Saturday, October 09, 2010


The struggle for control of the internet. General Keith Alexander is the first boss of USCybercom. Who controls the internet?

Why are Chevron and Oxy leaving Libya?

Pictured: Moment an Israeli motorist runs down a Palestinian boy ...

Mossad 'issued death threats' to Dubai police chief

"To create and control myth for the purposes of taking attention away from military developments." - 'Mirage Men' - Book Review

The Holocaust - Bottomless pond and clown

Drugs: Twelfth Bough: exaggerating the threat as a pretext

China's Wen visits Turkey to boost bilateral ties

Turkey close to its first nuclear power plant

Nato contractors 'attacking own vehicles' in Pakistan

"Many people think they are just misguided, but I'm becoming convinced that the damage they do is deliberate." - The Martyrdom of Miss Snuffy

The Blairite head who sent home the Tory sympathiser who spoke out ...

SNP attack over Gray 'blunder' on council tax

According to "Crimes Against Humanity." :

"Lt Col John B Alexander has expressed admiration for MKULTRA and an interest in using nonlethal weapons for behavior modification."

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