen Allison, who claimed in court that she saw Sheridan having sex in a Glasgow hotel, had been approached by Lynn who asked her not to give evidence. Lynn was once jailed for 17 years for shooting an Ulster barman.[20]

In October 2006, the News of the World published what it claimed was a video recording of Tommy Sheridan admitting he visited a swingers club in Manchester on two occasions and that he (Sheridan) admitted this at an Executive meeting of the SSP.

The tape had been made using a hidden camera by SSP member George McNeillage in McNeillage's house after he invited Sheridan there. McNeillage had been one of three best men at Sheridan's wedding. [21]

Tommy Sheridan does not appear on the video at any time.

The newspaper has not been able to produce any images from the video showing Sheridan's face and Sheridan says the video is a fake.

Sheridan agrees his voice is on the tape but suggests it was "spliced" with clips of someone else's. [1]

The News of the World claimed four independent voice analysts confirmed that the voice on the tape is Tommy Sheridan's.[22]

But in an interview with the BBC a forensic speech scientist, Peter French, said: "Experts should never say conclusively they have identified a person and this kind of evidence should never solely be used to bring a criminal trial".[23]

Sheridan then suggested that MI5, the Bush government, the SSP and Rupert Murdoch conspired to concoct the videotape to undermine his campaign for an independent socialist Scotland.[24]

In 2007, Tommy Sheridan was charged with perjury.

In October 2010, he appeared together with his wife at a trial for perjury related to the 2006 court case.

Sheridan claims he is the 'victim of an MI5 plot' - The Scotsman

Tommy Sheridan has suggested that MI5 and Rupert Murdoch had conspired to concoct the famous videotape.

In a political rally, Tommy Sheridan claimed that the video allegedly showing him admitting to visiting the swingers club was "utterly untrue".

"I said I was the victim of the mother of all stitch-ups," he said. "I don't think there is anyone in Scotland who can doubt that this has been an attempted stitch-up from day one.

"But it's a stitch-up that has unravelled. I say here today that the News of the World have tried to produce, in collusion with others, dodgy minutes, dodgy tapes and dodgy geezers to make allegations against me.

"They are completely and utterly untrue. We beat them in court and that is what they can't stand - because they were humiliated...

"Just as Freddie Starr did not eat his hamster, then the video has been concocted, manufactured and presented...

"I would not be surprised if the state is involved.

"The state has a fine history of trying to destabilise and undermine socialist movements or trade union struggles. When the history of this whole episode is written about, I think you'll find that MI5 was involved."

Sheridan claimed the video tape was as genuine as footage of Elvis Presley jamming with Noel Gallagher.

Sheridan claimed he had never been in the house where the video was filmed.

He said there was more than one voice on the tape, proving it had "clearly" been spliced "on several occasions".

Is Tommy Sheridan working for the spooks, or is he being undermined by the spooks?

The Trouble with Tommy - Sheridan's rhetoric made him a formidable ...


UK politician Tommy Sheridan opposed the Iraq War and now he is likely to be sent to jail for allegedly lying about an alleged visit to a sex club.

Some people think the evidence against him was faked by the spooks and Rupert Murdoch's News of the World.

In the above video Des McLean impersonates Tommy Sheridan.

In Sheridan's recent trial, a video, claiming to involve the voice of Tommy Sheridan, was used in evidence.

In the video, a Sheridan-like voice is heard admitting to having attended sex clubs.

The trial judge Lord Bracadale decided to prevent Scottish comic Des McLean from giving evidence.

Sheridan denied the voice on the video was his and said there was no scientific evidence to prove that it was.

Sheridan's legal team believe that the jury should have been allowed to witness McLean's impersonation skills in court.

The News of the World claimed that Sheridan visited a sex club in Manchester.

In 2006 Sheridan won an action for defamation against Rupert Murdoch's News of the World and was awarded £200,000 damages.

In 2007, he was charged with perjury, for allegedly having told lies to the court in the defamation case.[3]

In December 2010, Sheridan was found guilty.

However, we learn on 26 December 2010 that Tommy Sheridan is bidding to quash the guilty verdict

Tommy Sheridan is to appeal against his conviction for perjury.

Sheridan is to claim that "key witnesses" were blocked from speaking at the trial.

He will also claim that crucial e-mails were withheld from his defence lawyers.

These e-mails were sent between the News of the World and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

Mulcaire was jailed in 2007 after it was found he was hacking into the phones of top people.

Former UK government minister Tom Watson, part of a parliamentary committee probing the hacking allegations, refers to a "highly suspicious" claim at Sheridan's trial by Scottish News of the World editor Bob Bird that e-mails sent about the newspaper's investigation into Sheridan had been lost.

Sheridan will also point out that defence lawyers were stopped from quizzing Mulcaire during the trial, after Mulcaire was excused from giving evidence due to a doctor's note.

Sheridan's lawyers will also say that excusing former escort girl Fiona McGuire from giving evidence, on the grounds of illness, hurt Sheridan's case.

McGuire had alleged she had a five-in-a-bed orgy with Sheridan at an Aberdeen hotel.




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