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"The aim of the Alice in Wonderland or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee." - CIA torture guide dated July 1963. (Cached ) "CIA programming themes include ... Alice in Wonderland." (Cached)

The Tea Party movement seems to be run by the CIA?

In the USA, the Tea Party movement got its name back in February 2009.

(Taking America back - Edward Luce, in the FT, 30 October 2010)

The Tea Party people are angry about the $700bn Wall Street bailout, about the 'socialist' idea of helping the 'undeserving' poor and about threats to the divinely inspired US Constitution, God's gift to the world.

According to Ronald Dworkin, 'a leading constitutional scholar' at New York University, "the Constitution was a product of the Enlightenment, which took society away from religion, not towards it."

Dworkin points out that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, owned slaves.

George Washington was a freemason.

According to some in the Tea Party, the USA was a wonderful place until about 1900.

The Tea Party people do not like Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson created the US Federal Reserve and passed an amendment to allow the central government in Washington to collect income taxes.

So, the Tea Party is good in parts.

Americans murder Philippinos

But, it does not seem to know the truth about what happened before 1900:

1. The slaughter by White Americans of American Indians.

By 1891, "through ruthless genocide carried out by the United States Government, the native population of the U.S. had been reduced to 2.5% of its original numbers and 98% of Indian land had already been stolen, almost all in violation of legally binding treaties." (MAKING THE WORLD SAFE FOR HYPOCRISY: The American History.)

2. The lynching by White Americans of innocent Black Americans.

3. The murder of up to one million Philippinos by US troops.

And the Tea Party keeps quiet about events after 1900:

Operation Northwoods,

Operation Gladio,

Operation Mockingbird,

Operation Cyclone,

Operation Paperclip,

Operation Chaos,

and 9 11.

The Koch family are the biggest financial backers of the Tea Party.

Fred Koch and his sons "are on lists of Jewish billionaires, and Fred "made his fortune building refineries... for Josef Stalin". ( - The Zionist Billionaires.)

The Tea Party has its own sex scandals:

A Tea Party U.S. Senate candidate stands accused of sex with a kid he met at church.

There is an anonymous article, entitled “I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell:”

And in South Carolina there is a Tea Party sex scandal -

And what about the war?

"Tea Party darling Sarah Palin has issued a major foreign policy statement on her Facebook page taking a generally hawkish neocon line.

"She wants, for example, to eliminate the withdrawal timetable for US troops in Afghanistan and presses for support of that war, along with other aggressive measures." (Cached)


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