Friday, October 29, 2010


South African president Jacob Zuma

Africa is becoming more like the USA and Europe?

In 2004, Edward Clay, the UK high commissioner in Kenya, said that corrupt Kenyan officials were "eating like gluttons" and "vomiting on the shoes" of donors. (UK Kenya envoy's comments justified?)

In South Africa, in October 2010, politically connected businessman Kenny Kunene spent a vast fortune on his 40th birthday.

Top people connected to President Jacob Zuma's government attended the party, where women 'dressed only in underwear' clung to Kunene's arm. (Elite 'spitting in faces of poor' - Sowetan LIVE)

Zwelinzima Vavi was at one time a child labourer.

Now he is General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

He has just crticised some of South Africa's "predatory elite" for "spitting in the faces of the poor" while guzzling "sushi... served from the bodies of half naked ladies."

Vavi's comments target wealthy relatives of both President Zuma and Nelson Mandela.

Julius Malema, a top man in President Zuma's party, is one of those alleged to have been using his position to win lucrative government contracts for several private companies that he runs, or used to run. (South African power broker Malema condemns 'smears')

According to Trade Unions boss Vavi, "Why sweat, when political connections and greasing the hand of those in political office can make you an instant billionaire? We are rewarding laziness, greed and corruption and discouraging hard work, honesty and integrity." (Spit, sushi, and the battle for South Africa's future)


AnnoyingJoe said...

Or is the USA becoming more like S. Africa?

Anonymous said...


you summed it up perfectly.
or maybe you could say it is an arranged marriage, with an inexperienced marriage broker.

a friend of mine living in the transkei trying to keep farming alive and introduce skills was almost weeping when he asked me where the asteroid was.
he goes to these offices of these familial fat cats, who eat whilst they talk to you, with their guts hanging over their pants, their crocodile shoes flashing a dead stare. with a page full of tenders on the desk in front of them, and not one of those chosen will have anything to do with competence or prudence.

he will be giving a talk at an indaba next week. he says this is how fucked it up it is - its a conference on sustainability and it is being held in the most expensive venue in the richest area. sick sick sick.

he says he is going in to this huge gathering with no power point or even notes.
he just wants to get up there and say when did you people forget about the dignity of the woman in the hut.
if you don't put all your attention back there - then you will forever be doomed.

and guess what, they will never look there, the food is too good, the floozies too cheap, and the power too strong......


and i live here.

asteroid coming in - could we be so bloodie lucky.

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