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70 million deaths under Mao.

At a time of great poverty and hunger in Mao's China, a boy stole a handful of grain.

The local communist boss called in the lad's father.

The boss forced the father to kill his son by burying him alive.

The father died of grief a few days later. (Chinese History: The Great Leap Backward)

The Number One Holocaust began when Mao came to power.

In 1949, up to a million Chinese were described as 'enemies of the people' and were murdered.

At 'accusation meetings', 'enemies of the people' were tortured and executed.

Their land and assets were given to local thugs.

"When it comes to the ways in which people are killed, some are buried alive, some are executed, some are cut to pieces, and among those who are strangled or mangled to death, some of the bodies are hung from trees or doors." (Chinese History: The Great Leap Backward)

Mao's Great Leap Forward, from 1958 to 1962, meant that people became slaves working for the rich elite.

People lost their homes and land to the state.

Chairman Mao was responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million people between 1958 and 1962.

Between two and three million victims were tortured to death or summarily killed. (Chinese History: The Great Leap Backward)

A hungry Wang Ziyou dug up a potato and was punished.

One of his ears was chopped off, a ten-kilo stone was dropped on his back and then he was branded.

Those who were too ill to work were not allowed any food.

Lenin had said: 'He who does not work shall not eat.'

In 1959, Mao said: 'When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill.'

(Source: Frank Dik├Âtter, Professor of Humanities at the University of Hong Kong. His latest book is Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, Bloomsbury, 2010(Chinese History: The Great Leap Backward).

Mao was the classic bully, the classic psychopath and the classic Mafia-Fascist.

According to Jung Chang's and Jon Halliday's 'Mao, the Unknown Story', Mau was responsible for '70 million deaths, more than any other 20th-century leader'.

Mao was an incompetent leader.

He was only interested in sex and money and power for himself.

The Economist identifies 4 key ingredients in Mao's bad management of China. ( Staying at the top Mao and the art of management ) :

1. A powerful, mendacious slogan.

This is all about conning you.

Mao's slogans included: 'serve the people' and 'let a hundred flowers bloom'.

Hitler had the slogan 'God with us'. Stalin had the slogan: 'Life has become more joyous, Comrades!' Bush and Blair have talked about a 'war on terror'.

This is all about conning you.

Mao was a fake.

Michael Yahuda wrote ( Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... ) 'the fabled crossing of the Dadu chain bridge, when, according to Mao, his heroic soldiers managed to cross the narrow bridge against heavy machine-gun fire, is shown to be a complete invention.'

In the real China, under Mau, 'economic growth was pathetic and living conditions were wretched.' (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management )

The real Mao liked sexual activity with the 'handsome young men in his guard who put him to bed.' (EveryMao).

Mao liked boys.

In 1994, Mao Zedong's personal physician, Dr. Li Zhisui, published The Private Life of Chairman Mao.

According to Li Zhisui, young virgin peasant girls were brought to Mao for sex, often group sex. (Book Review - Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine).

Mau like young girls.

According to The Economist, 'Mao lived like an emperor, carried on litters by peasants, surrounded by concubines and placated by everyone.' Staying at the top Mao and the art of management

Michael Yahuda, in The Guardian 4 June 2005, wrote: "Mao ... disdained the peasants...

"He is shown during his command of armed forces in the countryside in the late 1920s and early 30s to have lived off the produce of the local peasants to the extent of leaving them destitute...

"He derived a sadistic pleasure from seeing people put to death in horrible ways." - Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ...

Victims of Stalin's Holocaust

2. Ruthless media manipulation

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

Mao was able to control what people thought about him.

The Economist asks: "So why did a vast list of Western political, military and academic leaders accept the value of Mao's brand at his own estimation?" (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

According to The economist, Mao "talked only to sycophantic journalists and his appeal in the West came mainly from hagiographies written by reporters whose careers were built on the access they had to him."

Mao grew opium and made money from selling it.

This helped to enriched top people and make Mau popular.

In at least one year he made $60 million.

(Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... ) (NYFWH 15: Mao Zedong's Opium, Manhattan Project, Gagarin ...)


3. Activity substituting for achievement
This is all about seducing and bribing you.

Politicians and company bosses like people to think that they have a plan.

They like you to think the plan will solve all your problems.

Mao had lots of plans.

"From the Anti-Rightist Movement of the late 1950s to the Great Leap Forward, a failed agricultural and industrial experiment in the early 1960s, to the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s, Mao was never short of a plan." (Staying at the top Mao and the art of management )

This is all about seducing and bribing you.

But, as with Bush and Blair, there were problems.

According to The Economist, under Mao, "Policies were poor, execution dreadful and leadership misdirected... The business equivalent of this is restructuring..."

Holocaust - the killing of American Indians

4. Sacrifice of friends and colleagues

This is all about intimidating you

According to Chang and Halliday, a doctor who saved Mau's life was left to die on a prison floor after being falsely accused of disloyalty.

Mao jailed or killed, or 'psychologically crushed' his opponents.

According to Michael Yahuda, during the Cultural Revolution Mau watched films of his colleagues being tortured. (Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... )

This is all about intimidating you.

Michael Yahuda wrote that Mau "consciously used terror as a means to enforce his will on the party and on the people who came under his rule.

"In the course of the Long March, Mao is shown to have had no qualms in sacrificing thousands of scarce fighting men in fruitless diversions to serve no other purpose than to advance his bid for leadership." (Review: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday By ... )


Communist Genocide in Soviet Union - Jewish Bolsheviks Murder 60+ Million in Russia & Ukraine, 1917-1987

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the question one has to ask is why so many bowed down to his bad will and did his dirty work for him?

The same can be asked about Germany, Italy, etc, any country where pyscho despots have grabbed power.

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