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Daddy avoided getting killed in a stupid war started by militarists, imperialists and bankers.

The military does not defend us.

Prior to World War II, there were many people within UK military intelligence who were fans of Hitler, or working for Stalin.

Maxwell Knight, the model for James Bond's boss M, served as Director of Intelligence of the British Fascists from 1924 to 1927.

Before the start of the Vietnam war, America shipped weapons to Ho Chi Minh. (The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism)

Three of the alleged 9 11 hijackers listed their address on drivers licenses and car registrations as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. (

The Italian military did not prevent the masonic lodge P2 from organising the Bologna Bombing of 1980.

P-2 included within its ranks 195 top military officers. (The Strategy of Tension in Italy

The UK military turned a blind eye to America's links to the IRA.

In November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

There are two sorts of people within the military:

1. The small corrupt elite who know what is going on.

2. The rest.

Edith Cavell

In 1914, Edith Cavell, an English nurse, was running a hospital in Belgium.

Edith took charge of the Belgian Relief Commission which aimed to get food and medical supplies to war-ravaged Belgium.

Allied charities sent huge amounts of food and medicine to Belgium.

Edith discovered that certain people in Britain were making sure all these supplies ended up in the German Empire.

She discovered that
Jewish-owned banks in England were sending money to the Germans to help them buy these supplies.

This was causing famine in Belgium.

Edith wrote a letter of protest to a British magazine The Nursing Mirror, which published the letter on 15 April 1915.

Edith’s letter was shown to Sir William Wiseman, a Jew who was high up in British Intelligence.

Reportedly, Wiseman contacted Max Warburg, the Jew in charge of German Intelligence, and told Warburg to execute Edith as a British spy.

Max Warburg

Wiseman also contacted Max’s brother Paul, the Jewish head of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Thousands of Germans wrote letters to their government demanding that Edith be released.

Americans wrote to the British Red Cross; but the head of the British Red Cross was Robert Cecil, reportedly a Jew.

Edith was shot.

Robert Cecil, who had Jewish origins, became a minister in Britain's government.

The British Naval Attaché in Scandinavia, Rear Admiral M.P. Consett, kept track of the movement of war supplies from the Jewish bankers to the Germans.

Consett, in his book Triumph of the Unarmed Forces (published 1923), writes that if the bankers had not continually supplied Germany with money and materials, then World War I would have ended in less than a year.

German U-boats were made from Swedish iron ore; Swedish vessels bringing iron ore to Germany needed coal, and coal was controlled by Britain.

Reportedly, the Jewish bankers sent coal to Swedish ship owners.

Rear Admiral Consett protested.

An earlier Robert Cecil was the brains behind the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a notorious act of fake terrorism.

Robert Cecil, the British Minister of 'Blockade', was reportedly a friend of the Jewish bankers.

Reportedly, Robert Cecil told Admiral Consett to keep quiet.

Germany also needed glycerin (animal fat) to manufacture explosives. England controlled the world glycerin trade.

The Jewish bankers sold glycerin to neutral countries, which sold it to Germany.


Reportedly, William Wiseman, the Jewish head of British Intelligence in the United States, made sure there were no British warships available to protect ocean liners at key locations.

The Lusitania was sunk by German torpedoes. The USA entered the war.

The Omagh Bombing was said to have been the work of MI5 and its friends.

The UK military has been linked to 'terrorism'.

Allegedly, the UK military decided to discredit the Irish nationalists by infiltrating them and then carrying out attrocities.

In 1972, in the United Kingdom, British troops shot dead 13 British civilians.

Seven of the dead were kids.

At least five people were shot in the back.

This was Bloody Sunday. (Bloody Sunday (1972) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

From October to November 1974 there was a wave of 'IRA bombs' in British pubs killing 28 people.

In October 1984, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's cabinet narrowly escaped an 'IRA bomb' which killed five people at a hotel in Brighton.

In November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

'CIA agent Gaddafi' supplied the IRA with weapons.

In December 1988 Pan Am 103 crashed on the town of Lockerbie, Scotland, and the CIA has been accused of carrying out this act of terrorism (Lockerbie evidence 'planted by CIA' - UK Politics. / aangirfan: Lockerbie Evidence)

On 7 July 2005 blasts on London transport killed 52 people.

There is evidence that in the case of the 7/7 LONDON BOMBINGS, FASCISM WAS AT WORK

The real terrorists are people like Irgun and the Stern Gang. has an article entitled: Political Violence and Terrorism

Here is a brief extract:

In the early hours of the 12th of July, 1947, two British field security NCOs, Sergeants Paice and Martin, were held up by five armed members of Irgun and driven off to a secret hiding place.

Three weeks later their bodies were found hanging from a eucalyptus tree...

By 1948 some 200 British Soldiers and 90 British policemen had been murdered by nationalist terrorist gangs such as Irgun...

The nationalist ‘fight’ was also extended to acts of terrorism in Britain and against British people and property in Europe.

The terrorist groups Irgun and the Stern Gang (known as Lehi in Hebrew) were active in Britain throughout the late 1940s.

It is a matter of record, for example, there were plans to crash an aircraft into the House of Commons, and to murder members of the British armed forces.

The British Embassy in Rome was bombed.

In November 1944 Lord Moyne was murdered by members of the Stern gang in Cairo and there are reliable reports of the existence of plans to assassinate Government Ministers, including the Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevan.

In 1946 a female agent of Irgun planted a bomb at the Colonial Office in London. According to Commander Leonard Burt of Special Branch this would have “blown the sort of hole that was blown in the King David Hotel”.

It was only by good fortune that a failure of the pocket-watch timer prevented detonation.

Another Irgun terrorist operating in Britain at the time was Monty Harris. Harris was sentenced to seven years imprisonment after being convicted of making thermite incendiary bombs on his premises at Gravel Street near Petticoat Lane. The use to which these devices were to be put was never established.

Livni and friend

Tzipora Livni was Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She is the daughter of Eitan Livni, born in Poland, and Sara Rosenberg, both of whom were members of the anti-British, Jewish terrorist organisation called Irgun.

Journalist Louis Heren (Media Lens Israel's New Foreign Minister.) wrote in The Times, 11 February 1992:

"Eitan Livni was not a leader of a militant Jewish independence movement.

"The Irgun Zwai Leumi was a terrorist oganization, and a particularly nasty one.

"Even its defenders, who argued that the end could justify the means at decisive moments in history, were horrified by the massacre at Deir Yassin and the hanging of the British sergeants."

Irgun killed British people.

Marvin Paice and Clifford Martin, the two british sergants who were hanged in Palestine, 1947, by the Irgun.

In The New York Times, 5 February 2006, Steven Erlanger (Israel's New Foreign Minister.) wrote:

"Tzipi Livni, 47, is ... the daughter of Zionist guerrillas - terrorists in some eyes -who met in the Irgun, the underground organization that fought the British... and that blew up the British headquarters in the King David Hotel in 1946, killing 91 people.

Jewish terrorists bombed the King David Hotel, killing many British people.

"Her father, Eitan, was the Irgun's head of operations, and on his gravestone is the map of greater Israel, extending over both sides of the Jordan River...

"She served in the army, becoming a lieutenant, and at the age of 22 began working for the Mossad, the intelligence service, where she stayed for four years."

Greater Israel

According to The Times Obituary, 5 February 1992:

"Eitan Livni was born Yerucham Bzozowitch in Gerodna, Poland, in 1919.

"On the night of April 2, 1944, a few dozen Jewish insurgents sabotaged railway stations and bridges along 25 miles of line in Palestine.

"They belonged to the Irgun group, headed by Menachem Begin, which had begun a campaign of violence against the British administration in Palestine at the beginning of that year...

"Livni... in August 1947 was dispatched by Begin to organise Irgun's military activities against British targets in Europe...

Jews tried to bomb the British parliament

The Jews were prepared to use terrorism against Britain.

The Stern gang (Lehi) were Jewish terrorists. They tried to bomb the British Parliament.

In 1946 the British security services issued this warning:"Members of the Stern group are now being organised and are under training. It is expected that they will be sent to the United Kingdom to assassinate important members of his majesty’s government, particularly, Mr Bevin."

In 1946 a number of bombs exploded in London and an attempt was made to drop on a bomb on the House of Commons from a hired plane.

The House of Commons was saved when French Police discovered members of the Stern Gang preparing to fly across the channel in a plane containing a large bomb. (Source: BBC - Radio 4 Document - A Laudable Invasion)

In 1940, The Stern Gang (Lehi) proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. (Lehi (group) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Mountbatten was killed by a bomb in 1979.

In an interview with The Guardian on 9 January 1984, former UK government minister Enoch Powell claimed that the Americans murdered Lord Mountbatten and Margaret Thatcher's friend Airey Neave.

"The Mountbatten murder was a high-level 'job' not unconnected with the nuclear strategy of the United States" (Guardian 9th January 1984). Mountbatten was said to be in favour of nuclear disarmament.

Powell claimed the evidence came from a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary with whom he had a conversation. (Simon Heffer, Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell, 1999, p. 881.)

Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been a visitor to Northern Ireland's Kincora children's home which "was run as a virtual gay brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5." (Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child - united kingdom)(aangirfan: Child abuse at the Kincora boys' home)

12 October 1984 bomb - Grand Hotel Brighton

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

On 12 October 1984, a bomb went off at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England.

The bomb, planted by Patrick Magee, a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), was intended to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, who were staying at the hotel for the Conservative Party conference.

The Irish National Liberation Army was a rival to the Official IRA, and may have been set up in order to weaken the Nationalist cause.

There is a theory that many of the Irish terror groups were Mafias run by elements of the CIA and MI6. It was all about making money from drugs and guns.

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs. (Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.)

The INLA murdered 113 people in the 80s and 90s.

Neave was murdered in 1979.

When Margaret Thatcher's close friend Airey Neave was assassinated in 1979, in a car-bomb attack at a House of Commons carpark, the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) was among the groups that claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Journalist Paul Routledge, in his book Public Servant Secret Agent, floated the idea that Neave was killed by people within MI6 and the CIA.

In 2002, Journalist Paul Donovan wrote, in the Irish Democrat, about "A tangled web of intrigue"

According to Donovan:

1. Neave sought to clean up the corruption within the security services.

2. Neave was killed by a bomb. Gerald James, former chief of the armaments firm Astra Holdings, wrote that the mercury switch on the bomb was only available to the CIA at the time.

3. Enoch Powell claimed that the CIA wanted a united Ireland within NATO.

Former UK cabinet minister Tony Benn, who supports nuclear disarmament and has publicly supported Sinn Féin and the unification of Ireland

From Wikipedia we learn:

UK politician Tony Benn records in his diary (17 February 1981) that a journalist from the New Statesman, Duncan Campbell, told him that he had received information from an intelligence agent two years previously that Neave had planned to have Benn assassinated if there was a possibility that Benn might be elected Labour Party Leader.

The New Statesman printed the story on 20 February 1981, naming the agent as Lee Tracey.

Tracey claimed to have met Neave and was asked to join a team of intelligence and security specialists which would "make sure Benn was stopped". Tracey planned a second meeting with Neave but Neave was killed before they could meet again.[8]

Kevin Cahill, an Irish investigative journalist, claims Neave was on the verge of a massive overhaul of the security services, possibly involving a merger of MI5 and MI6 and arising from his belief in corruption in the security services.


Cahill suggests a link between Neave's murder and Sir Richard Sykes' murder and the attempted murder of Christopher Tugendhat in December 1980.

Cahill claims that Neave would have been head of the combined security services with Sykes and Tugendhat as his deputies, with Sykes responsible for foreign operations and Tugendhat responsible for home operations.

Cahill concluded that Neave was murdered by MI6 agents working with the CIA because Neave sought to prosecute senior figures in the intelligence establishment for corruption.[9]

On 18 October 1986 Enoch Powell returned to the subject of Neave's death in a speech to Conservative students in Birmingham.

He told them that INLA had not killed Neave, but that he had been assassinated by "MI6 and their friends".

Powell claimed Neave's Northern Ireland policy had been one of integration with the rest of the UK.

His murder, alleged Powell, was intended to make the British Government adopt a policy more acceptable to America in her aim of a united Ireland within NATO.[11]

Image from:

nobody reminded us of the American Kay Griggs (website here) whose former husband, Colonel George Griggs, was reportedly head of NATO's Psychological Operations.

Kay Griggs reports her husband as saying that "we've never been an enemy to the Soviet Union."

Kay came to the conclusion that the US military was all about drug-running and weapons sales. - Kay Griggs Talks - Home.

The U.S. sold $50 billion dollars worth of weapons to Iraq before the first gulf war.

Libya was supplied with hundreds of Green Beret trainers and 42,000 lbs of C-4 plastic explosives prior to U.S. attacks on Libya.

The U.S financed the Kama River truck plant which produced the trucks for Russia's Afghanistan invasion and built the highways used by the Russian tanks.

The day General McArthur signed the peace treaty with Japan half the weapons stored on Okinawa were shipped to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap who met these shipments at the docks of Hai Phong harbor with Lucien Conein, the CIA case officer for Diem.

So, who are the people that cause conflicts and wars?

Sir William Wiseman, the Jewish head of British intelligence in the USA, who, during World war I, was reportedly friendly with Max Warburg, the Jewish head of German intelligence.

What were the reasons for World War One?

Some people blame Imperialism.

For example, the Austrian Empire and the Russian Empire clashed over Serbia; the British Empire, the German Empire and Turkish Empire had clashing interests in Iraq.

Some people blame Militaristic Nationalism. There were plenty of Germans and Englishmen who looked forward to a fight.

What role was played by Zionist bankers?

AGAINST ZIONISM had a post entitled LUCIFER MURDERS AN ANGEL which argues that in 1914 a cabal of Jewish bankers wanted a war in order to:

Destroy certain empires.

2. Build a large private banking empire.

Have Zionist Jews occupying key positions in international banks in Europe and North America.

Have the bankers use the weapon of debt to control people and nations.

3. Obtain the promise of a Jewish homeland - the Balfour Declaration.

4. Make lots of money.

"Make War a Crime": Bring these war criminals to trial

A Step towards a War-free World: Criminalise War

Taliban Still Working for the CIA?

"British generals should be hanged for war crimes."


aferrismoon said...

Thanks for posting previous post.

Its worth a look at the Madrid photos

and if anybody wants evidence I reckon the first 3 and also a look at:

Iris Toribio Pascual [ a male]
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[ compare the two]

Ines Novellon Martinez

I won't give any pointers or 'leads'. I looked at them myself and they are not included in the Vicsim Report.

Also at that site are all the victims and sims for the past 20 years. Most of the ones in India , Pakistan, Kenya have very few photos, but all the ones from US/UK/ Israel and Beslan are nearly full.

Personally the idea that Vicsims have been made and put out for more than just the 911 event seems to tie in with a 'global Gladio' organisation.

What does make me wonder is why some of the photos are so badly done, as well as the legacies and tributes , and some of the names are just laughable. This morning I looked at one photo and the face has a line through it because the top half is different to the bottom.


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Hi Aangirfan. The blog for the ‘Lucifer Murders an Angel’ post has been suspended. He must have been onto something.

How easy it is for the spooks whose daily coin is lies and deceit - always fomenting division and suspicion.

How ironic that Germany had for all intents won the first Great Slaughter by 1916 and offered terms for peace. All the while they had been succoured by the hidden hand of the Banksters. The Balfour Declaration was duly obtained and the old orders scattered to the winds.

It laid the seeds of the next war and they did the same again 20 years later with the help of Standard Oil, the Warburg’s and Prescott Bush et al.

Certainly not all jews are evil but behind all evil you’ll find a jew. In the dark days ahead I hope we can remember to see the humanity that we share rather than artificial differences that they promote.

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"the military does not defend us"

Say it again!

"the military does not defend us"

say it again.....

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You asked:
"What were the reasons for World War One?

Some people blame Imperialism.

For example, the Austrian Empire and the Russian Empire clashed over Serbia; the British Empire, the German Empire and Turkish Empire had clashing interests in Iraq.

Some people blame Militaristic Nationalism. There were plenty of Germans and Englishmen who looked forward to a fight.

What role was played by Zionist bankers? "

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