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Nestor Kirchner

Nestor Kirchner, President of Argentina from 2003 - 2007, is a hero.

He stood up to the USA. (South American Hero).

In October 2010, he died rather suddenly.

In February 2009, the CIA's Leon Panetta "said Argentina - and Ecuador and Venezuela - could be destabilised." (BBC - CIA comment / ecuador coup attempt: cia fingerprints, corruption)

Did the CIA assassinate Nestor Kirchner?

Nestor Kirchner was a popular president.

He defied the USA and the IMF, thus allowing Argentina to flourish.

He defied fascist generals and judges.

He sided with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

In May 2010, he became secretary-general of Unasur (Wikipedia) a new 'union' of 12 South American nations, which includes Venezuela.

He was a likely candidate for re-election as president of Argentina.


New Zealand's former prime minister David Lange died in mysterious circumstances. (David Lange says US threatened to kill him.)

Victims of Operation Condor, carried out by the CIA generals

According to journalist Bob Woodward, "the (Buenos Aires Argentine) CIA station had extremely close relations with the Argentine generals." (Asad Ismi: Cry for Argentina)

Under the rule of the American-trained generals, from 1976-1983:

"Five hundred babies were stolen from their parents by the military junta...

"Only 66 of these children have been found.

"The armed forces were responsible for the genocide of over 30,000 people during the reign of terror they called the Dirty War.

"Many were tortured to death in 340 secret camps, shot and buried in mass graves, or thrown alive from airplanes into the Atlantic Ocean." (Asad Ismi: Cry for Argentina)

Notorious Argentinian Army Generals Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Galtieri were graduates of the US army School Of the Americas.

Argentina's Army Intelligence Battalion 601 was at the centre of the generals' fascist repression.

It "engaged in drug and arms trafficking, extortion, and money laundering.

"One of the Battalion's commanders, General Carlos Suarez Mason, head of the First Army Corps, ran an extortion/kidnapping ring that abducted businessmen and bankers.

"Suarez Mason was also a partner with major cocaine traffickers in the Bolivian army who overthrew their government in 1980 with the Argentine military's help.

"The Argentines received a portion of the drug profits from the Bolivian generals.

"The money was used for military operations in Central America.

"For this purpose, Battalion 601 set up a special intelligence unit, the Extraterritorial Task Force (GTE) in 1978 in Florida.

"Authorized by the CIA, the GTE helped train the Nicaraguan Contras for the U.S. and carried out drug and arms trafficking as well as money laundering." (Asad Ismi: Cry for Argentina)

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Greg Bacon said...

Kirchner also told some truths about that idiot, GW Bush, in Oliver Stone's doc, "South of the Border."

And this 'Clearstream' connection stinks, even more so when they are based in a tax shelter/haven like Luxembourg.

As a clearing house, Clearstream has a "dominant position" in Europe, according to the European Commission. Funds composing the private and public Argentine debt have transited through Clearstream, which is inevitable because of its quasi-monopoly situation. However, according to Revelation$ (2001), written by reporter Denis Robert and Ernest Backes, some Argentine funds have transited through an illegal system of non-published accounts used by Clearstream; the Citibank in particular, which held a large part of the private Argentine fund, had numerous unpublished bank accounts in Clearstream. This illegal system of non-published accounts makes of Clearstream, according to several judges as Eva Joly and Renaud van Ruymbeke, European members of Parliament (MPs) such as Harlem D├ęsir, Glyn Ford and Francis Wurtz, and Attac NGO, a major actor of the underground economy, through which global tax evasion and money laundering may be investigated. Henceforth, Clearstream is a major key in the understanding of the evaporation of the Argentine funds which led to the economic crisis. As Luis Corsiglia, president of the Caja de Valores, which acted as the Argentine clearing-house intermediary between the funds and Euroclear, Clearstream & DTC, "Argentina can't succeed in balancing credit and deficit, because of its high tax evasion" [4]. Critics alleged that Clearstream has been instrumental in this massive tax evasion which accounts for a large part of the 2001 economic crisis.

Clearstream management seems to have its share of 'Chosen Ones.'

Clearstream is no stranger to bank scandals

Argentina basically told the bankster gangsters to 'Piss Off,' we no longer need or want your help.

That kind of 'uppitiness' won't be tolerated.

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