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Italian paramilitary police outside a church in Siderno. This is the funeral of the Pergola brothers, killed in Germany, in a mafia slaying. Siderno is a base for the ‘ndrangheta crime group, which operates worldwide, and which is bigger than the other Italian mafias. In 2007, Italy's Eurispes institute estimated that the 'Ndrangheta's turnover from trafficking in cocaine and arms, prostitution, and extortion amounted to around $56 billion a year – 2.9 percent of Italy's gross domestic product. Photo: Pier Paolo Cito, AP

Hubris ( was the first to get all the Quiz answers correct.

Nobody ( also got all the questions correct.

Nobody writes: "As for Cercle Pinay, I've only ever seen it mentioned over at ISGP thick in a discussion of Belgian paedophiles etc. Is it poor of me to assume that 'Le Cercle' = 'pack of paedophiles'?"

Everyone else got it almost all correct.

Aferrismon ( noted that 'the girl in the blue bikini looks as if she is sporting the Kazakh flag on her backside.'

Stef ( posted a link about the Ditchley Foundation

And noted that "Pauline Neville-Jones and Shami Chakrabarti are in the same secretive little club - who would have thought it?

"And Betty Rubble's is a natural kind of Beauty which scorns peroxide and implants.

"And here's a link to that chilling DIY nuclear bomb manual discovered by the BBC's John Simpson...

('Any left over Plutonium dust is excellent as an insect repellant. You may wish to keep the substance in a lead box if you can find one in your local junk yard, but an old coffee can will do nicely')

"Which makes Simpson either an MI6 stooge or a complete divot, or both. Either of which, in a decent world, should see Simpson out on his rear end."

Farah Hanini ( is very well informed; and a look at the photos on her blog, is highly recommended.

The always entertaining Joe ( wrote: "You broke my heart, Fredo."

(A) Actor

(B) CIA boss Panetta, whose parents come from Siderno


Which of the above is Domenico Prochilo, reportedly arrested in Siderno in Calabria in Italy, in July 2010, in connection with 'Ndrangheta (Mafia) activities?

The correct answer is C

Siderno is home to one of the 'Ndrangheta's biggest and most important clans, the Commisso 'ndrina, heavily involved in the global cocaine business and money laundering. [6]

The parents of CIA boss Leon Panetta, Carmelo Frank Panetta and Carmelina Prochilo, both come from Siderno.


Alan Duncan, who worked, from 1982 to 1988, for Marc Rich. Alan Duncan's domestic partner is James Dunseath.

To which small secretive organisation, set up by a former Prime Minister, have all of the following been linked:

Alan Duncan (UK Minister for International Development), William Casey (former Director CIA), William Colby (former Director CIA), Allen Dulles (CIA), Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Paul Volcker, Stephen Lander (MI5 boss) , Richard Nixon, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Giulio Andreotti (linked to P2), Prince Turki Al-Faisal, Otto von Habsburg, General Richard Stilwell (linked to Operation Gladio),

(A) The Knitting Circle

(B) The Pinny Circle

(C) The Pinay Circle

The correct answer is (C)

3. "To the casual observer she might look like nothing more than a drugs baron’s moll, happily flaunting her wealth and power."

The girl with the golden gun (from the private collection of Saddam) is the daughter of which one of the following:

(A) Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman

(B) Britain’s MI6 spy chief Sir John Sawers

(C) the Pope.

The correct answer is B


Which is correct:

(A) Mark Regev was born Mark Freiberg in Melbourne.

(B) Benjamin Netanyahu speaks with a Boston accent.

(C) Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Jew.



Which is correct:

(A) The BBC is run by the people who carried out the 9 11 attacks. (See video above, and SPOOKY JOURNALISTS)

(B) 'Taliban nuclear documents' found by BBC reporter John Simpson were identical to a spoof article published in 1979 as a humour piece by The Journal of Irreproducible Results. (SPOOKY JOURNALISTS)

(C) The BBC broadcast an invented story that Indonesian communists were planning to slaughter the citizens of Jakarta. (SPOOKY JOURNALISTS)

All three (A,B & C) would appear to be correct.

6. Which of the following is Elizabeth 'Betty' Jean Rubble (née McBricker):



(A) is correct.



aferrismoon said...

Re: Betty Rubble we have deflected pedophilia:-

This from :'The Cereal Box Conspiracy Against the Developing Mind' - Michelle Handelman & Monte Cazzana.

""Cereal boxes are designed to hold young ones in thrall as they progress through the normal transitory stages of orality and anality. The symbol of consumption - the open mouth - is found on nearly every box. More subliminally , symbols of the act of excretion on such products as Cookie Crisps, Corn Pops, and the aptly named Cocoa Pebbles. Cookie Crisp gives us a lip0smacking bandit with a tongue sticking out of a stretching mouth, Cocoa Pebbles is even less subtle. Barney and Fred are placed on opposite sides of a large bowl containing the chocolate cocoa pebbles. The first perversion comes with the concept of Barney and Fred engaging in a menage-a-trois in oral consumption of Pebbles [ the name of Fred's daughter]. The clincher is in the giant cereal bowl before them with a hole bored out in the center with the aid of Barney's "drill". From that sphincterish hole, large brown blobs are shitted out."

So poor Betty and Wilma don't know that they're menfolk are engaging in eating children.

It seems that they really work on the children from word 'go'.

The article also points out that the concept of exclusivity is promoted via limited offer gifts etc.

I collected some of the more sexually [ generally anally] oriented cereal boxes at my post

Coco pops and milk, yeeeuch!

Neverthless after cereal box comes TV box and both products link together as many cereals promote the latest film.

U must check out the Cousin It flashlight.


Anonymous said...

Take your time to check this out, Aangirfan.

If we want to stop the world elite from enslaving us further, we must hurt their economic interests.

A great deal of their political power and influence is directly proportional to how wealthy they are, therefore, educating others about this, while personally doing, at least, some of the following would severely hurt them:

do not join the armed forces of your country, or the police.

do not have your money in their banks.

do not shop at their shops or buy their poducts.

In fact, some of the things are easier said than done since we all rely on a certain lifestyle where convenience and comfort are key concepts.

Breaking our habits is easiest when we have altrenatives in mind.

Find out who is behind every product you buy for your household, from your car, to your gas, to your tv, to your personal hygiene products.

Check which grain & cereals, meat, cosmetics and pills you are buying (find out who you are unwittingly endorsing!).

You can stop the "dirty money".

Let us all stop the elite and their obnoxious policies!

Boycott the New World Order elite!

Seriously focus on finding alternatives and pass the word!

If you want to read further,

Sabretache said...

Ref Nobody and Cercle Pinay: The ISGP site is dormant and no longer up at its original domain. It's author Joel Van der Reijden warned of its demise several times through the early part of this year.

FI it is archived in full at:


Farahanani Amhazali said...


done some digging at google.

nobody said...

Thanks Tache, funnily enough Aang and I had a chat about this a little while back and the schoolgirls thoughtfully pointed me at a Czech proxy site. This was important because I link to it on my front page. Anyway mate, between Berkshire and Czechoslovakia, you win, so why don't I link to your archive?

And is all that wikispooks gear your own work mate? Good God, very impressive, bravo. And no wonder there's been not much going on at your blog.

Okay then, it seems there's nothing for it but for me to link to the site proper.

Perhaps I should drop you a line? Like everyone, I've got a ton of resources that could be uploaded and then pointed to whenever we mention it.

Sabretache said...


Started Wikispooks end of May. All my own work to date. 50 odd registered users but only about 5 articles in total from them to date.

I do it as a sort of therapy. It's clear as crystal to me that the prospects of worthwhile change are zero - short of cataclysmic events that force it. The catalyst could be resource constraints compounded by population growth; but sure as hell those hidden holders of power will do absolutely anything to hang on to it. My guess is that those constraints were sussed and planned for a long time ago and, whilst still galloping full tilt on the old paradigms, there's a cliff edge dead ahead which they are fully aware of.

What else can you do but try to make others aware of the gross calculated deceptions and sheer Machiavellian viciousness of the string-pullers?

Anything you've got that fits the general thrust of WikiSpooks will be most welcome - same goes for anyone else reading this.

Frankly I'd love to get it to the stage of maybe 4-10 people controlling it jointly as it develops, rather than just me. That way it will probably develop as less of a personal hobby-horse and be better for it. I'm certainly not looking for anything from it myself, other than to disseminate forbidden info as widely as possible.

By all means link away - and if you fancy authoring anything just register and do it. Wikitext markup can be soon mastered. - or send attachments by email to the contact address on WS - encrypted if you like.

BTW its Derbyshire - with the site hosted in Ireland.

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