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American trained special forces, who target Christians and churches.

False flag operations are a speciality of the regiment called Kopassus.

Kopassus has had close links to the Pentagon, Australian special forces, Israel's Mossad, and UK special forces.

Obama boasts of aiding Kopassus.

In 2003, Australian academic Dr Damien Kingsbury wrote:

"Kopassus... set up the Islamic organisation Komando Jihad that hijacked the plane in 1981 and which has since emerged as Jemaah Islamiah." (We must not get back in bed with Kopassus -

Allan Nairn, at Global Research, 10 November 210, wrote about US Backed Special Forces Engaged in "Murder and Abduction"

According to Allan Nairn:

Secret documents have leaked from inside Kopassus.

These show that Indonesia's US-backed Kopassus regiment targets churches.

And Kopassus is involved in kidnap and murder.

The leaked documents include a Kopassus enemies list.

This is headed by a top Christian minister.

Kopassus is particularly active in West Papua, where tens of thousands of civilians have been murdered - by the military.

West Papua is where you find the US mining giant Freeport McMoRan, linked to Henry Kissinger.

A 25-page secret report, by a Kopassus force in Papua, defines Kopassus' number-one "enemy" as unarmed civilians.

These include the head of the Baptist Synod of Papua and evangelical ministers.

In Indonesia the 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters, Moslem gangsters and the American trained military.

The Coker Gang is a group of Indonesian gangsters who are of the Christian faith.

In 2002, Berty Loupatty, the leader of the Christian Coker gang, surrendered to the police.

This led to revelations about the alleged role of Kopassus, the army's special forces, in the terror in Indonesia. (

Berty Loupatty claims that most of the terror in Maluku was stage-managed by the military.

Tempo Magazine gained access to police reports, revealing that Coker was involved in at least 13 incidents, 9 of which included members of Kopassus. [Tempo No. 46, 19 January 2003].

Christian Rahayaan, a lawyer for Coker, told the press:

'During questioning, members of the Coker gang said Kopassus soldiers gave them directives, weapons and bombs to carry out every attack (in 2002).

'It's clear that the unrest in Maluku is the work of provocateurs.

'They use the pretext to create the impression that without the military, Maluku won't be safe'.

(AFP, 8 January 2003)

"According to police reports Coker was involved in the destruction of a public transport terminal on 27 August 2001, killing 2 persons and wounding 16. A month later the Christian militia group placed a bomb in a minibus, killing one person.

"On 12 November 2001, supported by a Kopassus member called Ridwan, Coker members planted a bomb in an electronics shop killing 3 persons.

"Just before Christmas Day 2001 they exploded a bomb on a ferry carrying hundreds of passengers, heading towards the Galala harbour in Ambon. The ferry sank, 4 people were killed and scores were wounded.

The Kopassus member involved was known as Dio.

"Together with Kopassus troops, Coker launched attacks on the villages of Portho and Haria on 10 April and 8 May 2002, with the intention of provoking the villagers to fight each other.

"The most vicious combined operation of Coker and Kopassus was the attack on the village of Soya... 22 houses were destroyed by fire, as well as the historic church of Soya built during Portuguese times and 12 people were killed. The Soya bloodbath created new tensions between Muslim and Christian communities.

"It is now clear that the attack was not the work of Muslim warriors as was thought at the time but an attack by a Christian militia gang together with Kopassus units."

Much more here: The 'terrorism' is often linked to Christian gangsters ...

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Anonymous said...

This is the Judeo Masonic cabal at work. These people are not Christian. They hate Christians and want to destroy Christianity. What a surprise that the Jewish temples are never attacked or when they are targeted, usually there is no fatalities.

Anonymous said...

Christianity/religion is another elites' creation. Deceit against deceit, illusion against illusion. Go figure if u have at least half a brain.


Anonymous said...

"It is now clear that the attack was not the work of Muslim warriors as was thought at the time but an attack by a Christian militia gang together with Kopassus units."

it is clear. muslim is not terrorist.

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