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Palestinians driven from their land by Jewish terrorists.

Palestine needs a leader like Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew.

With such a leader, the Palestinians might become prosperous and might avoid letting their land be dominated by Moslem gangsters, secretly backed by Israel.

Mossad is said to have infiltrated both Fatah and Hamas.

Most of the violence attributed to the Palestinians is said to be orchestrated by Mossad.

(Abu Nidal is reported to have been a Mossad Terrorist / aangirfan: Abu Nidal reportedly worked for the CIA and MOSSAD / Hamas is a Creation of Mossad)

Hamas grew out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has long done the dirty work of the CIA and MI6.

Israelis seem to want a clash of civilisations.

In the past, Jews, Moslems and Christians have lived together peacefully in Palestine.

In 1919, the Emir Faisal of Mecca (later King of Iraq, 1921-33) said, on the subjects of Jews returning to Palestine ( History Today):

"We Arabs ... will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home...

"There is room for us both.

"Indeed, I think that none of us can be successful without the other."

It should be noted of course that most of the Israeli Jews who entered Palestine-Israel are not the Jews of the Bible.

The Palestinians are most likely the original Jews.

Deir Yassin Massacre 1948

Many of the Jews who came from Europe to invade Palestine had a fascist philosophy.

In 1940, the Jewish Stern Gang (Lehi) proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. (Lehi (group) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Jews from Europe used terrorism to drive the Palestinians off their land.

The Deir Yassin Massacre was carried out by Jewish terrorists.

At Deir Yassin: "Some of the victims were decapitated."

52 children were killed and mutilated in front of their mothers.

"25 pregnant women were cut open at the wombs and their babies were cut to pieces in front of their dying mothers." (WHY OUR LEADERS LOVE ISRAEL)

Deir Yassin was one of many Jewish terror attacks.

Israel apparently plans future wars.

On 10/10/10, Peter Hitchens, who has Jewish origins, writes, in The Mail On Sunday, about Gaza. (Lattes, beach barbecues (and dodging missiles) in the world's biggest prison camp )

Hitchens refers to Gaza's dispiriting slums and people living on the edge of subsistence.

Hitchens reports that:

1. Israeli soldiers can and do act with crude brutality.

2. Israeli settlers can and do steal Arab water.

3. Israeli settlers do drive Arabs off their land.

4. Israeli politicians are often coarse and insensitive.

5. Israel's seizure of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 was a blunder, made worse by later folly.

6. Gaza's southern frontier is with Egypt. And Cairo is as anxious as Israel to seal in the Muslim militants of Hamas.

Hitchens refers to:

1. A rather pleasant establishment in Gaza where young women wear bright make-up and colourful silken hijabs.

2. The rich elite living in magnificent villas.

What about the refugees?

The United Arab Emirates have paid for a smart new housing estate with a view of the Mediterranean.

According to Hitchens, this shows what could happen if the Arab world cared as much as it says it does about Gaza.

Hitchens visited the West Bank.

He was received with great hospitality in Arab homes – "a level of generosity that should make Western people ashamed of their cold, neighbour-hating cities."

An Arab intellectual, sitting in a Gaza cafe, told Hitchens of the happy days when Gazan women used to wear short skirts (now they all wear shrouds and veils) and you could get a beer by the beach.



Anonymous said...

i didn't know hitchens was jewish

he writes some good stuff, though also tows the line sometimes

perhaps the good brother has a conscience while the other dies an alcoholic full of self hate and loathing

i hope so

Anonymous said...

this death has spook written all over it

they enjoy slaughtering white attractive blonde haired women: gets the slaves nicely worked up against those nasty muslims

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