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What links the Rolling Stones to MI5 and the FBI?

Why did the Rolling Stones's pal David Sniderman/Schneidermann have "a whole collection of different passports in different names and with different nationalities on them."

(Michael Cooper quoted in Tony Sanchez's book - Up and Down with the Rolling Stones.)

Mick Jagger had said that "war stems from power-mad politicians and patriots.

"We must end all these mindless men from seats of power, and replace them with real people, people of compassion."

Michael Jackson - reportedly murdered by the spooks (aangirfan: MICHAEL JACKSON, SWINE FLU AND THE CIA)

There is a belief that the CIA and its friends in the Mafia have long wanted to control the world of popular music.

According to researcher Mae Brussell, in 1968 orders went out to neutralize 'restless youth' (Operation Chaos)

By 1969 the SSS (Special Services Section of the FBI) combined with the Justice department and with the CIA in Operation Chaos. (Cached)

On 24th October 2010, the Mail on Sunday tells us how the Acid King confessed he DID set up the Rolling Stones drug bust for MI5 and the FBI.

In 1967 there was a police raid on a party at Keith Richards’s Sussex home, Redlands.

Richards and Jagger claimed they were set up by 'the Acid King', a guest at the party.

In his newly published autobiography, Richards claims that the Acid King worked for the authorities and was called David Sniderman.

John Lennon - reportedly murdered by the spooks. Website for this image

Reportedly, Sniderman was a Canadian who told his family and friends he worked for the UK and US intelligence agencies.

After the Redlands incident, he slipped out of Britain, changed his name to David Jove and lived in Hollywood.

According to Maggie Abbott, a talent agent who met Jove/Sniderman in Los Angeles in 1983, "He was always armed with a handgun and I feared that if I gave him away, he’d shoot me."

Sniderman told Abbott that after getting caught with drugs he was told by British spooks that "he’d get out of prison time if he set up the Stones."

Sniderman told Abbott that the British spies were working with the FBI’s Counterintelligence division, known as Cointelpro.

Cointelpro's job was to discredit groups seen as ‘subversive’.

Salute the murderers?

Sniderman/Jove married Lotus Weinstock.

Lotus's brother James Weinstock said of Sniderman/Jove: "One New Year’s Eve, he showed me a gun and said he’d just killed a man who was messing with his car."

Later he was rumoured to have murdered a TV personality, Peter Ivers.

Rolling Stone Brian Jones said: "Nothing destroys culture, art or the simple privilege of having time to think quicker than a war."

Brian Jones was reportedly murdered - The Covert War Against Rock, by Alex Constantine.


Operation CHAOS was exposed when Seymour Hersh published an article in the New York Times titled Huge CIA Operation Reported in US Against Antiwar Forces, Other Dissidents in Nixon Years on December 22, 1974.[1]


Sinclair said...

There is also the case of Bob Marley, who died sometime after receiving a gift of a football boot from Carl Colby, son of ex-CIA Director William Colby.

When marley put the boot on, there was a metal spike in the boot.

Read more:

crowley said...

Tip of the iceberg this stuff, Paul McCartney died in 67, that's why the Beatles never toured again after that and Lennon never spoke to the bogus 'Paul' until he was assassinated in 19080

Anonymous said...

The spooks see to it they have people in all places, areas, influences, race, creed, birthright, made no difference, they had people there in case they need them. They bred 'spares' for this, especially amongst the poor, to cover losses in war, desease etc.

They give said spare a discrete push in the right direction in life, and if said spare shows some talent they push for all they're worth.

I know this. But can't prove it (of course).

Different eras create different situations. When radio and film and tv came along the spares who showed a talent (and not a few who didn't, but had the right 'look') were sponsored to succeed.

I saw this with my own eyes in 50's-60's showbiz. It was more rife in American circles, probably because the big money there.

In the 50's pop took off, and this was the obvious next big-seller for the spares.

I know of one Brit pop-star who was a spare, knew him as a kid back home. Been trying to get him riled-enough to reply to my emails, to no avail. I knew Brian Epstein in '61-'62, in London, and met 2 other pop-stars (to-be) one who 'virtually' admitted to me he was a spare (he thought I was one, and I milked THAT one!) The other was more reticent but didn't say 'no', known for his 'attitude', probably like that because he was confused about all this mumbo-jumbo he was unwillingly now involved in, not knowing what to think or do about it. He seems to have moved-away from them. He was murdered later on, maybe something to do with it.

Ask yourself this, if there was a major crisis, a REAL one, who would you rather listen to, a politician or a pop-star (no names mentioned, but take your pick of the obvious public ones).

That's when the spare earns his money....

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