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John Paul II

Yaakov Wise is a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy.

In 2006, Wise said that the late Pope John Paul II's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were apparently Jewish.

(Metronews 12 February 2006 The Pope was Jewish says historian)

Apparently, John Paul's mother Emilia Kaczorowski - Emily Katz in English - was Jewish.

John Paul had to go into hiding from the Nazis in November 1940.

John Paul II was elected Pope in 1978.

Pope John Paul II Had a Jewish Mother?

"It has been reported that young Karl (Karol Josez Wojtyla ) even played as a member of the Jewish soccer team against his Catholic neighbors."

Pope Paul VI

Allegedly, Pope Paul VI, 'elected' in 1963, was a Marrano Jew with the name Montini.

Allegedly, under Paul VI, Jewish and Freemason influence increased within the Catholic church.

St. Peter was Jewish in origin.

In the 11th century, Gregory VI and Gregor VII, 'descendants of the Pierleone family', reportedly had Jewish origins. (Was there a Jewish pope? article)

In the 12th century, 'antipope' Anacletus II, was a descendant of Baruch, a Jewish convert.

Allegedly, the Borgias and their Popes had Jewish origins.

Other Popes (Cached) who were allegedly of Jewish origin:

Callistus III (1455-1458)
Alexander VI (1492-1503)
Pius III (1503)
Leo X (1513-1521)
Clement VII (1523-1534)
Paul III (1534-1549)
St. Pius V (1566-1572)
Gregory XIII (1572-1585)
Pius XII (1939-1958)

Pope Benedict at a Synagogue in New York

Are Pope's ever gay?

In April 1976, in an interview with the Italian magazine Tempo, gay French author Roger Peyrefitte, wrote that Pope Paul VI was gay.

"He is homosexual... It is known that a boyfriend of Paul VI was a certain movie star, whose name I will not give." (Paul VI's Homosexuality: Rumor or Reality?)

Do the Catholics have links to Fascism and Zionism?

According to Xymphora (Monday, April 5, 2010): "It is obvious that the Catholic Church had a deal with World Jewry. The Jews would use their control of the media to help the Church cover up its kiddy diddling. In return the Vatican would completely abdicate its responsibility to look after the interests of Christians in the Holy Land."

The Vatican and the CIA reportedly worked together on Operation Paperclip, which brought many Nazi scientists into the CIA.

The Knights of Malta are a Catholic order, reportedly linked to freemasonry (Cached/Knights of Malta and 911).

The Knights of Malta appear to link top fascists, top Zionists and top Catholics.

Reportedly, the following have been members of the Knights of Malta or have been awarded high honours by the Knights of Malta:

David Rockefeller, Reinhard Gehlen (Nazi), Heinrich Himmler, Franz von Papen (Hitler enabler)Fritz Thyssen (Hitler’s financier), George W. Bush, George Tenet (CIA chief at the time of 9 11)Henry Kissinger, Michael Chertoff, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Precott Bush, Licio Gelli, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Kennedy, Ronald E. Reagan, Giscard d’Estaing, Allen Dulles, Oliver North, George H.W Bush and William Casey.

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A. Peasant drew our attention to the following:

According to some people in the Catholic Church: Christ nullified God's promises to the Jews.

On 24 October 2010, a Catholic synod (Vatican gathering) demanded that Israel end its “occupation” of Arab lands.

The synod discussed how Israel is the root cause of all the Middle East’s woes, including those faced by its Christians.

The archbishop of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Boston, Massachusetts stated that “the Holy Scriptures cannot be used to justify the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of the Palestinians, to justify the occupation by Israel of Palestinian lands.

He declared that the original promises made by God to the children of Israel “were nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people.”



The CIA, The Vatican, Knights of Malta, Fascism, Rockefeller and Kissinger


Greg Bacon said...


A mob of priests, who rape and sodomize boy's, being protected by Jewish homosexuals running the Vatican?

Can't argue with that.

Remember what the Big Story was back in late 2002, early 2003?

It was the Church pedophile scandals, which conveniently disappeared when the 'Coalition of the Killing' invaded Iraq.

Is "Operation PaperClip" the same as the Nazi 'Rat Line' the Vatican ran in the closing days of WWII to sneak wanted Nazis out of Germany, thru the Vatican and then on to S. America, for BIG BUCKS?

The USA collared around 1,400 wanted Nazis and brought them to America and gave them jobs and citizenship papers, since they had knowledge about intelligence, rocketry, and other advanced weapons.

Couldn't afford to lose those dudes in a show trial.

A. Peasant said...

israel doesn't like the latest remarks by catholics:

Anon said...

Dear A. Peasant,

I have now added the latest remarks by Catholics. Many thanks for bringing them to our attention.

- Aangirfan

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