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Spain has many fascists. Website for this image

There is a NATO link to the Madrid Bombings of 2004.

In 2003 Richard Sentner, an American intelligence agent linked to NATO, attended a meeting in Madrid with the Director of Spain's National Intelligence Centre, Jorge Dezcallar. (Translate this page)

On 1 March 2004, the Secretary General of NATO visited Spain.

On 4 March 2004, the Madrid Bombings took place.

A few hours before the Madrid Bombings, NATO carried out a terrorism exercise in Madrid. (Translate this page)

"The easiest way to run a false flag attack is under the cover of a military exercise," says Captain Eric H May, a former US intelligence officer.

Former Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, described it as a "coincidence" that, on 4 March 2004, there was an anti-terrorist exercise (CMX-04) in Madrid, finishing just a few hours before the bombings.

The NATO counterterrorism exercise involved an imagined attack which would kill 200 people.

This number is very close to the number of fatalities that occurred in the actual Madrid Bombings.

The 7 July 2005 London Tube Bombings occurred the same day as a government terror exercise.

On the same day of the London bombings Peter Power gave interviews on BBC Radio 5 Live[52] and ITV[53] saying that he was involved in an exercise "based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning". He also gave an interview to the Manchester Evening News where he spoke of "an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real".[54]

On 9 11, there were government terror exercises.

"The chances of a terrorist attack occurs within hours of the completion of anti-terrorist exercises, as in Madrid, or the same day that they are developing, as happened in London (or New York in 2001), is one in millions." (Translate this page)

The airline manifest of Garuda airlines shows that at least two generals from Jakarta travelled to Bali three days before the bombings and that they returned to Jakarta one day before the Sari Club was blown up. (Bali Bomb - inside job.)

This was confirmed by armed forces chief General Sutarto, who claimed that General Djaja Suparman was on vacation, while General Ryamizard Riyacudu, chief of staff, was said to have gone to Bali for health reasons.

General Suparman is allegedly one of the generals behind certain 'Moslem' militias.

He reportedly set up militias to counter student demonstrations in 1998.

One of these militias, Pram Swarkasa, allegedly became Laskar Jihad.





A. Peasant said...

sort of related: CIA tipped off Mugabe on Ecuador


Anonymous said...

When the history of America's decline in the new millennium is written, I imagine scholars will marvel at how much time and effort U.S. leaders spent trying to influence the behavior of enemies who seemed beyond the reach of our threats.... Iran is a case in point. It appears our frequent threats have served mainly to raise that stature of the theocratic Iranian regime at the expense of American credibility in the region....

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