Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Oh What Fun by Fiona MacGinty-O’Neill from Coole, Ireland


chuckyman said...

I like Max Keiser’s plan – convict the criminals. I watched that video earlier today Aangirfan and not an hour later I came across this article about ordinary folks marching on Sean Fitzpatrick’s house (one of the names Max mentions). The only thing missing was pitchforks.

You can always tell the Irish – but you can’t tell us much (grin). There has always been a certain leeway that our ‘leaders’ have abused. That grace zone is nearing an end and it won’t be pretty when it happens.

ventopiumoso said...

Irish, Portugal.. it is clear that for some years, Europe is a land of conquest, in particular the Euro area.

In Italy, it is expected to sell-off of all the sell-offable. Come on, within 2-3 years, here in Europe will be a desert of smoking rubble.

The absurd is that we must hope the American consumers, whose insanity has its origin in part to the economic crisis (yes, I know, banks, hawks, etc.)..

To delay bankruptcy, no more.

Or not, maybe we will avoid the bankruptcy, but with unemployment at 30? 40? percent, 1/ 3? more? in poverty, public goods entirely privatized, precarious life ..

Wow .. thanks friedman, hayek, neo-capitalism, thanks European center-lefts.. in Italy were the first and largest privatizers of wealth, services, jobs, ..more than this horrible berlusconian-fascist-racist right

shit shit shit!

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