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Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva.

Does Vladimir Putin sleep with boys?

Has Vladimir Putin had a son by the youthful gymnast Alina Kabaeva?

Putin has taken holidays with Prince Albert II of Monaco, who was once rumoured to be bisexual. (Gay Russians claim bare-chested Putin as one of their own.)

According to Alexander Litvinenko, "Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security Directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys." (Conspiracy Planet - Killer Spooks - The Kremlin Pedophile)

Most likely, certain Jewish oligarchs are trying to discredit Vladimir Putin.

Some things are improving in Russia.

Between 1998 and 2009, the number of Russian households below the poverty line dropped from 38% to 3%. (Poverty in Russia Disappears in a Remarkable Manner - English ...)

On 7 November 2010, we learn that, in Russia, shadowy forces are allegedly using 'Cosa Nostra' tactics to block 'reform' (or to deal with allegedly corrupt Jewish oligarchs).

Jewish newspaper magnate Alexander Lebedev accuses shadowy forces.

Jewish oligarch Lebedev and VladimirPutin

Billionaire Jewish Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev owns the London Evening Stan­dard and the UK's Independent.

He also owns a third of airline Aeroflot, and is part owner of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, one of whose journalists,
Anna Politkovskaya, was assassinated.

Lebedev is a former officer in the KGB, and its successor the FSB.

In 2008, Mikhail Gorbachev announced he was going to make a comeback to Russian politics along with Lebedev, their party to be called the
Independent Democratic Party of Russia.


Recently, 200 armed police raided Lebedev's Moscow bank.

Lebedev then flew out of Russia.

Lebedev says that the raid is one in a series of incidents aimed at intimidating him.

Another such incident was the 2008 publication, in one of Lebedev's Russian papers, of claims of an affair between Vladimir Putin and the 24 year old Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

Lebedev said agents from the the FSB (KGB) suggested he might suffer the same fate as Anna Politkovskaya, the campaigning Russian journalist who was assassinated.

Vladimir Putin

The report in Lebedev's Moscow Korrespondent newspaper in 2008 said Putin was going to marry Alina Kabaeva.

Lebedev now claims the story was planted without his knowledge.

Lebedev says he fears suffering the same fate as Jewish Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodor­kovsky.

Khodorovsky is in a Siberian jail on tax, theft and money-laundering charges.

The raid on Lebedev’s National Reserve Bank (NRB) was reportedly part of a fraud investigation.

Yuri Luzhkov, the powerful and very wealthy former Moscow mayor, is an enemy of Lebedev.

Luzhkov is also an enemy of Putin.

Lebedev blames Luzhkov for starting the rumour that Putin's marriage to wife Lyudmila is in trouble. (dailymail.x)

Journalist Oleg Kashin "was a leading force in circulating a rumor on RuNet about Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's wife, Lyudmila, retreating to a monastery"

On 7 November 2010, Oleg Kashin remained hospitalized in critical condition after a savage beating that broke his jaw, fingers and a leg. (Kommersant Reporter Is Badly Beaten)‎

Famous Russian model Irina Sheik.

During the Yeltsin era, the Russian government allegedly allowed certain Jews to steal a lot of the countries wealth.

"The fact is that Yeltsin was a hired tool whose job it was to turn Russia's wealth over to the same cartel of Jewish racketeers who controlled Clinton." (Digg - Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin dies)

The Jewish Russian mafia are very big.

For example, in Italy, prosecutors reported:

"Representatives of the Russian mafia in 2008 formed an alliance with local (criminal groups, including the Cosa Nostra)" and took under joint control "practically 100 percent of the agricultural enterprises of Italy and at the same time practically all shippers, both international and domestic." ('Russian Mafia' Abroad Now 300000 Strong.)

Vladimir Putin has visited Berlusconi in Italy. (Twelfth Bough: Putin and Berlusconi)

Putin and Ehud Barak, 2000.

What about relations between Russia and Israel? (Israel–Russia relations - Wikipedia)

Russian is the third most widely spoken first language in Israel, (after Hebrew and Arabic)

From late 1944, Stalin adopted a pro-Zionist foreign policy.

Weapons sent from the Soviet bloc to israel were crucial to Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

In 2006, Israeli troops reportedly found evidence of Russian-made Kornet-E and Metis-M anti-tank systems in Hizbullah's possession in southern Lebanon.

On 6 September 2010, Russia and Israel signed a five year military agreement.[9][10]

In October 2010, Israeli Aerospace Industries signed a $400 million agreement to sell UAVs to Russia.

The drones will be assembled in Russia.[11] (Israel–Russia relations - Wikipedia)

In 2000, it was estimated that nearly 50% of Russia's economy was linked with organized crime. [2][3]

Putin has attacked crime-ridden Russia

In 2002, Vladimir Putin said that organised crime was still controlling large parts of Russia's economy - and not enough was being done to combat it.

Putin said that Russia's businessmen were "being squeezed by criminal activity on the one side... and illegal government activity," on the other.

Law enforcement agencies were accused of "feebleness"

Putin said the police should crack down on corrupt officials as well as the mafia.




Anonymous said...

if russia is serious it needs to adopt the tactics of israel

the day i see a plane full of israeli elites crash is the day i'll believe certain of it's enemies really are it's enemies

Anonymous said...

Never before seeing a picture of Lebedev, i am grateful for this post.
My gut tells me Lebedev is homosexual/bisexual. Just from looking at his impeccable attire and grooming.
w v hadic

A. Peasant said...

the body language in the photo of lebedev and putin is very interesting. even though lebedev towers over putin in height, it seems that putin is in full control.

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